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  1. Kate-AHF

    Riviera concierge class versus penthouse

    We took our first O cruise for 33 days last month in a Concierge class cabin. If we cruise with O again (and we may, as we had a wonderful time and really liked the Marina) we would book a PH. The verandah cabin is just too small for us, particularly on a long cruise. The placement of the closet, and fighting to find things drove us nuts. Every time I pushed back from the desk I tipped the coffee table into the sofa. The sofa was too narrow for me to sit on for any length of time. The bathroom, even with one sink was actually just fine. Plenty of storage to keep things out of sight (clutter makes me twitch). As for Concierge amenities, we stopped using the free laundry after the second time, as items would come back jammed in the bag and very wrinkled. The laundry is also very hard on clothes. I was very happy with using the guest laundry. Very happy. The machines gently got our clothes clean, and came out of the dryer looking great - it was located just down hall from our cabin, so managing loads was a breeze. The Concierge Lounge - the first Concierge was not helpful and follow-up non-existent. The second Concierge was helpful, but not worth the trouble of finding her, and waiting until our turn to speak with her. The coffee machine was fine, but Horizons had a better machine. Snacks were.... sub-par, compared to HAL's Neptune Lounge. Those cashmere blankets for a little comfort while lounging in your cabin? Tiny, paper-thin and pretty much useless. We ended up taking a pool blanket. We really didn't feel that the cabin was large enough to eat in, so expanded room service availability wasn't used. Neither was room service breakfast. Our cabin attendants were wonderful. We didn't have to ask for much, but when we did, it happened so quickly.
  2. Kate-AHF

    Seems to be finally working

    On each post to the right it lists the name of the last poster, and underneath of that, the time that it was posted. LTH28 11 minutes ago. If you click on the time, it takes you to the last entry on the thread.
  3. Kate-AHF

    Venice mask shop?

    I've reserved a space for a 1 hour maskmaking class at Ca'Macana in Dorsoduro on 10/25. Cost runs around 40 euro per person. There is a 2 hour class available as well. I'll try to remember to post back about how the experience went. If you go to youtube and search Ca' Macana there is a lot of video about the shop in English.
  4. In three trips to Rome, the Borghese Gallery/park and the Etruscan museum remains our most memorable site visit. I found the Bernini sculptures awe- inspiring, even transformative. And while I have an appreciation for Baroque art, our reaction was completely unexpected. That said, I agree that this site is something a lot of folks might not find to be a worthwhile expenditure of time.
  5. Kate-AHF

    Specialty Restaurants on Longer Cruises

    The point I tried and failed to make was... yes... it gives you a schedule on the your booked cruise site of number of days to a cruise and the number of specialty reservations available. But that schedule only applies to the LEGS of a cruise, not necessarily the length of the booking you are viewing. It's difficult for me to express clearly. Until the specialties booking date actually started, I thought that chart that appears on my booking superseded the number of legs. Then specialty restaurants opened for booking and I then figured out that it was, as I had originally thought. By the leg. I give up trying to explain. My brain understands, even if my fingers can't convey.
  6. Kate-AHF

    Specialty Restaurants on Longer Cruises

    That's what it says on my booking page as well. However, we are on a B2B2B this month, one booking number. When restaurant reservations opened, we had 3 available reservations for each specialty.
  7. Kate-AHF

    Venice: Loving It & Why??!!

    Exactly. Tiny little medieval streets don't lend themselves to benches. Which is why I think this is a step too far. If they really want to make a differnce, limit the # of cruise ships, and eliminate turn-around in the port of Venice. 3 large cruise chips can equal 12k people. Add a turn-around, and that number becomes 24k trying to sightsee and then get on and off the island.
  8. Kate-AHF

    Venice: Loving It & Why??!!

    I have great empathy for the citizens of Venice, and support every measure this mayor has come up to make it a more "livable" place. Except the sitting one. There is no place to sit in Venice for the most part, except cafes. There are a few smaller campos with benches, but they are few and far between.
  9. Is there a dollar value involved in this partnership? I doubt it. But an alliance with a service I already use will likely mean integration, something that I think is clearly a "benefit". What I'm hoping for is that we will attach the luggage forward paperwork to our case, put it outside our room the night before disembarkation, and not have to see or touch it again until it arrives at our home the next week.
  10. Beth we used it for the first time this spring on the Muse, and had to track down the rep in Barcelona. I don't think there was anyone on our voyage that was using them as well. We truly didn't mind that much, the relief of have just a small roller as we walked away overwhelmed any inconvenience.
  11. Kate-AHF

    Oceania Models for Sale

    Oh no. My husband just spent an hour on that site. He's enchanted. Oh noooooo.......
  12. I'm happy to hear about the Luggage Forward partnership. I'm hoping that means that at the end of the cruise it will automatically get into their (Luggage Forward's) hands rather than having to track down the rep.
  13. Ken, the way it was explained to me by an O rep is that 30 days out from your sailing date, you may book a future cruise with the onboard savings rate, without actually being on board. I'm unclear whether you must book through O rather than a TA, but the rep was clear that you can immediately transfer the future booking to your TA.
  14. Pinotlover, the big thing that has kept us from river cruising is our intense dislike of being bused places and on tours with more than, say, 15 people. Should I reconsider river cruising? I am actually looking at a barge tour for 2020. 12 passengers on a lux barge sounds very appealing.
  15. Kate-AHF

    Worst cruise in 20 years

    sfvoyages, I appreciate your well-reasoned and considered post. Thank you.