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  1. So sorry to hear, about the fall & break. Take care, here's to healing fast and will look forward to you continuing once you feel able!
  2. It's all about the pods. It's not about new, old, maintenance or lack thereof. Unfortunately, Carnival is not alone, both RCI & NCL have had and are having issues too.
  3. Sorry I didn't make myself clear, a tram, on the pier from the ship to the port facilities.
  4. Hello, was wondering if the St. Croix pier has a tram to & from the ship to the actual port area?
  5. Hello, was wondering if the Martinique pier has a tram to & from the ship to the actual port area?
  6. Good to know and fingers crossed, I like vacationing on the panhandle and plan to cruise from there soon too!
  7. I didn't realize that Mobile could handle a conquest class/size ship. Interesting.
  8. We did a private tour, rates are set by the government. It was cheaper, for us, than doing a bus tour and so much better. We were able to spend the time we wanted at each location, didn't need t wait on others and saw what we wanted too, not what was preset by someone else.
  9. Yay, another Wildra review ... impatiently waiting for more
  10. Alcoholic drinks have a limit of 15 - if you like different, go to Alchemy Bar. Non-alcoholic drinks do not count towards your limit and pretty much anything available in liquid form is unlimited, including milkshakes. My fav is a Miami vice - combo of Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada.
  11. Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to your review, always love them!
  12. Carnival I know now have the vests and lifeguards, even when no one is in the pool, there's always someone around, plus I think NCL does now too. And I forgot one important thing... congratulations on completing your schooling and getting your Bachelors, that's a great accomplishment!
  13. Wow, your family has certainly had a few bad months! So sorry to hear that and do hope it's over and good times are ahead! Glad you decided to do another review and agree loved sailing out of PR. I'm living vicariously thru others as I don't cruise again until Nov. I hear you with the weather, I was on a girls trip south when you were flying to PR. It was southern KY before it started warming up and Northern KY cooling down on our way back. LOL we wanted to turn around and go back to the sun and warmth, so ready for the sun and warm weather to get here and stay! It's crazy how big all the kids are getting. Sakari has lost that 'little' girl look and your fears about your little girl are coming to life!
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