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  1. Seems like exactly what we would want to do. I am pleased to learn that such a large van would be OK in the streets of Mumbai.
  2. Did you actually stay in Mumbai overnight or did you go back to the ship? I like to sleep on the ship where I am confident of the quality of the beds (and I am sure to have hypo-allergenic pillows), but don't know how much time that adds to the excursion. Did the vehicle provided have a lot of leg room for passengers? Our adult children are bigger than we are. We recently traveled in South America and had to specify with the people arranging the tour at each stop what the vehicle would be and the configuration of the seats in order to get enough leg room for everyone. It did work out. Most companies had a version of the Hyundai H1, which had movable seats.
  3. Thanks. This is really promising. At this point, I can take some of the stairs, but my understanding is that there are a lot of them on this excursion and it is a long way. Having assistance like this would allow me to go with my family. One review that I read was that they went on a full day tour that included this excursion and that it lasted 11 hours. Sounds exhausting. Did you do that tour?
  4. This was most helpful. It seems as if I would be able to do most city things, although there were interesting cave tours that might be a problem, can't be sure. I have written to my family that it appears as if we can proceed. The cruise is still a long way off and I have to count on no (signficant) further deterioration.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I wonder if moving so slowly won't attract a lot of attention from people looking for handouts. One of my concerns, perhaps from watching a documentary, is being harrassed while trying to be a tourist.
  6. I am a senior and am having problems walking, I go slowly, but can get by with touring on our own in cities where there are places to sit down (or at least lean on a wall) somewhat frequently. I am not in a wheel chair, but during the past year have started using a cane on excursions although not elsewhere. We like to go to interesting places, so I am seriously considering a (primarily) Asia cruise for the family (including my wife and two adult children) which has stops in Penang Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, Goa (Mormugao) India, Mumbai India, and Muscat Oman. In European cities and similar ones elsewhere, we have either taken Rick Steves suggested tours (Europe) on our own, stopping as necessary, or hired private guides (often with drivers) who understand and accommodate my limitations. I am supposed to avoid rough surfaces, but can do some with caustion. I am OK doing stairs that have handrails and can often go up and down facing sideways on those that don't. (We now tend to avoid the bus based ship sponsored excursions because I have trouble keeping up with the guides, so that I can see and hear, and we find that a lot of extra time is taken up with everyone getting on and off the buses and less interesting places can be visited than we can get to on a private tour.) . It would be much appreciated if people using cruise critic can give me comments on experiences and observations regarding the practicality of any or all of these stops for me in terms of getting around. Thanks for any advice that you can provide to help me make a decision about this cruise versus other possibly less demanding possibilities
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