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  1. is it realistic to want to go to Gumbalimba Park when the boat docks at 7 (excursion time is 3.5 hours) then little French key for the rest of the day? on google maps it says the distance is 30 mins......is that correct? is traffic crazy there? should we take a bus or taxi? help please!

  2. I am to cruise next year and have been doing a lot of research. I also plan to go to blue hole from Falmouth. From what I've read, it's roughly an hour from the port. From other people recommendations, I've decided to go with liberty tours Jamaica, they offer different excursions including the blue hole and lunch, which says it lasts 4-6 hours. It's not recommended to take a taxi there because the road there isn't in good condition and it will cost a lot. I've emailed libertytours for prices last night but haven't heard anything back yet.

  3. I'm cruising with Royal Caribbean next March and one stop is Cozumel. My dream is to swim in one of those beautiful cenotes! They offer an excursion called "ATV ride to Jade Cavern" and I'd just like to hear anyone's experience with it.


    Do you drive ATV's or buggys? one seat or two?

    how long is the drive versus how long you get to swim in the cenote?


    Thank you!

  4. It's Coxen hole ;) and I would assumed that's where they dock (which is also where NCL docks). Carnival goes to Mahogany Bay.


    It's about 20-30 minutes away since it's a little further than Mahogany Bay is.


    They have had boats running back and forth all day the 2 times we have been there with no problems. You are welcome to leave when you want, but once you get there you will NEVER want to leave. :)




    Thank you! I'm so excited, it's a year away but I'm counting down the days (396)




    Also, I see people posting how many ships will be in the port that day.... How do they know?

  5. I've been trolling this thread and am very thankful for it! My boyfriend and i are cruising to roatan in march next year and I have my heart set on little French key. Please bare with me if these questions have been answered.




    We'll be cruising with Royal Caribbean....i believe that means we'll dock in Coxen Cove? Is that correct? How far is that from LFK?




    How often does the boat bring people back to the mainland?

  6. On my cell phone the search option doesn't work so does anyone have any experiences with little French key resort? I'd like to go to a less crowded beach that offers snorkeling. How is the service? What's included? Any advice is appreciated.

  7. I'm going on a 12 day cruise to the Western Caribbean in March 2016 and one of the ports is Falmouth, Jamaica. I've read that this is a port that you should do an excursion at. I'm thinking of booking an excursion without RCI to save some money and hopefully see a less touristy side of Jamaica. I originally wanted to go to Dunns River Falls but after a little research I'm considering Blue Hole. Could someone direct me to a trustworthy agency that I could book this excursion with? Are there any other places like that?






    We have had WAY better luck and spent WAY less booking tours outside of the cruise lines. If you think about it, these independent companies have just as much to lose if not more to lose if they get bad reviews online, so they typically strive hard to please you!




    HM, I never thought of it like that, thank you! My boyfriend is being a pessimist about excursions booked without the boat because he doesn't want to get left behind. But I want the most out of my vacation and I'm starting to realize that some excursions are better booked elsewhere, especially if I want to save money.

  9. Thanks for the tips guys! I want to do something at every port but I understand that things get expensive, haha. I have a year to save up so I'm hoping I can plan everything accordingly. I've never left New England so this is my first vacation and with the money I'm spending, I probably won't go on another for awhile so I'm going all out. I'm really interested in the less touristy parts of the islands but also anything animal related.... I'm definitely going to stingray island and the sea turtle farm in the grand Cayman 🐢🐢

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