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  1. When you get out of the port, you can follow the fence line to the left a see the small beach. If It’s somewhere you’d like to stay, just let the taxi driver know. We asked how much before we got in the cab. $2 pp. Once we got in they wanted to take us to the other beach. I’m sure both places have massages, so either would be good. Depends on what you want. I think the beach by the pier is more laid back. Have fun,
  2. I must say we've been to SJ a few times and I've never really been blown away. We've done the Fort, we've walked to the beach that Is down from the Fort. It is rocky and was under construction. Didn't feel all that safe because of "homeless" people on the beach. This trip, thanks to reading other's post we had a Great beach day! I've never used Uber, and finally did. I had the app already loaded, just never used it. So I looked up Isla Verde Beach town of Carolina and selected $9.65 Carlos. It had his picture and white Kia. We were almost in front of where the cruise terminal lets you out. We just walked to the right a few yards. With in seconds, I look and see security talking to a White Kio, and it's Carlos! So we hop in and off we are to Isla Verde Beach. All I remember is Marriot, but I didn't chose any specific destination. Carlo's didn't speak much English at all, so we couldn't communicate. Still he took us right to Isla Verde Beach and almost drove us on the sand. We took a right towards the Condo's resorts and ended up at the Courtyard by Marriot. Not sure if it's the same. Marriot, but about a 10-15 walk from where we were dropped off. We picked this spot, because people and the chair/umbrella rental. $5 chair, $10 for the umbrella. The hotel has a Casino, but we didn't play. We also used their bathroom's. It wasn't any problem, we just walked in like we were guest. Plus I bought 3 drinks and 3 chips =$21 so I felt like we were somewhat paid guest. The beach was wide and beautiful . We only stayed a couple hours and I pulled up Uber at the front of the hotel and I picked another $9.85 fair. Carlo's comes again (i guess he stayed around the airport area?) I had put in Old San Juan, so the 15 minute ride back to Old San Juan and we got dropped off in the center. We were looking for the Umbrella street, but was told it was blocked off. I did tip Carlos, $8 total So $74 for another beach day wasn't too bad. If you bring your own snacks it will be cheaper. I did buy a sun hat in Old San Juan. We didn't see anything that was out of the norm. No riot damage, minimal Hurricane damage. On the beach, we did see Police riding up and down on ATV's, so that was different, but since we hadn't been to this beach not sure if that's what they always do.
  3. Just back from the Breeze. Went to Sapphire beach. Taxi was $10pp for the 3, plus tip =$35 Open air taxi had another group and we made to stops. One at a shopping center and dropped a family off (it was like a Kmart or something) the other went to Coki beach. This place looked crazy crowed, but did have jet ski's on one side and a lot of people on the other. We got transferred off to another taxi driver at this point. (i think it had something to do with the group was going to pay on the way back? ) Anyway, we've been to Sapphire a few times, and it is growing. First time we went there was only a dive shop, now there's a bar, and some new ice cream shop. The chairs have a sign for Condo guests so we just laid our towels on the sand. Close to the Bar has shaded cabana's and it seems first come first serve. It didn't look like anybody was trying to get money for those. Buying 3 soda's and candy cost $14, so the ice cream shop was expensive to me. The Bar had what seemed like decent prices for food. The place does have a dressing room and bathroom. This time seaweed was terrible. They had a few locals trying to rake it up, but it was all over the beach. This is the first time I remember Sapphire beach being this way. We brought our snorkel gear and saw some cool fish. The water is so salty, it's easy to float, be mindful, because before you know it, you are in "deep" water. So not the cheapest beach day, but for about $90 for 3 people, it seems reasonable. ( i did hear a guy say, "I paid $160 to come here" Looked like they were with a big group. Not sure if a cruise ship excursion or somebody like Godrey?
  4. Just got back from the Breeze. Nice trip. Researched before the trip and even though the Falls would be cool, didn't think the Hike would be something I'd want to do. I've been to the Blue Hole in Jamaica , and it was awesome, so we have that memory. So to Amber Cove, thought we'd just hang by the $85 Million pool area that Carnival built. We did start at the pool. It was nice, (tip: When you get off the ship and go thru the shopping area, hang a right. You can see the Cabana's on the water as you walk off the pier.) So we walked more towards the "lazy river" and bathrooms. We put our stuff down and was going to make a day out of it. For us, we'd rather be on a beach if we are cruising. So I left the family and went for the 10 minute walk to the taxi's. So for $2 pp they will take you to the beach that is right beside the pier. (beats the hell out of walking!) They want to take you to another beach that is in town for $50 round trip. We just stuck to our plan. So for a $4 snack from the pier. We brought our own water and snorkel gear $2x3 plus tip total = $10 Nobody really hassles you . Guys want you to order drinks from them, some people were, we didn't. The guy who talked with us and led us to our chair, wanted us to buy from his shop. We didn't buy anything, but he had some decent stuff. He also let us know we could get Wi Fi free from the Resort that is right there. Also Massage girls came buy. Seemed like the price was right $35 for an hour and they have a place besides the beach to do it. Then some lady came buy who was cheaper, but we declined. So for us, not just staying at a pool, this beach was fine! Had a tree line for shade, it was not rocky, and you could walk far out with no waves so perfect for kids. I did tip the dude $6 just because we didn't buy any drinks or stuff from his shop. He seemed fine. The taxi was right there to get back to the ship. $30 beach day, and we went back to the ship to eat. (You can see the beach from the Cruise ship if you look to the left of the pier. There's a few chairs and you can see the Resort buildings. It's nothing to make you say WoW, but for us, it was nice and relaxing. We'd do it again.
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