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  1. The site does not work so we called and were told not to worry about it plenty of parking and there was just remember they do not take cash for parking
  2. November 2020, excel suite. Really looking forward to this
  3. Get a pool cabana if there are any left, private, air conditioned, someone assigned the brings drinks and food and right at the pool. Plus they come with shady hammock and floats. Have had on our 3 trips to Amber Cove and well worth the money.
  4. We also stayed in NMB the night before and where told that because of traffic towards Murrell's Inlet and Mt. Pleasant that we needed to give ourselves 3hrs rather than the 2 1/2 that google says it takes going down 17. We were up had breakfast and on the road by 8am and found ourselves in Charleston at 9:45 for some reason there was absolutely no traffic and we were not speeding by any means. We found about 5 cars lined up on the narrow street outside the gate. We are actually headed back there for a quick cruise at the end of August.
  5. We were just there and it is unique, we live 3 hrs away and because we know how traffic can be we arrived early. First we were lined up on the street, then they opened the gates and you drive to the first station and give them a credit card for parking (no cash) and they review your boarding pass and identification. You drive on to the next station and they take your luggage. At this point we were originally told we could park but as we did we were told that it was too early and sent back out to the street to line up again. We did not wait too long until they finally let us park (you are directed to your spot) and then catch the very short, could walk but your not allowed to, ride to the ship. At the port there is a line for priority (we are platinum) and they quickly did our registration but after that regardless of Carnival level everyone gets on together. We were told it is because of space and that they want to build a new building to be able to offer this but the city of Charleston is fighting it and really does not want the ships in their ports. They can also not do any announcements over the ship speaker, so muster drill is inside and debarkation becomes really interesting
  6. You can by the Cheers package or Bubbles on any cruise
  7. The site has not worked in a while, we finally called and they told us not to worry about it. it was a first for us out of Charleston, we arrived early and the cars were already lined up on the street outside the gate but we were told to enter to pay via CC or debit card (no cash) for the parking (they give you a card to put in your window, your instructed on to the next tent and they look at your identification and boarding passes and then take your luggage. If your are early like us (miscalculation on the time to drive) you will be asked to exit again and line back up on the street. If they have started to allow parking then they will direct you where to park and then board one of the buses to the ship. Everyone regardless of level board the ship at the same time. Let me tell you it was a climb up the gang post.
  8. You think this was bad, we recently exited the ship in Charleston only to be told we had to get back on the ship when we got to the terminal. We had number 1 had been told we could exit
  9. We have booked an Excel aft wrap on deck 12 for a November cruise will be watching for your pics and thoughts
  10. You can only have one user on at a time. I always purchase prior to cruise. Some people say it is slow but I have never had a problem. I've used it both with my iPad but most often my phone, when pared with the Carnival app, i'm on it a lot. My husband is always asking to see the dinner menu or really loves it when he say's I'm hungry and i order pizza delivery. When you get on the ship airplane mode and choose Carnival for wifi
  11. I have Victory, Miracle and Ecstasy I would be happy to mail to you. email is dbrucern@nc.rr.com
  12. Always, I just back click and then click the floor I was looking at again and it comes right up
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