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  1. We are supposed to cruise from "Venice" (note the quotes) to Istanbul in 76 days on Splendor. Will Regent NOT do a follow-up PCR test at the dock if the antigen tests positive? Kick us off the cruise if the antigen test alone says shedding covid virus? Note that we are fully vaxxed with Pfizer, but the breakthrough infections noted in Massachusetts have me worried. No longer worried that I will die, but worried I'll be stranded at the dock (with insurance) at Montfalcone, Ravenna, Trieste, wherever Regent decides their "Venice" port will be. I'm already kind of shocked that this cruise is ending in a country where it may be possible to be repatriated, but pretty much impossible to go anywhere else afterwards. and I note that Turkey is level 3 with the US state dept,, and Greece is level 4, so why you can travel from Greece to Italy and it's fine, but not travel from Turkey to Italy is no bueno.
  2. Here's an interesting app: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/IT-Italy-passport-visa-health-travel-document-requirements.htm And BTW, it said no - can't travel.
  3. Okay, it's in pdf, and I didn't notice that. I don't subscribe to the adobe version that let's me copy. I did just check departures from Istanbul for tomorrow, and there are 3 flights from Ist to Rom. So someone seems to be going there.
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time. I found that site too, and was afraid that Turkey was category E, but thought it odd that a country of that size and moderate proximity is just completely missing from all advisories. I did not see the new change notice as of today, so I'll hit google translate and see if I can decipher the intent. Again, thank you Cruisemom for taking the time to help.
  5. Spent the last 40 minutes on Italian websites trying to find the answer. They seem to mention every single country EXCEPT Turkey. We are ending our cruise in Istanbul on 11/1/2021 (this year). We would like to book a TA on another cruise line leaving Rome 11/2/2021. Yes, I do know that what the requirements are as of this moment is absolutely no guarantee of what the status will be in 90 days from now. But I would really like to know what the status is right now, and have a websource to check in the coming days. Thanks for any assistance you all can give.
  6. to get to the Port of Venice, you still have to enter the lagoon. And that's what is not happening anymore in two weeks. So yes, it affects O.
  7. I seriously can't believe they did this with two weeks notice - on a major turnaround port. This isn't a situation of "Oops! Bad weather prevents us from calling at Portofino!" Trieste and Ravenna are both two hours away from VCE by train. While this will not change our plans to spend 5 days in Venice prior to our Splendor cruise in October, (nothing is going to stop us from spending time in Venice again - it's half the reason we are going on this cruise)... there will be a ton of people who will not care to make that journey. If we hadn't planned and budgeted for Luggage Forward to have our big case waiting for us - I would be dreading making the train trip. The unintended consequences that are revealed will be interesting. While I understand and support the concept behind both the overtourism issue and the environmental impact, and the switch to Marghera as the cruise port for Venice, I'm not convinced that the impact to Venetian hotels, restaurants, etc. won't be far more impactful than thought. Those cruise ships that spewed 10k people per day into Venice were not just daytrippers. Many of them were turnaround customers that spent $ at pre- and post-cruise hotels and restaurants. Those young people I see pouring out of the Venice train station with their backpacks, water bottles and snacks are not.
  8. "Women's Army Corps personnel plot aircraft movements inside a #USAAF operations room"
  9. Here's what comes to my mind every time y'all start talking about booking air travel. The second thing that comes to mind is that I stink (not my first word choice) at planning air travel.
  10. we were waitlisting for a Sirena TA next fall - we were already on her for a B2B2B, and just wanted to stay on her until we got back stateside. Our TA said priority waitlist was 3k in deposits. We said no thanks, and then found a fabulous crossing on the brand new Silver Moon for less money than we would have spent for a Sirena PH cabin. So we are now 39 days on Sirena, 5 days in Cascais in Portugal, then Moon from Lisbon to Bridgetown. Sometimes not getting what you think you want is a blessing. We are "over the moon"! (Sorry - couldn't help myself).
  11. My guess is their commission rates dropped (as in, they did not book the requisite amount of cruises, so they dropped tiers) so they are unable to offer you what you received in the past - because they are not getting what they received in the past. Considering that many good TA's just threw in the towel and retired during the pandemic, I'm impressed you still have your old one. So my advice would be to just ask the TA why rather than all of us speculating on an online forum.
  12. I have grave reservations about the relocation of cruise ships from Venice - and what this means to tourism in Venice itself. Venice was a turnaround port, and I can guarantee that the hotel and restaurant owners do NOT hate cruise ships. Because it's a turnaround, cruise pax come in beforehand, spend money on their hotel and in the restaurants, then sail out. What a majority of Venetians hate are the day-trippers from the mainland that train in with sandwiches in their backpacks, making coffee with a spirit lamp on the steps of a church, swamp the fondamenta and spend no money. They are viewed as parasites. There are a large number of cruisers that will NOT venture to the Venetian lagoon before or after their ship leaves Mestre or where ever they finally decide to shunt the ships. That will be a huge loss for the "Merchants of Venice". We are sailing this October from Venice, and are spending a week beforehand there. I have confidence that we will be able to find our way to wherever the ship is, but I think we will be in the minority. I hope that when the relocation comes to pass, the Venice city fathers will work directly with the cruiselines to make the trek to the ship or the trek from the ship to the hotel as painless as can be.
  13. Kate-AHF


    Could not agree more. Don't get me wrong, we love a Caribbean cruise. But in the winter, when we are cold. Not in the summer, when we are already hot at home, and Vermont is looking real good to us. The idea of paying $$$ to cruise in the hot months is just not something I can wrap my head around. I thought we were die-hard cruisers, but apparently we have definite limits.
  14. When our May cruise went waitlisted before cancellation, there was also one lone category that listed "available". So I wouldn't read too much into this.
  15. Cramer likes the sound of his own voice too much, IMHO. I would have preferred Squawk, whose several hosts can also (IMHo) cut through the BS, but just happy to see FDR in person on any financial show. And I appreciate the heads up.
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