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  1. This is dated December of 2020. Looks like she's been done? https://www.ginholding.com/en/2020-12-15/works-on-ocean-cruises-nautica-vessel
  2. Oh, I'm not worried about getting the refund for shorex, but I do think that items like this slow down the refund process.
  3. We'll see. They allowed booking and payment of shorex without final payment. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm thinking human intervention is still necessary, even without final payment. The second reason I agree with. I think that's a BIG part of faster refunds.
  4. I still think this is best response to some random person's "curiosity" that had nothing to do with the answer to your original query - and I will be keeping it in mind the next time someone oversteps with me. Posting on a forum doesn't entitle anyone to additional information.
  5. But as I found out in Dec 19, that La Reserve discount does not apply to the Dom P menu. And if I am remembering correctly, I needed to ask for the discount on the other evenings once on board. Which was only fair, as we could only upgrade to the Premium beverage package once on board. We also got the bottle discount on the bin end list, which came in handy as there was a Gavi I just HAD to have,
  6. Entire post.. just.... yes. Will add that we stayed one night in Vina del Mar, right on the beach and it was wonderful. And adding another vote for getting out of Ushuia and getting a guide or tax to the National Park. Worth every minute, particularly if you have a local driver that knows the tourist ebb and flow, and will get you to the important sights ahead of the rest of the ship.
  7. Clever! Particularly the part of storing it with photos from the trip.
  8. So many factors that should be assessed before you make a decision. Sea days: 10 is a lot. We love them. We are adept at amusing ourselves, but Marina is a big enough ship at 1250 pax that they have a decent amount of lectures/activities, including the artist's studio and the cooking classes (not demos, but actual hand-on classes). You are also there to "See" not touch, Antarctica. So being content with leaning over the railing watching for bergs and whales should be on your "I can do that" list. The sea: It can be really rough on the way to the Falklands (and the
  9. How can you possibly conflate yellow fever with covid vax? Could the method of transmission be more different? I don't think it can. There is no consistency because there is no comparison. In late 2019 I sailed around most of South America. Before I went, I had a long conversation on the YF vax with my doctor. We discussed what ports, what activities, what the likelihood of getting bitten, and what I could do to prevent it. We also discussed the possible complications associated with receiving the YF vax. Together, we decided the risk of adverse side effects (for ME - not ever
  10. We are trying for a third time to sail on Sirena next fall - she is the one with the itin that we want. We have only sailed on Marina and would have stuck with the O class ships if they offered where we want to go. I will miss La Reserve very much. I knew from seeing John's videos listed above that I could not cope with the tiny shower, so we knew it was a PH or nothing. You touched on the other thing that convinced us to try the smaller ship and that is the addition of Red Ginger on Sirena.
  11. I call BS on this statement by FDR: "Overall, Del Rio said that the bookings for 2022 were very encouraging with his three brands, Norwegian, Oceania and Regent 40 percent booked at this time, which is better than any previous years, with pricing in line with 2019." I just did a per diem comparison with 2019/20/21 and 22 cruises I had/have booked. Same stateroom category, > than 20 days sailing: 2019 $450 (sailed) 2020 $650 (cancelled) 2021 $520 (cancelled) 2022 $570 (???)
  12. And I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't book the specialties until I had booked La Reserve.
  13. I'm glad you mentioned the wine bar nights. We went a couple of time on Marina in Dec 19 and our experience replicated yours, right down to the LR Somm asking us why we didn't show up the one the nights they had it. On our sailing they offered wine tastings and tapas. There was no need to go to dinner afterwards. And on top of the food and wine offerings in La Reserve, I think the design and décor of the room itself is the best on the ship. Oh great. After all this reminiscing about La Reserve now I'm sorry our next cruise on O is on Sirena. I am going to MISS those nights.
  14. No. It's a saga. Final payment is moved to April 3. That much we know. I'm trying to cancel this cruise, but our TA says we will get hit with a $500 fee on the deposit. I don't think that's true based on some of the recent O statements that have been posted to this board, and he hasn't gotten though to O to ask the question. Of course, I can always play chicken with the cruise line and wait for them to cancel the sailing, but I'd rather just move on now if I can. (Well Paul, nothing like a 500 word reply when a simple "No" would have sufficed. Ooops.)
  15. FWIW..... I still have a June 2021 cruise booked that has not yet been cancelled. We are 99 days out from "sailing" (ha-ha). Under My Account, Dining tab.... it lists Specialty, La Reserve, La Privee. When I click on either La Reseve or La Privee, it gives a brief description and states I have zero reservations. It does NOT allow me to book either one, and it always has before let me before now. For specialty restaurants, it says I may book at day 75, which is normal. But I've never had to wait to book La Reserve until I can book the specialties. (ed
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