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  1. As others have said, I think Alaska is oversaturated and AZ really needed to come up with more enticing itineraries with out-of-the-way ports. I was excited when AZ announced they were heading to Alaska, but the itineraries were exactly the same as any other cruise. Even the overnight in Seattle on July 3-4 doesn't stay late enough for fireworks. There was just nothing special that AZ added to the Alaska season and I think a lot of people, like me, didn't bother booking with them. Michael
  2. We were on this cruise and went on the evening excursion to the Tauranga Zoo. We had a lovely time. The venue was quite nice and the dinner was lovely. We had views of the whole harbor, although it was a bit far, and looks as if the views from the ship would've been a bit more impressive. Yes, there were a group of people on this excursion who demanded to be driven back to the ship early, and these same people carried on for days about what a nightmare the evening was. I finally confronted one of them outside The Living Room and told them they should be more thankful for being able to be in Sydney and have this wonderful trip. This ship had a very entitled, complain-prone contingent and nothing annoys me more than people on an expensive trip, complaining about everything that they can think of. It was a great cruise and we enjoyed our two nights in Sydney very much.
  3. He left Crystal a few years ago to spend time with his partner. He’s a realtor in LA now. Such a talented guy! I miss him on Crystal. Michael
  4. I just booked the Taronga Zoo excursion. I’m looking forward to at least having this as an option, as I don’t feel like trying to book something myself. I’m not going to ruin my mood by complaining about things that could’ve been. I’m going to enjoy what is available. Too many people on here create chaos when things don’t go their way. Yes, I’m disappointed that Azamara pulled the rug out from the initial marketing campaign, but life is short and I’m still going to enjoy myself immensely. Michael
  5. Valletta Malta is very walkable. It's an incredible sail-in/out and a lovely town. Since you have an overnight, you might even want to add in a visit to the Blue Grotto after touring the town. It's all very easily done on your own. As a previous person said, renting a car and doing your own drive in Amalfi is risky, with bad traffic. Amalfi is easily seen in one day and you don't need to venture far. If the cruise offers a tour to Pompei or Sorrento, those are interesting options as well. Sete France is easily done on your own. Seabourn will shuttle you to town and the town is small and easily seen in a few hours. I recommend going to a street market and visiting one of the bakeries in town. It's lovely. Michael
  6. Just checking to see if anyone is on this cruise! =)
  7. I am a male married to a male. I plan , book and pay for all of our cruises. Yet, everything we get is addressed to him. I have never gotten one mailer. Even onboard, he is listed first on any mailers we get. So, I can assure everyone that Seabourn is not chauvinistic lol Michael
  8. I just booked this short 7-day cruise to try Oceania out. This will be my first solo cruise! Anyone else going to be onboard? I'm looking forward to a new ship for me. Michael
  9. I am on my first Seabourn cruise since I was on the Pride’s inaugural season when I was 12 years old! All I can say is that this ship is absolutely gorgeous! It’s been a great cruise, and of course, I am sad that the time is almost here to disembark. First though, let me get the negative out of the way. I am in Rm 843 and this has to be the worst location of any room on any ship in 50 cruises that I have had. It is right under the pool deck bar and right next to the staff staircase or storage. It is constant scraping, rolling, banging and bumping from 5am until 11pm or later, if there is a deck event. I spend a lot of time in the room and this has been awful. I’ve stayed under many pools, and never had a problem, but this is torturous. It’s shocking that a brand new ship isn’t better soundproofed. Aside from this, the room is absolutely gorgeous and the best of any basic veranda rooms I’ve had on any ship. The decor and linens epitomize luxury. The bathroom is stunning. And I love the selection of amenities and soaps. I don’t want to leave (except for the noise lol). This room beats anything I’ve had on Crystal, Regent or Silversea. The service has, generally, been flawless. There are a couple of grumps, but I have an amazing stewardess and the restaurant staff don’t leave your glass empty. Constant refills and attention. I’ve had some lovely surprises, like staff handing out frozen fruit skewers on the pool deck, and strawberries and cream with cognac, placed in my room. The Colonnade has been my go-to for amazing lunches and dinners. The Moroccan dinner they did the night we sailed from Tangier remains my best experience in recent memory. I did The Grill once, which was excellent, although it’s best-suited for couples or groups. I am traveling alone. I haven’t done the MDR. I wish Seabourn had longer port days. Having to rush back on by 5:30 in Tangier or 4:30 in Malaga is a shame. This is why Azamara remains my go-to line. Speaking of ports, each one has been wonderful in its own way. It’s been a steady stream of marquee ports that really need more than one day to explore. I also love how Seabourn sails from the World Trade Cruise port in Barcelona - it’s such a relaxing place to board. I don’t know if it’s just this cruise, but the ship is a ghost town past 8pm. There is no one in sight. At least this way, I’m getting a lot of reading done - which I love Seabourn Square for. Seabourn really outdid themselves with this gorgeous ship. I’ll definitely be back! Michael
  10. I do a lot of 10 & 11 days cruises, as I have a job and dog and responsibilities. I appreciate the fact that Azamara offers a variety of itineraries. If all Azamara offered were long cruises, I’d never be able to sail. Michael
  11. That just adds to whatever confusion is taking place when people try to show up early. Maybe booking a day room at a hotel would’ve been a better option, and then Azamara could clear the disembarking passengers first 🤷🏻*♂️ Michael
  12. UPDATE: Just checked and saw that our room was assigned today! V6 Suite 843 We're ready to go! Michael
  13. Thanks for all of the feedback! Location doesn't really matter to us, all that much, although it's nice having a room assignment prior to boarding day lol We have 11 days until the cruise, so I'll keep checking the website ;) Michael
  14. For some reason our TA booked our upcoming cruise on the Encore as a GTY. We leave in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if Seabourn typically assigns a specific room prior to the cruise or at the pier..... Michael
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