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  1. I was about to say "Oh, yes!" based on our concierge experience 8 months ago. Now I'm not so sure. I'm reading the massive 2021 brochure that arrived in the mail yesterday. It is completely silent on the subject of breakfast, hot or otherwise, in concierge suites, and in the suite section. It does specifically mention expanded lunch and dinner room service options from the main dining room for concierge suites. So it follows to think that a hot breakfast would also be allowed.. but I can't say with certainty.
  2. Oh, I think we had the same guy for the first two weeks of our cruise last year. Completely useless, inept and unhelpful. The second two weeks we a new concierge. But she was so utterly beautiful, graceful, helpful and charming that you could not get near her desk for the crowd wanting her attention, no matter what time of day. It was almost like not having a concierge in the lounge. There was an upside to her being there though - the O catering staff was in and out of the lounge every 5 minutes re-stocking when she was on duty. 🙂
  3. Guys.... zombie thread. Though I do wonder how it all went last year. She never posted again.
  4. When we had a concierge last November on Marina, we found the following: Free bags of laundry came back crammed into a bag, and suffered greatly because of it. I ended up buying tokens for laundry and doing it myself. I have to say, our clothes came out really well when I did it myself. Really well. Now that the laundry machine are free to pax, this becomes a non-benefit for us. We found that the machines on the Marina were better than past cruises using Seabourn's passenger laundry. I found the coffee machine way up in Horizons was superior to the one in the Concierge Lounge. Had more options, and was available earlier. So we used it. We found the snacks available in the Concierge Lounge were marginal. HAL did a better job with this in their Neptune lounge. By far. That said... for longer cruises I would always book at least a concierge level for this reason: I can order room service off the GDR menu - and we did many times of 33 days. There are times when we are tired and just want a quiet dinner in our room, and we don't want the regular room service menu. The ability to order off the menu meant that much to us that we would pay the extra to have it. But your mileage may vary.
  5. Contacting a company about an incident that happened 2 - 3 years ago to someone else. What are you hoping to accomplish, exactly?
  6. It never occurred to me to ask the omlette guy for actual eggs. Not out of a carton, but real, crack the actual shell eggs. You can bet I will in the future. Someone is bound to come on here now and explain how eggs out of a carton are safer. Yeah.... I don't care.
  7. Thanks very much! Now the other comments make sense to me. We've only cruised once on Celebrity, and that was on the old Century (liked that ship!). Now their ships are just too big for our tastes.
  8. Orv, would you explain Zenith? I saw reference to this earlier, and though I googled for 15 minutes was not able to put the comment in context.
  9. This mirrors our experience in Cartagena exactly (January 2017). Booked a local guide (through toursbylocals) and got to La Popa before the rest of the crowds. What a beautiful monastery. The interior courtyard was so tranquil, the views from the hill were just super. We then went to the walled old town, and had a lovely walking tour. We really enjoyed the time in the Gold Museum. Slightly off-the-wall....while in the Old Town, I took quite a few pictures of the unique door knockers. They remain our favorite photos from this cruise. One comment, take a couple of water bottles off the ship if your guide doesn't provide. It gets incredibly hot in the city.... we walked off at 7:30 am, and were so glad to be back on the ship by 1pm.
  10. Super suggestions Orv! It was a learning curve for me (us). I have to admit, we have one agent for one specific line, and another for O. They both have their strengths, but those strengths don't overlap.
  11. Standandjim, I hear, and understand, what you are saying. You make the point that experts in this industry do exist to assist people, and that people need to take advantage of that. That said...I see the travel agent issue referred to constantly on this board. Not everyone has found a really good agent, and I don't think it's as easy as some folks make it out to be. I'd venture to say that the number of "good" agents that specialize in cruising is very, very small. And if you cruise once per year, it can take a loooong time (years) to find a good one. Particularly if you are new to cruising and don't yet know what you "don't know".
  12. SNY makes a VERY good point. A lot of cruisers (myself very much included) put tremendous pressure on ourselves to make the most of Every. Single. Port. I really struggle with this. Our O cruise last Oct/Nov was 21 days without a single sea day. That cruise was a master class to me in learning how to pick ports were we schedule absolutely nothing, and plan on staying on the ship.
  13. FF. you do an outstanding job of explaining these "conditional" pricing options. But is anyone besides myself amused at just how complicated they have made it? It's not possible to answer the question "How much does this cruise cost?" without writing a technical manual.
  14. Just last week I was on the phone to O to price out a 2020 cruise, "custom". It was booking an extended voyage with a following segment. O life and no o-life.... O-life and no air. You should see my notes. Then, as Flatbush flyer alluded to above, it then occured to me to consider waiting until we qualify for the "on-board discount" which can now be applied a month before you actually get on the ship.
  15. Until we started to sail Oceania, I never dreamed that applied mathematics would be necessary to book a cruise. But I now know it's true.
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