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  1. We have the Binax proctored ones but they expire (with extension) one day before I have to test. I will be doing the Urgent Care route (with appointment). We did that in August for a trip to Iceland and there was no bill (Medicare card). Your mileage may vary.
  2. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/does-royal-caribbean-offer-luggage-valet
  3. My non-surge protected extension cord was removed from my CPAP bag at check-in on my last RCCL cruise. Fortunately one was provided in the room through special needs.
  4. i reloaded the app and started over and it is ok now.
  5. I plan to use the printed ones beacause of this. Just BTW, on her phone, her login, the app shows the same result, both setsail passes are still my name
  6. On my computer I can view/print my wife and my setsail passes. However, within the app my setsail shows correctly, but when I view my wife's through "chekin" it has my name on it. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Having been married 53 years we tend to occasionally be in different parts of the ship, not attached at the hip.
  8. I would be leery of getting only the exact number needed. I opened one test package and there was no liquid vial/bottle inside. On another occasion the proctor had some connection problems and we had to abort when she could not properly view my results. In Ohio we get them for free at the library so I can afford to experiment
  9. BUMMER: I had extra Binax kits left over from a trip to Iceland last month. Just booked a Mariner cruise for Dec 9. Test required Dec 7 or 8. Guess when my kits expire (with 3 month extension): Dec 6!!!
  10. That is what I thought,(I think) . Buy one package for one person with 2 devices, then both can use their own device at the same time. Thanks to all. It need not be that confusing...
  11. I am 100% sure this has been answered before, and I am also 100% sure I am screwing up my attempts to use search to find the answer in this forum . I want to prebook Voom for both of us in the cabin. One option they offer is to buy wifi for one person and select 2 devices. The other option (at a different price) is to select wifi for each person with one device each. Please explain the difference. Thanks
  12. I tried to download it today on Android as well and it said the same thing
  13. I wouldn't rely on this. Read the previous info in this thread
  14. We just got off Symphony last Saturday. We had the original cups with the flat lid with slider, and those were the only kind we saw.
  15. The MDR arrival lunch for key on Symphony. NO Chops or Jamies
  16. I have read that. I can see how it will then start charging to a card that has a credit card attached. But I don't understand how they can then start charging to a card that has no charging privileges. The machine should no longer accept the card. What am I missing?
  17. At one time I thought I understood how to avoid this problem but now I am not sure. Correct me if I am wrong. Our grandkids will have NO charging privileges . They will have arcade credits on their cards. When the credits run out they are done.
  18. My clamshell was also cancelled for July 13 and the beach beds are unavailable to reserve.
  19. I just received this notice last night for our mid July trip. No clamshells. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We're excited to welcome you onboard Symphony of the Seas for our July 13, 2019 cruise. We have an important change to share with you regarding the Beach Lounger you purchased. We're currently hard at work getting the highly-anticipated Coco Beach Club ready for you, and we've had to close off a small area of the island due to the construction. Unfortunately, this means we'll need to cancel your reservation for the lounger. We know how much time and planning goes into a vacation and are terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused by this last-minute change. Your vacation experience is important to us, so complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas are available on Chill Island for you to enjoy. In addition, we have other leisure options available in Cruise Planner. Whichever you choose, we know you'll have a great time. We've issued a full refund of the Beach Lounger to your original form of payment, and you should see it reflected in the next 3 to 5 days. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (800) 398-9819. Thank you for your understanding. Perfect Day at CocoCay is a private destination unlike any in the world, and you're bound to have an awesome time! To learn more about the island, you can visit our website here. Wishing you a wonderful sailing and looking forward to welcoming you aboard! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International ©2018 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships' registry: The Bahamas. Royal Caribbean International 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 USA
  20. I have checked past cruise compasses and signup is not listed. Anyone else know when and where to sign up?
  21. I checked today and it went up again. No way are you guys gonna catch me now!
  22. looks like I may have you beat. This is for Symphony mid July
  23. 12 to 14 is one group and 15 to 17 is another
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