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  1. I think the Bliss is a better ship if traveling without kids. I would prefer the itinerary of the Epic. We sailed the Epic for a Mediterranean cruise and it was fantastic so no qualms sailing her again. If the ship is more important the Bliss is a no brainers. The Observation lounge and the fact that the smoking section of the casino is enclosed are just a few of the nice things on the ship. Jersey Boys is Broadway quality too.
  2. Specialty meals are much better than any fast food options. The menu prices are set to encourage buying a package. I think this is a reasonable reduction. The shore excursion credit used to be $75, so not new behavior or unfair in my view. NCL is trying to grandfather in cruise reservations. I might consider a 2021 booking now. Some upsides: gratuity cost will be less and getting a reservation may be easier now.
  3. Tampa is the only port I would not sail from again. I found the onsite traffic or security personnel unfriendly and we were not able to be dropped off in front of the terminal so we pulled luggage from a dropoff point and across the street. Entry point wasn't well marked as lobby is upstairs, no greeters or security to point directions. The waiting area was also on the older side, could use a refresh. Fog isn't really the issue, it's the fact that ships go under a bridge so if it is too foggy, visibility can make it impossible to safely navigate. Therefore delays are
  4. Economic times have changed for many. Perhaps they just want the cash back now. Yes a great NCL deal, but family needs may trump planning on a future cruise. God bless those dealing with difficult job changes.
  5. We used the Free/Reduced to Barcelona last September. We paid $25pp to deviate our airfare to arrive a day early, we could have arrived two days year for the same $25 fee. We had a nonstop flight from Newark on a Friday night and arrived 9am Saturday morning. I really liked this perk and having the airfare handled by NCL and the price, was great. We have used it again for a Greece cruise this September, but we're likely to cancel that trip.I'm nervous about travel within Europe (assuming a layover somewhere). I suggest reading the fine print on the Peace of Mind to unde
  6. It is really pricey for a family of 4. We were just two adults and decided that was our big treat for the trip. My mother had never been to Europe and I had never been to Italy so we took it as a lifetime opportunity. Positano is the Jewel of that excursions because the big buses are not permitted there so you need a small vehicle tour to go there. There are much less expensive options that can also be fabulous. Pompeii was also important for us. Cinque Terre and Capri are places we missed but would have loved to visit. I will plan one if I ever get back.
  7. We took the Mediterranean itinerary with NCL last year so I can speak to Rome, Florence and Naples. You can walk around in Naples. We did a pricey excursion and saw the Almafi coast, Positano, Sorrento and Pompeii, priceless experience with my mother. Florence and Pisa we did the NCL on your own. Great way to have transportation and our own plan and would do it again. If you want museums you should book a tour that gets you entrance otherwise you'll spend your time in line. We had a more casual experience cafe lunch, shopping and outdoor sites like David and other scul
  8. I hope this isn't true for you. Cabin options and frequency of cruises may have to change but hopefully you find a way to have something you love in your future.
  9. Delta has a pretty lenient policy at the moment. You can probably get it as a Delta credit depending on the timeline.
  10. NCL books your airfare but not your seats. You can upgrade your seats as per the policy of the selected airline. This is listed in the T&Cs or FAQs for the program. Last summer on United friends paid for the upgrade to Premium Economy. I had status with United so we were automatically offered Premium Economy seats to select from as complimentary upgrades. I booked seats live with an agent.
  11. I was on the Getaway March 8 to 15th. I felt safe and had a good time onboard and off. I the extra precautions I could see were adequate and I never really worried The downers were the other passengers fretting about what might be awaiting them upon returning to the port. Well we docked and departed the ship without incident. My next cruise requires flights to Europe. I am concerned about issues with potential flight connections in Europe and what our government may do to make my return to the US painful. I am not at all concerned about the cruise or NCL arranged excursions.
