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  1. Will do - thanks for this (I’m a nightmare - need to be at the departure point hours before necessary, allegedly 😂)
  2. Once again, many thanks to all responders - some great ideas to research during lockdown 😷
  3. Again - thanks for all the responses - Southern Caribbean now firmly on the radar. Cheeky bonus question arising out of the replies, if I may - pros and cons of sailing out of: a) Southampton b) America c) Southampton out, fly back
  4. Wow! Never gave a thought to the great questions raised above 😂. Thanks for all the responses! We are a couple who were enjoying (early - my partner told me to say) retirement until COVID hit. UK based but fancy flying to southern USA to join the cruise. Looking at 14 days cruising. We’re not particularly looking at formal - casual with the odd formality would be great. On the islands, definitely beach/tours. there seems to be East or West Caribbean cruises - which should we look at? hope this has focussed our criteria mere effectively, however we are open to a
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