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  1. Just seeing this thread today. We were also on this cruise. This was only our 4th cruise but we had a blast. We didn't know what Alpha Alpha Alpha meant so had to google it. Can't believe we heard it at least 3 times during this one cruise. We had a Balcony view and happened to catch a picture of the Coast Guard ship as it was about to dock with us. We also went to the Green Grotto Caves on this trip (through a private company) and loved it. The tour guide we had was amazing! He was so fun and even took a picture with our son at the end. Keep posting your review, love seeing the things I missed while on the trip.
  2. Trying to figure out which beach to go to for Cozumel: Playa Mia or Paradise Beach. I have a 16,15, 9 year old kids. I will not be doing the all inclusive at either place so I'm not too worried about food/drink quality. Playa Mia seems to have more stuff with water slides, kids pool, sea bikes and paddle boats. However looking at pictures there doesn't seem to be as much shade here compared to Paradise Beach and the inflatables are much further out in the water and I think they require a life jacket. Paradise Beach seems to have more shade and seems to be a bit cheaper to enter. The inflatables are much closer and easier to get to and doesn't look like they require the life jacket. Do the water slides/kids pool make it worth going to Playa Mia over Paradise Beach?
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