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  1. What I need to see is a drop (bargin) on the drink package for October. Good for you on that awesome savings.
  2. You can also do luggage valet out of Port Canaveral so your luggage is not sitting around.
  3. Is there anyplace on the Royal website that lists what all is covered with the UDP? Including the fine print?
  4. Does anyone know which voom package comes with a suite on Harmony?
  5. Has anyone figured out when Royal changes prices in the planner? Does it happen only overnight, or can it be any time during the day? Trying to determine if it makes sense to check pricing multiple times a day.
  6. A couple more dollars a day is ok. Those are rough numbers. Add in a few bottles of water and its all good.
  7. Between my wife and I, we can drink about 80, 90 dollars a day. Current price is 61 and I/m not biting. I need it to be down near 50 to make sense for us. We will drink the same amount with or without the package.
  8. Thanks. I wont worry about it until I hear from the concierge then.
  9. Thanks Bob. That answers my question.
  10. Has anyone used the luggage valet at Port Canaveral. Looking to see if there is a flight time restriction.
  11. Can the concierge make your reservations for the week prior to boarding if you are in a suite?
  12. Thanks for taking the time to make that clear.
  13. I thought all the food was free. Is that not the case? What do you have to pay for, which venues?
  14. I am on Harmony Oct 2020 as well. Lets cross our fingers together. I just bought the UDP
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