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  1. Shore excursions and cheers almost immediately, cruise 2 weeks
  2. It's incase you get sick on the cruise, test positive and can do contract tracing
  3. I can tell you to many stories of planes that we were on with cruisers and due to one reason or another they missed their cruise. We always fly in the day before.
  4. Who looks out a window, I keep my eyes on my cards
  5. There is 12 Cabanas rent is from 8am to 8pm but it should take in account port days when you can't use unless you decide to stay on the ship. We received the offer because we have Excel Suites and it asked me to choose which one I wanted and had a map. Not buying but was curious for that price I would expect a special lunch menu to be offered perhaps from the Steakhouse or Rudy's and perhaps a private massage area.
  6. We have an excel suite on our two Mardi Gras cruises and I thought we would go ahead and buy so that I can rent out for a discounted price and make a little gambling money.
  7. We have never been allowed to buy a bottle on board and have delivered to our room, we have always had to preorder prior to boarding. If it works let me know.
  8. 17 until Miracle but get to check-in tomorrow
  9. So happy I'm Canadian and my husband American, finally we both can go and see family
  10. My husband and I always book a couples massage on each ship and love them. I do book before I go only because I want everything paid for with regards to the trip but I must say that often the Spa will offer reduced prices throughout the cruise or we have had the room steward leave a coupon in our room for a percentage off on services in the spa. Your choice but we like to book mornings so booking prior to the cruise guarantees the times we want
  11. I printed a copy and carrying it with me for my August cruise so I guess I will see.
  12. The $25 is for only those with a casino promo cruise
  13. Yes John Heald stated at morning coffee that only Vaxed guests doing a back to back cruise will have to be tested at no cost however all unvaccinated guests must be tested prior to getting on a cruise at a cost of $150/pp
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