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  1. Peiple have the option of leaving. Can't imagine adults booing a performer.
  2. I don't usually book through cruise lines. James Tours was great for St Lucia. Showed us the whole island, stop at the beach for lunch and very personable. We had a great beach day at on St Thomas. Can't recall name of beach, but it was a public beach in a gorgeous cove with a restaurant. Cheap taxi drive. We liked shopping in St. Martins.
  3. People yelling in the steam room, and sometimes staff being very noisy. Still loved it, and it was especially cool on an Alaskan cruise where you are seeing amazing scenery. Bought the week pass and every time my friends couldn't find me, they assumed I was there.
  4. Getting on and off was as easy as I've ever seen. We ate in MDR for all meals except in Juneau and only one of our group had one disappointing meal. Had outstanding steaks, duck, veal and salmon. Many of our group had two entrees and our excellent waitstaff encouraged that. Thought the Grand Buffet was fabulous and had very good lunches, pizza, stir fry, salads, and cookies in the buffet. We usually had room service breakfast with no problems. Our room steward was superb and brought anything I asked for immediately. We didn't see lots of the entertainment, but enjoyed John Winters, the Broadway show, Cirque de Soleil, and the guy with the synthesizer. Was in heaven in the relaxation room and visited it daily. Tendering wasn't great in Juneau, but we knew what to expect and got in line plenty early. Thoroughly enjoyed our vacation.
  5. And saw bears in Traitors Cove ( Ketchikan). We were lucky though, as it's pretty late in the season for viewing south. Tours don't run from Anon that late.
  6. I'm leaving at 6:oo am tomorrow for Seattle and staying at the Sheraton, then going on the Solstice. Thanks for all your tips. I have a lot of luggage, so probably going to take shuttle. Was hoping to find a Target to get some wine and glad to hear about the flowers, as I was wondering about that. What do you think people will use as a vase? Been wondering about lunch spots in the ports too, so really appreciate your review. Did you go to any shows on board?
  7. dd4iu

    Tendering in Juneau?

    As the boards I was reading in May had many upset people and said that Celebrity was looking into how to get people off more quickly. I don't have an excursion I have to make, like many others, but obviously have things I want to do. I'll plan on lining up 30 minutes early. Thanks for the info.
  8. One question. I don't have a planned excursion in Juneau, but of course want to see as much as possible ( Mendenhall Glacier and tram is the plan). I don't need to get off early, but just wondering if you wait out the tender rush, what time you would get off boat? Is everyone off within an hour or so, or not? Thanks!
  9. dd4iu

    Tendering in Juneau?

    I've been reading horror stories about it taking hours to get off the ship, especially if you don't have a Celebrity excursion planned. That particular thread was started in May, so hoping they might have figured out a way to make it easier?
  10. Can you tell me the name of the raft company you used? Thanks!
  11. And probably a stupid one, but can't find info on my itinerary. Does the ship actually stop at Tracy Arm Fjord? I'm thinking no, since there are not any ship excursions, but wondered why times are listed? Same question for Alaska Inside Passage? Assuming that is just where we are traveling, but again wondered why times are listed? We are trying to pack in every minute with excursions, as there is so much to do. As opposed to my beach cruises, where I usually just lounge, this one is going to be busy. Thanks!
  12. Had a fabulous time, as did our entire group of 10. Thought the food was excellent, especially the beef and lobster. Usually lobsters on cruises are small and stringy. These were good size and very flavorful. We loved our waiter and had a great time with him. We didn't want new towels every day, as we like to reuse ours to do our part to conserve. I will say our room steward never introduced herself to us and we did wait a long time for our wine a few nights. However this minor issues were more than balanced out by the excellent service we received in all other areas. Thought the entertainment was very good also, in theater and smaller areas, such as Nestor, the acapella group and the piano player.
  13. I have several new suggestions to try. Money isn't really the main motivation in NOT taking ship excursions, it's more the bigger groups and more flexibility. I've had some good experiences with them in the past, but my favorites have been with smaller groups or just getting a taxi. I am just getting an idea of what to look for, so we don't go wondering off the ship with no idea what we want to do. Although, sometimes those days end up being the best. Thanks again for all the help.
  14. I intend to peruse the excursion board for Ports of Call, but I have a general question. I am booked on the Summit and visit St Lucia, Barbados, St. Martins, St. Thomas and St. Johns. I feel like most of the time I do best researching and booking excursions on my own ( not through the ship) or just getting a taxi a few blocks from port and heading out. We are mostly into beaches, resorts, shopping, leisurely lunching at scenic spots or resorts, etc. My question is do you usually book excursions through the ship or head out on your own? I feel like often the ship ones are very big, crowded, leave too early etc. I haven't been on Celebrity though, so hoping for some input. Thanks!
  15. We were on a cruise and wanted to look around Atlantis. We spent about an hour walking around, looking at shops, aquarium, etc. Then we went to the public beach next door. ( Just ask how to get there, everyone was very nice). We had a great time. You can rent chairs there ( or just take a towel from the ship, buy drinks, get an awesome beach massage for $30. We got hungry and I walked down just about a block to a place at the Beach Villas that had a little restaurant. They have normal bar food, burgers, nachos, chicken tenders, etc. for very reasonable prices. Food was good and it was a nice place.
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