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  1. HMC hands down, Princess Cay very rocky and I don't mean little rocks either. We had to buy swim shoes and use the floats to get out to where the water had a sandy bottom. Also we were not impressed with the bars, very limited on the liquor they have. I drink Margaritas and they didn't have tequila.
  2. Our last cruise was a couple of years ago and one of the unusual things we noted was the boarding process. We have done three cruises from Long Beach and each time it was a little different. Our first cruise you could check in early at the Queen Mary and then leave to go for brunch and report back to board. The next two times that we cruised there was a building that was out in the parking lot that we check-in too and then stood in a line outside waiting to board no where to sit. We walked through the building but they never actually used it as at other ports for check-in, My understanding is now they actually use the building to check-in and no more lines outside. But the one thing that was a constant was the cruises always seemed to leave later. In Florida we have always watched the ships pull in to port around 5:30am. We stay at the Queen Mary as well and watched the ships pull in around 7-9am and later. The Queen Mary staff did take your bags over to the check-in. Looking forward to cruising out there in 2021
  3. Have his MD write a script for a portable nebulizer, I have one and it works well. I especially got it for our cruises, small, light and easy to pack in carry on
  4. Have stayed in in this room on many ships but stopped when they increased the price and put them in a different category. Did enjoy they seem to have more room
  5. You will be given the gold car on your next cruise
  6. I had the same problem when I got on the ship so I removed the App and then put it back on my phone and it worked perfectly. In fact this has happened to me on the last two cruises.
  7. We got off August 13th, everyone was much more dressed down, a lot of jeans and t-shirt/sweatshirts except for formal dinners. The ship did not have a band in the casino which we are used too but we had a great time at other locations and I have to admit that we tried the Punch liners club for the first time and both comedians were very funny. Energy is still there enjoy. We had amazing weather, 50's in the morning but high 70's by 11am - pools were full even the ones that did not have the cover
  8. Headed to Charleston to board on Thursday, this could be interesting
  9. On our 25th. Raise you get a white S&S card that says milestone. Then you have up to two years to use the 25% OBC. We used it on our 29th cruise that we just returned from because Alaskan cruises are typically more expensive. Both my husband and I received.
  10. Had somewhat of the opposite, pools covered and the outside one on the back was full of people because it was warm and beautiful from lunch to about 4:30 - 5pm
  11. Back from the Legend and Alaska, the weather was gorgeous. We had met a couple when we toured Seattle that had just gotten off the ship and they said they loved it except for the misty rain and fog which affected some of the scenery. Well we must have brought some of NC weather with us. We dressed every morning for the 50's temps and by lunch we were peeling clothes off and looking for our shorts. By lunch it was in the high 70's and no humidity. We did laugh when locals complained how hot it was and humid. Sunshine no rain and no humidity by our standards only one day of fog and it was a sea day. Loved this cruise and had to tell my husband he was right.
  12. Headed to the Legend for the August 6th cruise tomorrow. This was on my husbands bucket list while I prefer a warmer climate but still looking forward to the trip. I just wish we were in Victoria longer as we loved the city. Thanks for the info last time on the Legend was out of Tampa 7yrs ago.
  13. The area that you will be in was not affected. Be aware that the beach is rocky and to bring water shoes. Everything is up and going as usual. If you have been to Half Moon Cay , I hate to say it, but Princess Cay not quite as nice.
  14. We were at the Hyatt Ziva last year paid $65/pp and it is a beautiful resort
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