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  1. Ok, glad I’m not going crazy. We got 2 refunds within a month of cancelling for random amounts so we were left scratching our heads. They didn’t line up with any of the charges. Thanks.
  2. It’s taking a full 45 days to get our refunds for our cruise we cancelled. Is that everyone else’s experience that’s cancelled before?
  3. Why use common sense when there are culture wars to wage?
  4. So some crank sent fauci an email and that’s enough proof for you? Look up Adam Gaertner and it’s pretty laughable.
  5. We live in Florida and are looking to travel out of state to board a vaccinated cruise out of New Jersey or New Orleans. We ended up cancelling our January cruise because of what’s happening here in Florida.
  6. I doubt any unrest reaches labadee in any capacity. Labadee is quite literally barb wire fenced off from the rest of the country. If you travel near the fence line you will find hungry children begging for scraps from the all you can eat buffet inside the compound.
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