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  1. You want to have some real fun? Had a cruise in March cancelled, received the FCC and threw in a couple of CN coupons, and rebooked a cruise in mid June. That was cancelled last month. Was told that all credits and coupons would be returned on May 1. Have not seen anything. In fact, when I log into my account, it tells me my reservation is on "hold" and that I need to "make a payment". I and my wife are willing to be patient, but out of curiosity, I called them last week to inquire what was going on. I was told our situation was "complicated", and that it could take up to 90 days for the credits to be returned. I told them we were interested in booking an August cruise, but i wasn't willing to give them any more of my cash, I wanted to use the credits.....that i didn't have back yet. I was told i couldn't do that. I called again today and spoke with someone. Discussed the same scenario, was told that maybe a supervisor could make those arrangements to use those credits, but none was available at the time. I'll call again next week and see what story i get.......
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