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  1. Sign into Carnival, click on your name, then my profile, then my offers and see if you have anything listed there. I usually check every month to see if any new offers have come up
  2. Don't remember on the Horizon but one of the ships did have a band playing country music
  3. She probably got the same email that was sent out giving the option on cruises booked May thru July. Nothing has been canceled yet except for NCL that did announce that they canceled thru May 31st. We took the option offered and changed ours out of California in May to Europe in August 2022 and retains all our OBC
  4. I think the hint was when they sent us letters that we had options if booked on cruises through July 3st
  5. WE cancelled our May and rebooked for Europe next August 2022, for only S0.62 (the difference in the price of the two cruises) but holding on to the July with fingers crossed
  6. Probably from the sell of their new Monopoly game
  7. Yup received the same 5 notices this morning we have two booked May and July, thinking of rebooking May (it is out of California) and holding off on the July since it was an Elite cruise
  8. So I just received 5 notices this morning about my two cruises scheduled for May and July with the option to cancel now or wait. Important Information Regarding Your Upcoming Sailing.rtf
  9. I'm from Windsor but live in NC still on the Green Card
  10. Actually the Jones Act was temporarily over ridden so ships could help out PR when hit with the hurricane so hopefully something will be worked out for Alaska Cruises
  11. Have not kicked the can yet although we know that our May cruise out of California will probably be canceled either by Carnival or me and the one to Alaska in August is looking like the same. We don't have a problem with complying with the requirements, I already wear a mask properly 12hrs a day as a healthcare worker. Only worry is the Covid test providing all the info they want within the time set.
  12. Loved the outdoor eating area for the steak house on the Horizon j
  13. All we had to do was pack things up and they came and picked up and took to new room. All those of us that were doing B2B had a specific time to meet in one of the dining rooms where we were walked through customs given our new S&S cards and then had the option to go back on the ship or get off and return later
  14. They used to be called the 9A's and B's and we always booked one for the size of the balcony and the lay out of the cabin however some came with a couch and some do not. Depending on location on the ship the balcony could or could not be covered and people above can look down on your balcony dependent upon if you book a lower floor. While this may be a negative for some, our only negative is that they can be very hot in the daytime but great for laying out and tanning but nothing beats the sail away from this balcony. Will continue to book
  15. You will not know until you get on the ship, most of the time it is not an issue but it all depends on which way the doors open,
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