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  1. I know that was the original intent - and the app kinda died. But now you can see all current posts - which is awesome. But it seem that you can not log in to participate which is frustrating!
  2. Has anyone successfully logged in the the "old" app?? I know that we can see what's posted now - but I can't seem to log in - all I get is "log in failed". Is there a trick I'm missing??
  3. I know that for a while now you've been able to see current post through the app. But I have still not been able to log in to respond to any posts. I get "log in failed" and I've tried that what posted in January by another user - but not success! Is there a trick I'm missing??
  4. FYI.....I'm told by TA - that with no real announcement because it doesn't change the all on board time - MSC has changed all of the departures from Miami to 4:00 pm. She also stated that they do not seem to be updating the documents or the website to show the change!
  5. Could be! But either way it's $$$ - or the fear of losing $$$ - that is the reason for the change, I'm sure.
  6. I hope you're right....but as blcrusing already posted - that is not usually the way it works. NCL seems to focus only on "change fees" which the new reservations would not be for those who now have to book flights home to Florida.
  7. Agreed...it's not like they are new at this whole "new ship" thing! I'm guessing somebody must waived some BIG money at them to add the promotional sailings!
  8. I have heard that many are now considering cancellation.
  9. I believe the only change is the last leg from NYC to Miami being eliminated so that the ship can stay in NYC for some other promotional cruises.
  10. Exactly my point! I think they choose their words VERY carefully and choose to only deal with "change fees" and not the costs associated with solving the issue for others like you are negatively effected. Sadly, NCL has proven on multiple occasions recently that their bottom line take precedent over customer service! 😕
  11. I respectfully disagree. I’m glad you feel you’ve been treated fairly. I - and many others - do not feel the same.
  12. Umm....I am the OP - so I know what the original post says!! 🙄 The letter refers to “flight changes fees”. Doubt that applies to any new flights that now have to be booked because of the itinerary change to get people home to Florida.
  13. Wonder if NCL is going to help pay for flights for those that live in Miami and now have to fly home, but would not have needed flights home when they were ending in Miami??
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