  12. Keep in mind those emails are for someone booking in England. Those terms don't necessarily apply in the US. The discount is a bonus from NCL, they want to incentivize us to book now rather than later. If you want to use it book now, if you're not ready don't book and pay whatever price is there later. You may get a better deal today, but if you're not ready don't book. These are stressful times, booking vacation shouldn't be part of that stress. We had a similar offer: Canceled Sprit Japan cruise for November 2020. Full refund received and 10% discount provided to be u
  13. We had a great experience onboard and off on our 2019 Mediterranean cruise aboard the Epic. I hope you will have a great experience as well. Retail, photos and the spa are our biggest "nickel and dime" opportunities. My mother likes the photos so I oblige her when we sail. I rarely use the spa, but there were some good offers so we did that on our last cruise. I grabbed 2 t-shirts at the 2 for $20 sale on our last day as gifts, but nothing else in retail. There are some alcohol centered tasting events that would be fee based, we've never done those. I don't really fin
  14. NCL had the buffet they just serve everything at it was great. They could simply remove chairs or mark tables DO NOT USE to maintain Social Distancing I don't really use the pool deck, maybe Spice H2O For Marketing purposes modified would not be used. I think the term set some people off, but we have all had modified experiences at some time.
  15. We will sail NCL again, probably for our next cruise. We were onboard the Getaway for the final sailing prior to the break. NCL provided us with a safe and well executed vacation. We will be back onboard when we are comfortable that cruising is safe for us. We had our November Japan cruise cancelled in early February. Our deposit was returned and 10% extra FC discount has been applied to our replacement Greece Turkey cruise. We are just under 60 days from final payment. I am not sure if we will make that payment. Even with Peace of Mind I don't really want to tie my cas
  16. NCL's Peace of Mind policy says you are eligible for a FCC. If the sailing is after October 1st it's a refundable deposit. Now if you want to say you are covered under previous T&Cs prior to March 11th that's another matter. Did you get anything refunded like taxes and prepaids? When I canceled a couple of years ago I thought NCL was slow to return funds. Most of which was CN certificates.
  17. We are booked on the Spirit for a September Greece and Turkey cruise. Based on our recent experience we'd go. However given that we'll have international flights and customs I am not sure if we'll go. Final payment is in May. Not sure we'll make that payment. For now we have it held with one cruise next certificate so refund would be easy. We have a great deal with included airfare so it would be nice to take advantage of our deal. I just don't think we'll know enough and NCL cannot guarantee nonstop flights.
  18. You can call the main number and they can help with some things. When they can't they'll transfer you to CAS. Payments, dining, excursions, entertainment, etc. can be handled through the standard customer service line.
  19. I was on the Getaway that was the last cruise prior to the shutdown/hiatus. Things were pretty normal though the Glow party was canceled and books and games were no longer available for use/loans. Temperture check as part of onboarding, washy washy as you entered the entry deck. As reported no self service in the buffet and notthing left on the tables (condiments, silverware, etc.) they handed you a plate and untensil roll upon entry. I played in the casino and cannot say I saw extra machine cleaning, but perhaps that happened during the nightly shutdown. Plenty of san
  20. We were on the same cruise, non Haven and still give crew great kudos. Glad to know crew is still healthy. I saw and spoke to both of the ship comedians at the airport. One said his contract ended and he chose not to extend. The other was still under contract but said NCL sent them away but he'd get paid as per his contract. I assume all of the talent was dismissed. The Back in the Day band was also at the airport but I didn't speak with them.
  21. I would expect Bermuda as that would be the closest international port from NY/Boston if Canada isn't an option. I seem to recall that something like this happened a few years ago.
  22. Here in New Orleans everything was typical. Sea card to exit ship and passport review at customs. Even simpler at airport as TSA only needs to insert your ID, flight information is automatically pulled, didn't show boarding pass. We were the last cruise for now. Getaway is slated for Europe after the hiatus. It is likely to be more of Greece than standard Mediterreanean itinerary.
  23. Update: We are on our final night of a great 7 night cruise on the Getaway Mexico, Roatan and Harvest Caye. Highest sanitation state declared days ago. Visible changes were no self serve in the buffet including being handed plates and silverware roll, empty tables in buffet and only your silverware roll and in main dining rooms, condiments brought in individual serving cups, public restrooms doors open ( no handle touching). Guests seem to be using sanitizer liberally. No COVID-19 announcements and all seems a go for disembarkation in the morning. We are taking a N
  24. Great point there was washy just prior stepping onboard too. I tend to use the sinks at the buffet rather than washy washy.
  25. We just boarded the Getaway in New Orleans here was our good experience: 1. Temperature scan for all and hand stamp that your screen is complete. 2. Each adult fills out a health screen form and a second form for specific COVID-19 questions. 3. At check-in the agent took our passports to a separate table for what appeared to be a scan of places we have visited. 4. Cards were collected or printed after that step and cards and passports returned. 5. Next was boarding ship as usual with our seapass cards. We are planning t
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