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  1. Australian citizens get residency on arrival, we can live and work in NZ. (Assuming one meets character requirements).
  2. They’re not the first, the US and Australia and no doubt others also have this right. I’m sure you can refuse but you’ll probably be going straight home if you do
  3. As you go through the booking it gives you a choice. But sometimes the difference is large. I was looking at a cruise just a few days ago while their sale was on and it offered: $2074 with $200 Non-refundable deposit, or $2860 with $200 refundable deposit.
  4. The only cruise line that really goes all out to cater for solos is Norwegian, but I’ve only sailed them from the US, so I don’t know what it’s like when sailing in Australia. They have hosted solo gatherings every evening as well as dinner every night, well attended. I’m sailing solo next year on Ovation of the Seas from Sydney to Honolulu and there’s a heap of solos going and we’ve already planned dinners etc.
  5. I don’t know if there’s an actual limit, but I think it depends on the circumstances and whether the alcohol consumption is a contributing factor to the fall/injury/accident. I suspect this guy had more than “a drink with dinner” and would not have had the accident if he were sober, and thus the claim was denied. A bit like your laptop being covered for theft, but not if it’s stolen when you’ve left it on the backseat of your rental car. They expect you take reasonable care to prevent incidents before they’ll cover you, such as not leaving your belongings in view and unattended, and not drinking so much you can’t walk. I’m not sure that a beer the night before, or even at lunch would be an issue. Surely for driving at least, they’d use the .05 driving limit.
  6. I emailed the NZ High Commission about their very confusing wording. They responded that if you are an Australian Citizen travelling on an Australian passport (meeting character requirements of course) you do not need a NZeTA when travelling by cruise ship. The webpage I had included in the email was then updated, however other pages still have the confusing wording. To to clarify the confusing wording, it originally said Under “Who does NOT need an ETA” - Australian citizens travelling on an Australian passport Then under “Who DOES need an ETA” - passengers travelling by cruise ship REGARDLESS of nationality So which is it, I asked them. They need to be more concise with something so important.
  7. Just in case anyone comes across this thread, from 1st October 2019 an ETA will be required for travel to New Zealand. Australian citizens are exempt, Australian Permanent Residents will need to get one but will be exempt from the tourist levy. Pretty much everyone else will need one. https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/what-we-do/our-strategies-and-projects/eta-new-requirements
  8. We can still go there! I’m not sure we could fly from the US though, maybe from Canada or Mexico or something
  9. Hi David Could you please remove Tigerlily75 from November 2019 Carnival Splendor Thank you!
  10. You can either pop into a T-Mobile store when you get there, or you can buy one in advance from Simcorner https://www.simcorner.com/?__store=aus I’ve done it both ways. It is handy having it in advance! I have Vodafone too but for 30 days it’s much cheaper to get a local SIM. $150 Vodafone versus $40 or so.
  11. With Carnival Australia you can only book excursions once you board. The pre-boarding website is very poor compared to other cruise lines, but the cruise itself is good!
  12. I went to Vegas with my 16 year old daughter, both non-drinkers/non-gamblers of course, and loved it. There's tons to do and see. Prices vary wildly depending if there's any conferences or conventions going on, so we switched dates around when I realised the following week was much cheaper than the week I had originally planned. Stayed at The Cosmopolitan for a bargain price, a great luxurious hotel right in the centre of the strip.
  13. The first two days leaving Sydney were fairly cool, and then it started to warm up. You'll definitely want to pack some long sleeves/long pants in addition to more summery gear. Vanuatu was really warm, New Caledonia was "warm enough". The water I would describe as refreshing upon entry, and then beautiful once you (quickly) got used to it. Coming back to Sydney it stayed warm the whole way, I think the day we returned was about 25 or so. Much nicer than Melbourne!
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