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  1. Oh well.. Worth a try..Thanks Bob
  2. So I called the main number and was advised that due to a discount (interline) I was already provided, I would not be eligible for the onboard credit. :(
  3. Thanks.. Calling now.
  4. I understand that after you book you can chcek prices and if there is a drop, they will honor it. Has anyone had any experience where the price did not change, but they are now offering a OBC, and they gave you the credit?
  5. My advice to you is this. Before you cruise check out the deck plan and plot the deck/location of every bar. One the first day, as you stroll around, try to go by every bar and ask what they may have. You may find that different bars have different bottles. This way you know where to go when you want what you want. I prefer a particular bourbon and found on my last two cruises only one bar on the ship had it. I plotted my course to pass that bar and the way to something so I could get what I like.
  6. FPP777

    Coco Cay Construction

    I/m booked October 2020.... could be opening day.. woohoo
  7. Does anyone know if either Royal or the Port offers luggage valet to the airport? We did that in Seattle off the Explorer and it was one of the most pleasant experiences. We placed our luggage out the night before and didn't see it again until we got off the plane in Dallas.
  8. The trip insurance is not the big part of it for me. Its the being there part. I have intimate details on how an airline works. Regardless of the odds or percentages, I tack a day onto my vacation and make a day of it. It eases the wife's mind as well. Nothing wrong with a good seafood dinner in PC the night before. And who doesn't want to go to Ron Jon's.
  9. I look at it this way,,,, No matter how much I would save by not buying insurance or not going in the day before, you cant put a price on the suck and hassle factor of missing one. And curious, you base your percentages on what data? I would say for the OP, the percentage is 100.
  10. I work in the Ops Center for a major airline. Over the course of my 30 plus year career, I have been involved in every single "what could go wrong? Go wrong.". Flying into a port for a cruise the day of is like investing,,, previous performance is not an indicator of future results. Its a roll of the dice. We always fly in the day before and leave a few later options should something go wrong with the flight we are on. Our next cruise out of PC will be an arrival the day before around noon. Cause I know what can happen.
  11. FPP777

    A New Twist on Chair Hogs

    Pinnacle is a status in a loyalty program, not a status in life. Sometimes that gets lost on some.
  12. You just made something come out of my nose...
  13. Thats good to know. I'm open to it all week as well. What are your thoughts on the specialties? I appreciated your non-fanboy opinions.
  14. Andy, do you just remove MDR from the equation on ships with CK? I have not been on one yet, just curious.
  15. Thanks John. I buy the unlimited. It’s just nice to know it’s available in more than one location, which has been my most recent experience.