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  1. We play the penny slots also, usually 60 cents-$1.20 a pull. DH plays roulette also, but not the big bucks. We just got off Sunrise and spent a few hundred $ in the casino. Our offer is for $50 in Fun Play. I realize that it will be ONLY $50 because we only use DH's sign and sale card...oh, well, $50 is $50. Used to get all kinds of FCC and OBC's and "perks" but since we reached Diamond a few cruises ago, we are kind of cut off the list. But that's for another thread!!!
  2. Okay, I'm going to ask this one more time. I guess I am just dumb, but HOW do you get so MUCH fun play $$? Because you are "big spenders" in the casino?
  3. I was all excited to get $50/pp for play in casino and now I see so many better offers. How do you get that? I was researching to book from CCL website.
  4. I started a thread about this yesterday. Should have searched first, but search has not always been kind to me lol. Am thinking of booking a cruise that gives 50 fun play. So that is $50/pp to use in the casino?
  5. Researching cruises and one of the options to booking is "$50 in Fun Play." What is Fun Play???
  6. Was going to mention this. We were on Sunrise 10/6-10/13. Half price drinks, fish bowls and pitchers from 1;30-3:30 on sea days. Can't remember if it's posted in the Fun Times, but if you walk past the RFP they announce it on a blackboard.
  7. I know, I thought for sure there would be a bunch, but I think maybe they are "within" reviews or other topics. Wanted opinions on JUST that topic. But maybe I'm searching wrong lol. But thanks for all the opinions.
  8. Okay, thanks. We don't do excursions as I said, just want a nice beach day. Have never had any problems tendering into HMC but I know that is a possibility.
  9. Sorry ahead if I am wasting anyone's time, but I searched and only found one short post about the difference between HMC and Princess Cay. Researching winter cruises and one or the other is the option with Nassau and Freeport. We have been to HMC I think 3x and LOVE it, but wonder if we should try something different just for the heck of it. We would not do excursions, just get off the ship and put our fannys on a lounger and relax! Opinions please! Also, does Princess Cay have the bbq provided by CCL?
  10. Thanks, Jamman, it did not have any terms or conditions, just informed us that we would receive the 25% credit which I thought was nice. We did miss Portland and Boston and went back to St. John (had hoped for maybe a return to Halifax or even Quebec City but who am I to make these decisions!) but it was nice to be in my mom's homeland!!!! I am researching Jan and Feb from Baltimore on you know who at the request of Jim....I think he is going to be your biggest competition as #1 fan of "the ship you twisted my arm to sail on." lol.
  11. We were on the Sunrise which missed 2 ports due to weather and we received a 25% credit on a future cruise. If I book another cruise, how will they know to apply it? I did not get any kind of "code" to supply and they did not even specify a "use by" date.
  12. Our outlet....in cabin 2456...."stopped working" when I was almost done blow drying my hair one late afternoon....had to call Guest Services who got maintenance up there and fixed whatever was wrong with it. I'm telling you....we are def those twins separated at birth!!!! What is the likelihood?! As others have said, your elegant night pictures are wonderful. Very natural and I congratulate Patti on wearing a dress she wore 25 years ago. You both look very content....cruising must agree with you lol. Stay dry!!! I think this crazy weather followed you north and us south!
  13. Ditto on the sushi! I ordered/had 2 mocha chocolate getaways at the Diamond party. We must be twins separated at birth lol.
  14. I said the same thing. Should have sailed the week you did. My dad and brother live in Bay Head and dad said he never saw the ocean so churned up. I said we were sailing thru that lol. First time I have ever danced with crew members on the Lido at 6:30 in the morning and I also did some pole dancing lol. How those waiters and bus men and women carry those heavy trays with food and dirty dishes during rolling seas defies logic. They are simply so professional and uncomplaining! Had my Caribbean Colada at RFP at 1/2 price day and thought of Patti!!!
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