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  1. We are booked for November 28th and will be pleasantly surprised if that even happens so when our upcoming August cruise was cancelled we used the funds to book the Mardi Gras for January 2022 and when the November cruise is cancelled we will just transfer the monies to the January booking
  2. The ship is great, its the hurricanes I'd be worried about, not fun being in Dorian last year
  3. We did it once and I have to say it was amazing however would I do it again, No, it was so much food even though it is small portions and it took up most of our evening. We love the steakhouse and usually eat there our first and last night on the ship
  4. We had a back to back scheduled for the first two weeks of May, cancellation was March 30th. We were owed 3300 and have received everything but 700. So hopefully it will come shortly.
  5. Cancelled my May 2nd and May 9th cruises on 3/30 rebooked one of the cruises for August, my PVP placed on the monies owed for the first cruise on the August booking and gave me the amounts owed for the second cruising on which cards they would be placed. Have not received any monies back as of today and my PVP stated that he was unable to tell me when they would be received even stated that he had not gotten his back either and he cancelled his the week before mine. So patiently waiting for this as well as the monies owed for the graduation trip we paid for for my grandson who is graduating this year.
  6. B2B cancelled for May 2 -16 booked August 15
  7. If you read the CDC "No Sail" it says that cruising may not start until July 15th unless other demands are met like the virus disappears
  8. We spent 5 days last year going around in circles due to Dorian. Had a great time with all the people we met until the last day when it got a bit rough, but would not consider ever booking during this time again
  9. Same thing happened with us, but my PVP told me not to pay what was showing as a balance that it will all be corrected and the it may take over a week
  10. We actually eat there frequently if the ship we are on has one both for lunch or dinner.
  11. Our first cruise John Heald was our Cruise Director, enough said, who would not keep cruising
  12. Yes the ship docks off shore in the same location with the bow facing cabo
  13. He can get exactly what you mentioned but let me tell you it is a lot of food. We always book Jiji, in fact just off the Horizon 8 day and ate there twice
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