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  1. Yes! Me too. They should not be taking money from anyone right now. What happens I wonder if someone tries to book a cruise with them right now? It’s the one email address they use for everything and they are certainly not responding to my emails.
  2. Plenty from my April 20 Ovation cruise have received refunds in the last few days. However, not those of us who booked via an online oz cruising website who remain completely and utterly uncontactable. The debacle continues. Royal has told me to call them back on the 27th if I haven’t heard from the company and they will deal with me directly. They told a fellow passenger that even they can’t contact said company and therefore they won’t release our refunds to them.. Fingers crossed Royal will be true to that and will be able to refund us directly. I understand it’s a big d
  3. I was meant to be on Ovation’s transpacific leaving April 20. No refund yet, though at least one Aussie on the same cruise reported he got his refund Friday. So that’s something. I booked through an online oz cruising website and am a little concerned, because I received an email a week or two ago from Royal saying my FCC had been sent to my travel provider. Other people got the same, and yet others got an email saying their refunds were being processed. I requested a refund on 25/3 following the travel providers instructions exactly, and am worried they haven’t requested it to Roy
  4. I’m still working, as I work in emergency services so I’ll be working right through no matter what (unless I get sick). Right now I’m only going to work and the supermarket. I feel well stocked for the most part, so will just stick with the local IGA and an awesome little middle eastern supermarket we have just across the road. I was supposed to be on the April 20 Ovation Sydney to Honolulu (which I was so looking forward to!). Royal finally officially cancelled it today. Everyone has been really good with refunds and I won’t need to call insurance for anything. Virgin Australia au
  5. Voyages affected March 12 to May 10. Princess announcement: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html CNBC: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/12/carnivals-princess-cruises-to-pause-global-ship-operations-for-60-days-over-coronavirus.html
  6. Hi, I keep getting this strange popup every time I open a page on Cruise Critic. It only started today and is only happening on CC.
  7. Very thorough hand washer here, hand sanitizer is only a back up. Proper hand washing is a good 20 seconds with hot water and soap (or the “Happy Birthday” song). I’m a slight germaphobe as it is, I’ll press elevator buttons with my knuckle, I won’t touch the rails when I go down the stairs. I usually get ready for dinner in my room right before, so if you see me walk straight past the hand sanitizer it’s because I have just thoroughly washed my hands and didn’t touch a thing on my way.
  8. Isle of Pines is incredible, one of my favourites. The beach where you get off the tender is beautiful enough, but follow all the people who are crossing the road and heading around to the Sacred Rock, it’s just stunning. Plonk yourself on the beach there, do some snorkeling around the rock, it’s a beautiful day.
  9. Oh wow, I’m so glad Covermore came through for you. Sad you had to use it though 😞
  10. Hey! Come over to the Australia/NZ forum and you’ll get answers there https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/forum/564-australia-new-zealand-cruisers/
  11. Credit Card insurance is no different to any other kind of insurance - it depends on the particular policy you have and they’re all different. With my American Express I’m covered by Allianz and it’s very comprehensive, no different to what you’d get if you called Allianz yourself to buy insurance, it’s not an inferior product
  12. Hello I have a couple to add for 2021 02 May 2021 ... Tigerlily75 ... Carnival Radiance 12 Days Panama Canal 31 October 2021 ... Tigerlily75 ... Harmony of the Seas 14 Days Transatlantic
  13. Australian citizens get residency on arrival, we can live and work in NZ. (Assuming one meets character requirements).
  14. They’re not the first, the US and Australia and no doubt others also have this right. I’m sure you can refuse but you’ll probably be going straight home if you do
  15. As you go through the booking it gives you a choice. But sometimes the difference is large. I was looking at a cruise just a few days ago while their sale was on and it offered: $2074 with $200 Non-refundable deposit, or $2860 with $200 refundable deposit.
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