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  1. Hoping it comes back in time for your cruise, we cancelled ours after they told us it might be three days or longer before we got the results and went to CVS for the rapid antigen test
  2. Have you cruised the Mardi Gras?
  3. we had five rooms, log into carnival and added the other booking numbers and made reservations for everyone. adding their booking numbers linked our table for 10
  4. The balconies are narrower than a standard on other ships, no room for a coffee table in front of the couch and the side selves beside the bed on the couch side would not hold my husbands CPAP machine so he had to place on the floor. On my side it was not a problem if placed on lower self but would not fit on the top shelf
  5. We had ours the Monday before we cruised and had no problems and actually thankful we did as very few people wore masks especially on elevators
  6. We are Diamond and just on Mardi Gras only those with suites board first, not that I agree with this, however at Port Canaveral they were only letting people in at their boarding times listed on their boarding passes. In Seattle which we were on the Miracle in August, they never even looked at the boarding passes.
  7. Actually we had a great vacation and love Carnival, it may just be the size of the ship. I guess we will find out if that is it when we return in January when there will be even more guests
  8. Just that you have a confirmed reservation with a balcony room (BL stands for balcony) hopefully you will find out soon which room number and location our notification was not until three days before the cruise.
  9. Please don't get me wrong, the ship is absoutely beautiful and there is plenty of places to eat and lots to do including getting lost but I don't know if it was the excitement of anticipation or the largeness of the ship but we were both saying by the end of the cruise that we were not so sure we would come back to this ship even though we are booked again for January 2022. We also heard this from several other people that we met on the cruise. Let me start by saying we had excellent service from every crew member we met or came in contact with and showed our appreciation however what was unusual is that we never saw our cabin steward but for a moment when we first boarded, which is a first for us in 34 cruises. We were disappointed in the size of the balcony room which is smaller than on the other ships and who knew the bathroom could become even smaller although having the glass door on the shower was nice. Apparently unbeknownst to us we had signed up for the "Karen" cruise which became very entertaining EACH day and it was not limited to any age group. It was also amazing to us the number of people that do not read information on the Carnival site with regards to the protocols currently in place. One person missed the ship so they decided that they could just fly into Mexico and board at that time (it did not happen), families that signed up for excursions that they could not go on because the children were not vaccinated and had no idea about bubble tours which by the time of cruising were sold out and still attempted to get off the ship but somehow this was Carnival's fault. Or the two elderly women that were fighting over a chair that was in the shade but apparently it was ok to just move things while one went to the bathroom even though the other person was told someone was sitting there. Like I said each day it was something else. We did meet a group of wonderful people and had a great vacation
  10. There was absolutely no problem with boarding the Mardi Gras
  11. Ordered our online through Emed, arrived in 4 days and just took it this morning for our cruise on Saturday, very easy walked us through it and we used our iPads. Printed out the results. Just be prepared that the camera does switch from front to back but they are very patient when conducting the test. Now hitting the road
  12. Just completed our tests and get to hit the road
  13. They do add to your card, however you have already had the two vaccines or one if Johnson and Johnson needed to cruise. The booster will NOT cause you to test positive if having the PCR or rapid antigen however could possibly (and this is an extremely small false positive) if you were having blood drawn to check for antibodies however this is not required to cruise. We cruise this coming Saturday and are getting ours tomorrow
  14. Go to www.Oceanplayersclub and register so you are in the system. I find that playing slots accumulates more points for me than the tables. Once you reach 1500 points you will get the Drink on us card so that drinks are free when gambling. It does not take long to get 1500 points. There is no specific amount of money. Right now I have multiple offers and including the top tier Elite. Initially when I received no offers under the Carnival site I would just email the Ocean Players Club give them the name of the ship, Booking number and date I was on and ask if I had any comps. Initially it was only chocolates and $50 but it gradually grew
  15. Our group always brings on chips to make our group nacho's on every cruise
  16. Sorry was going by the Sept 8th update, now I may get a drink quicker
  17. Probably not in casinos because unless you are gambling can't hang there anymore
  18. Mine helps me with anything including ones I have booked. He's wonderful and also lets me know when he goes on vacation or will be out of the office and who I can contact with number in his place
  19. I just watched a video of embarkation on another line and loved their set up. You could arrive at whatever time but there was posted signs with roped off area that you stand in for your boarding time. And they were checking!
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