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  1. Just getting off Bliss, wife is gluten-free. Absolutely no problem! We have done 3 cruises on NCL and she has never been sick. You are safer on board then anywhere except home. Also, don’t worry if you don’t tell them till you are on, they will take care of you. Get the flower-less chocolate cake , yummmm

  2. Final two days on 14 day cruise out of New York. We had the streaming package. I bought a HooToo router. We have been sharing the internet between 2 iPhones and an iPad. Works beautifully. No more switching who can use the service. The HooToo is 50$ at Amazon. Setup was easy, followed directions. A note on streaming : Netflix streams but you will get pauses , maybe 2 per hour of viewing. Downloading from Apple TV app did not work. Note: HooToo is battery powered, lasted 2 days. It also will act as a power source. Very small, thru it in my backpack.

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