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  1. It's difficult to project what fares will be next year, but when doing a dummy for this fall based on the same dates as last year, TA was 1k more pp than the credit. For sure, I will keep an eye out as to what is the best deal, particularly since transfers are not necessary (for us) on embarkation, and included in the post-cruise.
  2. Okay, the above begs the question.... does Regent usually (I know all bets are off in the current environment) contract with Turkish Air? I can live with Lufthansa, but would like not to.
  3. That's good news! This would be our first Regent cruise, and I usually book our own business air. Not having to do that is kinda wonderful.
  4. So, we a thinking about next fall. Flying into the departure city 5 days ahead, then taking a Regent post-cruise. Here's what I've gleaned from the 7 pages of this thread I've read (no... I didn't read all 30 pages). Is this correct? First - flying out of Dulles, which with other cruiselines has always been a gateway. We would pay a $175pp fee for a deviation for flying in early... and being able to ask for certain connections to get to the departure port city. (Though we may not get our desired connections) We would not have to pay an additional deviation fee for the delayed trip home, as we are taking a Regent post cruise. But.... if I wanted specific flights home and not just take what they give us on the way home, we would need to pay another deviation fee of $175 pp. Am I good so far? Now.... at day 270 would Regent custom air be able to tell us what the plan would be for the flight home so I can gauge whether additional deviation fees should be spent?
  5. We live in the middle of nowhere, and delivery is out of the question. Here's how we got "into the groove" with curbside. On the same day as my husband did a bare-bones grocery shop, I went online and got a curbside time-slot a week out, and put a few staples in the basket. Then I just added to the order over the week. The local (40 minutes away) Martin's allows changes to your cart up to 6 hours before your slot. At the assigned time we pulled in, called the number to say we'd arrived, opened the hatch and they put the groceries in and closed the hatch. We were in and out in 8 minutes, no contact. I was SOLD on the whole idea, I tell you. I think it helped in that "running out to pick up something at the store" was never really feasible for us... town trips were planned. I do miss strolling the aisles to see "what looks good" but not enough to want to head back inside at this point.
  6. Thank you, thank you. Because of what you wrote, I just checked on the May 2021 cruise we have booked, and the price for 2 of us just dropped almost 4k. Again, thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!
  7. I too was raised, schooled and inoculated on the bottom line as Master and Commander. Capitalism=good. Regulation=bad. Then came Enron, Global Crossing and 2007, and I began to experience a crisis in faith, as it were. But getting back to O, I'm not sure you can conflate trying to get a last-minute refund in normal times... outside of the stated contract... with making a decision only to have the company move the goalpost 48 hours later. I do get the bottom line/keeping afloat piece being the overriding concern for any company decisions these days. I remain conflicted.
  8. Oh, that's VErY interesting. I need to call my TA.
  9. You know I respect you, and I am a proponent and practitioner of personal responsibility, That said, I have been wrestling with this particular situation. A situation that is truly extraordinary and unprecedented. At the heart of it is the feeling that the implied "too bad, so sad - you made the decision that cruising was an unacceptable risk before we finally caved" is simply not that ethical. I'm not saying that it's not their right to enforce their contract/policies... just that I'm thinking it not the right thing to do.
  10. Thank you Katie for posting that link. I found his account, and the details of how things were handled in the return and repatriation of passengers very interesting.
  11. I care. I welcome the idea of a few posts about something other than refunds of air or cruiseline. I can't worry about this stuff every minute, and I don't want to. But then again, knowing the name would probably just spark more nastiness. I remember when Silversea announced the name of their second ship in the Muse class, the Silver Moon. I stated that I thought the name was wonderful, and evoked all sorts of mental images for me of the moon shining over the wake of a ship at sea. Boy, was I in the minority.
  12. i just don't see the need for a Santuary-type experience on a ship with 1200 pax. The idea of Haven is to get away from the heaving masses and make for a "small ship" experience. I don't really think 1200 or fewer pax equals heaving masses on the pool deck. And these ships just aren't large enough for two pools. But Lyn is so very right, the shade issue in O's spa terrace needs to be addressed on current and future ships for O. You know Seabourn tried this (and for some reason is STILL trying) in their "Retreat". A pay-for-cabana-by-the-day type thing. Because there was no need for it, the place is EMPTY. All the time. Other than the free passes that management has given for people to try it. If you want to read some really vitriolic posts from the passengers go to the Seabourn board and search "Retreat". It' the only time in my years of being on Cruise Critic that everyone on the board agreed on something (They hate it)
  13. We just sent the email to our TA canceling our October '20 Windstar voyage. For the pure and simple reason that, being high risk, I don't think traveling is a good idea until there is a vaccine. It's that simple.
  14. I should add that I am pretty sure that the Canadian Govt made that statement well before O canceled the cruise they were on, therefore, only FCC was in play with O at that time - the OP feels (and I have a lot of sympathy for that view) that because their own govt was telling them to do something, a refund, not FCC was warrented.
  15. I didn't get the impression that the OP, I've re-read the post three times. When the Canadian Govt issued a statement that people should cancel cruises in light of the pandemic, they did so, and requested a refund at that time. The post seems to indicate that it is just now that they've exhausted all the avenues they know of to obtain that refund. That's not requesting a do-over (as other posters on other threads have done)
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