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  1. That was indeed a great night on our SB trip. Thanks for reminding us of what used to be and hopefully will be again
  2. Floris, belated happy new year . Let’s hope it’s a year with some travel. Got shot one Friday. Jim
  3. we were in 1024 for Antarctica and it was fantastic. Unbeatable location
  4. Good point Floris, hope all is well with you.
  5. SB cruisers go with SB because they want a quality experience . They pay top dollar and expect certain things. They do not expect the games being played by Carnival on refunds and the moving goalposts involved . Most own 100 to whatever shares to get some OBC , that has worked in the past to buY a few nice bottles that don’t look so good now in the rear view mirror. Uncertainty on covid coupled with uncertainty in how Carnival management creates policy will not lead to SB cruisers rushing back to book. At least this one won’t .
  6. A cloudy sunrise here in North Florida so we decided to have breakfast outside . We are lucky enough to live on the ocean and hearing the wind and waves brought back great memories. We had breakfast In the Colonnade outside from Greenland to Antarctica to the Faroe isles to The Turkish coast . My favorite was the lingonberry Swedish pancakes but there was never a bad morning. We’ve cancelled and probably won’t be back to cruising . Cruising and Seabourn will be back stronger than ever but I think we will stay off the high seas .
  7. We cancelled our 9/25 Hawaii Tahiti trip yesterday . We shall see about 21
  8. Made for Spain has terrific people . Sadly there will be plenty available this year .
  9. Floris , we were in the same wing by the Observation Lounge . Helen and I had dinner a few times with you and shared some interesting conversations. I did not take pictures of the seal attack but have good ones of the Orcas having a lunch of Minka whale . That was our last SB trip , still looking for the right itinerary.
  10. Great stop, two years ago we saw a seal take a penguin , which sent the remainder in the water scattering everywhere . It’s fun reading your stuff and enjoy the trip North to the mainland which can be !!
  11. Thank you , helpful info . We are taking or first NCL trip in sept on the Jewel in a forward Haven suite. After 7 Seabourne trips we liked this itinerary and tho it’s a larger ship and drink packages as opposed to all included we are looking forward to something different .
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