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  1. We usually go on Caribbean night. Nothing exiting on the menu . The first night you can have your waiter show you the whole weeks menu or just ask what night is Caribbean night or Lobster night etc.
  2. I always check my bill days before disembarkation. Have found discrepancies several times on several cruises lines. I do it the morning before to avoid the long line the day of and night before disembarkation. One my last Princess cruise we were charged for two watches when we bought only one. Found only one check that was signed and realized that they must have entered it twice We were also charged for a bottle of wine that we never had When they found the check it was not my name nor was the signature mine Things happen and when they get rushed especially near the end of the cruise they make mistakes as we all do. My major complaint was the attitude until they looked it up they were sort of accusing us of lying.
  3. On Board Credits are 1 to 5 nights $ 50.00 6 to 8 nights $ 100.00 9 to 13 nights $ 200.00 14 plus nights $ 250.00
  4. We, my wife and I were recently talking about this, not only the cost of flying but the hassle. Then there is a limit on what you can bring back on a airplane, extra luggage and weight. We live in eastern Pennsylvania so can drive to Bayonne in less than 1 1/2 hours and to New york in less than 2 hours but this limits our choice of ships and itineraries. If we take a cruise out of Florida we will either drive about 18 to 22 hours or take the autotrain.
  5. For our 25th wedding anniversary my wife talked me into taking a cruise. I was pretty much against it but thought if she could put up with me for 25 years I could up with a cruise for 11-nights (it was an 11-night cruise). We sailed on the Sitmar Faisky (soon after the cruise line was purchased by Princes) I enjoyed it so much that when we got back home I went to my TA and booked another for her birthday on Royal Caribbeans Song of America. We have been on more than 40-cruises each. 1985 1985 Fairsky SITMAR 1986 Song of America ROYAL CARIBBEAN 1986 Oceanic PREMIER 1987 Oceanic PREMIER Nordic Prince ROYAL CARIBBEAN Nordic Empress ROYAL CARIBBEAN Viking Seranade ROYAL CARIBBEAN Regal Princess PRINCESS Royal Majesty MAJESTY CRUISE LINES 1992 Monarch of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN 1995 Sovereign of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN 1996 Song of America ROYAL CARIBBEAN 1999 Oceanic PREMIER (Apple Vacation) OCEANIC CRUISE LINE Legend of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN Majesty of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN Grandeur of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN Enchantment of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN 2000 Voyager of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN 2000 Horizon (Alaska) CELEBRITY 2001 Explorer of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Crown Princess PRINCESS 2001 Dawn Princess (Alaska) PRINCESS 2002 NCL Dreamward 2002 Carnival Legend CARNIVAL 2002 Brilliance of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN 2003 Navigator of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN Aug 2003 Horizon (Bermuda) CELEBRITY Oct 2003 Serenade of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Jul 2004 Mariner of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBAEN Dec 2004 Empress of the Sea ROYAL CARIBBEAN Sept 2005 Explorer of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBAEN Oct 2005 Infinity CELEBRITY Nov 2005 Enchantment of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Feb 2006 Golden Princess PRINCESS May 2006 Zenith CELEBRITY May 2006 Freedom of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Dec 2006 Millenium CELEBRITY Jun 2007 Caribbean Princess PRINCESS Aug 2007 Explorer of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Oct 2007 Vision of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Jul 2008 Explorer of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN Nov 2008 Enchantment of the Seas ROYAL CARIBBEAN
  6. Yes and No In general you can use them but I have had the logo store (10% discount) check my sea pass to imsure I was a diamond before excepting the coupon But this does not happen very often most times they just take the coupon
  7. I was at the Captains table 4 times and it is not all that much fun. Twice on Celebrity, once on RCI and one on Sitmar They usually offer it to the Penthouse and maybe the owners suite passengers first. The ships hotess will select who gets the honor. One time we knew the captains waiter so he got us at the table. The next time my travel agent put a request in and we were invited. hostess told us that TA put request in with her RCI rep. The last time I have no idea why I was invited but the service (head waiters) was horrible. The staff captain spoke with a deep accent could not make out what he was saying. The drinks (wine and cocktails) are on the house and the food is better. Lobster was very large not like those given to the rest of the passengers.
  8. Excellent questions. I am not sure about RCI anytime dining policy but I can give you an educated quess. Yes you have to reserve ahead of time although I am sure that if space is available you can do it once you are on board (first day) Its all a matter of control if x number opt for anytime then they have that number available for fixed time and will assign them to others My guess is since they have assigned other to fixed (main and late) you might not be able to switch On NCL (FreeStyle) there re times when you have to wait for a table and in fact they give you peepers.
  9. Let me give you the best answer, ask your tax man, period
  10. I think they put them out 60 or 90 days before sailing. If available for booking then do it its never to early. I awited one time and could no longer get it on-line, As a diamnd member I called C&A about priority wait list was told that they only offer a percenatge of space on-line they save the others for on board booking
  11. It goes beyond airlines trying to push consumers to their web site. ALL airline prices are set by the airlines. NO ONE can sell it for less unless they want to lose money. Therefore no one can beat the airlines price including Orbitz, travelocity, Expedia and others. Just remember when comparing everything has to be the same, same date, same flight number, same time, etc. Any and all of these items will affect the price. I
  12. We were on a cruise with an excellent waiter from England. Had a great time with him. A year to the month later we were on another cruise, different cruise line and had the same waiter. Not only did he recognize us but remembered our names.
  13. Depends on airline, where most allow food and drinks purchased after security check the discount low cost airline Skybus did not allow food or drinks. They sold them on the plane The good or bad news, depending on your perspective is that they are bankrupt and not flying since two or three weeks ago
  14. The coffee in the dining room on the Gem was pretty good
  15. With all joking aside I have heard that it can be done but not easy. I heard of some one coming home early from a crusie not having a passport but did have government (divers license) picture and certified birth certificate. These documents were required to get on the ship. At U.S. immigrations they accepted these documenst but they went through "hell and high water" befor acceptence. It is not worth the aggreviation and I would strongly recommend that you get a passport, if time is short pay to have it expedited.
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