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  1. I heard about the 3 hr delay this past cruise. Concerned with my flight being 1335 - booked with Princess Air. Any feedback on how missed flights were being handled?? Thanks so much
  2. I too adore the Tahiti cruise. Going back in October & cannot wait!!!
  3. Happy Birthday & Bon Voyage Lora!!! Just back a few weeks ago from B2B.....coming back 5/17....cannot wait.... ENJOY your cruise!!
  4. Thanks for sharing all of these awesome photos. Tough to pick one favorite. 1. Golden in Aruba 2. Tahiti 3. Virgin Gorda 4. Sunset on the Black Sea
  5. Nancy, I am so happy that you have decided to go on your cruise. Bon Voyage Travel Safe And be sure to let us know how much you loved it ;) Cathy
  6. Nancy, Go for it! Don't miss out on your cruise. Keep us posted with your decision. Cathy
  7. Nancy, I too cruise alone primarily. As Ally stated the only real alone time is in your cabin. Over the years I have met many crew members & now cruise to see them. The one down side to solo cruising is the price. Single Supplaments are steep. One my most recent cruise I met 2 girls who both were cruising solo, only they did the share program. Princess did an excellent job hooking them up to share a cabin. I have not done the share program. Meals you can always hook up with people. I have meet some great friends who I have shared tables with over the years. Good Luck & Enjoy your cruise :) Cathy
  8. Growing up I got motion sickness quite easy. Boat rides, car rides, etc. I was a wreck my first cruise. Got all hooked up with the patch. Was quite strong. You can cut them in half. Many MDs stopped use of the patch due to the side effects from it. But, I still see patches when I cruise today. Over the years I have built a tolerance to cruising, I have not been seasick at all. ?? Who knows?? I do still get sick on smaller boats. Dramamine is an old standby that can make most tired. When Bonine first came out I was thrilled as you could chew it. I felt less side effects with the Bonine than Dramamine. For me Bonine is what I have with me just in case. Have never tried Ginger. But reading the posts it sounds quite effective. Everyone reacts differently to medicines. And what works for one may not be as effective for another.
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