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  1. We ate at Jamie's on embarkation day. As others have said for a sailing that was half full it certainly felt fairly packed most evenings. Having a cocktail selection which didn't try and knock you over within three drinks was a welcome change after our nights on Celebrity Silhouette 😆
  2. That would be a room without a balcony right?
  3. When I got told by MSC that I couldn't cruise on the 17th as I wouldn't be fully vaccinated, they were making that change so they could go from 1000 passengers to 50% capacity so I believe, before the 19th, that's the limit. After the 19th I think most lines will go closer to full capacity, but leaving some space for quarantining if required so maybe 85%
  4. I'm pretty sure the testing regime mirrors what RC did in Singapore and it feels a bit overkill for a fully vaccinated cruise. I sailed on MSC in June with one dose with just a (self administered) lateral flow test beforehand, then one before boarding.
  5. Mostly insides, an occasional balcony if it's a good value for us.
  6. They've all been upfront about the vaccination requirement (hence why we booked MSC) which is quite different from having the rug pulled out from under you pretty last minute.
  7. That's the situation we're in, my wife was in charge of the covid wards, but now because I'm not fully vaccinated that's that.
  8. I booked as soon as the phones opened on the 1st April and now I'm being cancelled with 2.5 weeks to go. It's certainly not the first cruise I've lost to the pandemic (and probably won't be the last) however it's the only one where the behaviour of the company would have me seriously considering whether to ever book with them again.
  9. Yes we'll be joining the ship at the weekend, glad to hear they're getting prepped for us already 😁 Your posts have been very helpful with getting us excited, though not helping this work week to pass quickly enough!
  10. That's the cabin we were due to be in if the upgrade hadn't been accepted - it would have suited us OK but can understand why it wouldn't be for everyone. Happy with it for our one in July if our bids for that one don't come through. Am I right in thinking YC comes with the basic Wifi package?
  11. Does this help? https://www.coverforyou.com/content/important-information-coastal-cruise-apr-2021-v1.pdf
  12. We just got the same email today for our cruise following yours, looking forward to hearing all about it!
  13. Fantastic! Mind giving an indication of how much you bid - I'm hoping for the same on a following cruise. We often cruise insides (though currently have a balcony on our sailing), so that part of it doesn't worry us too much.
  14. As things stand UK residents aren't allowed into the USA so passengers on the transatlantic looks unlikely.
  15. Given the upgrade is being priced under a normal yacht club suite it would seem pretty odd if they're including the YC perks, but who knows really.
  16. Is this definitely the case? I was considering a bid for those, but definitely looked on the deck plan like there were duplexes below the YC area.
  17. I wanted to know this as well - I've been doing some searching and haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer to what exactly is included yet.
  18. Cannot be consumed in signature venues (Venchi 1878 establishments, Lavazza Coffee Shop, Jean Philippe Chocolate, Coffee, Crepes & Gelato, MSC Starship Club). So the robot bar is definitely excluded, not sure if that's all of the specialty coffee options.
  19. I'm definitely going for it - the Don Julio alone makes it worth it for me (I hope it's actually available on board) Either a negative PCR test < 72 hours before your embarkation time or proof of full vaccination.
  20. We've booked for the 12 June & 17 July, I'm going to need to find somewhere I can get a certificated PCR test but other than that it's really exciting to have something booked I actually think has a reasonable chance of sailing! The inaugural was tempting but I didn't really want to have to go through the testing rigmarole for a 4 nighter. It will be interesting to see what the final price is after the Covid medical worker discount and I don't think they applied my voyager's club discount either so I've asked about that in the same email. If the balcony on the room I picked is as big as the deck plan makes it look that will be a nice bonus too!
  21. According to the travel weekly interview the sailings up to the 26th will be at 1000 people and then up to 80% capacity after that.
  22. Considering those sailings will be at a very reduced capacity, I'd find it hard to justify a big premium for YC. I wonder if balconies will be similarly expensive for those sailings.
  23. Thanks for the answers re B2B - other thing I'm wondering if anyone's seen an answer to is if the covid medic discount will apply to these sailings?
  24. I wonder if we'll be allowed to book any of the shorter sailings back to back. I'd like to do 7 nights, but before they have scheduled those. Couldn't find any info on whether it's been allowed for the 'bubbled' sailings in the med.
  25. I would love to, but no guarantees I'll be vaccinated in time. I hope everyone who's booked have a fantastic cruise!
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