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  1. If you are in a suite, the concierge should be able to make reservations for you in advance.
  2. My cruise planner has everything up. Drinks. Dinner. Etc
  3. Get the biggest one you can afford.
  4. Today is a big day for testing.. 65 for my Oct 2020 as well... Ill wait it out.
  5. Only you can determine the worth and value of an additional 184 sq ft. If you can afford it and the 529 plan is well funded, go for it. If you go with the OS, trust me, midweek you wont be saying, "I wish we went smaller".
  6. You also have children with well behaved parents and then you have the opposite.
  7. I wonder what city they take people on a medical evac from there.
  8. Thanks Bob. We are in a suite next time but may have a non suite couple with us. Too bad for them on that night
  9. Can non suite guests pay a fee to get in CK? Or is just strictly for suite guests?
  10. An option to this great idea^^^^^^ The coffee shop does not have Baileys. They have some other off brand of Irish Cream. I can taste the difference as I really like Baileys. What I normally do on the way back to my room in the evening is to stop at a bar and get a shot of Baileys. I leave that in the fridge overnight and add it to my Americano in the morning.
  11. Just because you mention teens,,,,, the past two summers we took cruises, one Carib and one Alaska. On the first night of the Carib cruise, we "forced" our two teens to go to the teen meet and mingle the first night. It was the best thing that could have happened to them. They met plenty of kids their age and ended up spending all their non-family time with them. The next year in Alaska we didn't even have to suggest it..
  12. While it may vary by ship, I had to go to Park Cafe for specialty coffee.
  13. Are there designated areas by the pool for suite guests only?
  14. Several months ago I posted asking if Royal had luggage valet between PC and MCO. I just found this information and wanted to share. I tried to edit the previous post title, but I couldn't figure out how. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/does-royal-caribbean-offer-luggage-valet
  15. I have about 20 bottles in my collection that come from Buffalo Trace. That includes the BT cream. In addition to straight and in my coffee, I use it in a cheesecake recipe. Don't ever apologize for what you drink and how you drink it.
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