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  1. My parents had FCC due to having to cancel a cruise about 5 years ago as my mom's cancer and prognosis won't let her travel anymore. After she died, Princess let the FCC transfer to my dad but he had to prove her death and because they booked in a room together and both had received FCC for the missed cruise. Our TA and dad worked on trying to get Princess to transfer to one of us that is when they finally let my dad have FCC. So on the next cruise he booked himself a mini suite to use up as much of the FCC as possible. He still "lost" some of the money as it could only be used for cruise fare.
  2. They are most likely anchored out a sea.
  3. I would think some crew would have to be onboard. If moving pieces are not used regularly couldn't it cause more problems down the road. I am thinking doors, faucets, toilets can't sit for 60 days with out movement. Plus keeping the engines running and lubricated.
  4. We just upgraded on our June Alaska cruise from a balcony to a mini suite.
  5. Also RCI balcony rooms are larger than princess balcony rooms. Pools are not heated so depending on the weather may depend on how much or little you use them.
  6. I have sailed Princess and Royal Caribbean with my son who started cruising at age 3 and is now 7 soon to be 8. We go on Princess with my parents as they prefer that cruise line. My husband, son and I prefer Royal. Here is a difference to consider if your kids may want to go to kids club. My son loves kids club and begs to go almost daily. Princess age groups for kids clubs are 3-7, 8-12 while Royal is 3-5, 6-8, 9-11. We prefer the age ranges for Royal-smaller age span. We are going to Alaska on Princess and my son will be in 8-12 age group. I am worried a little with him being with 12 years old but since I teach 5th grade he is just to interacting for 10 and 11 year olds. I have more pro's and cons about each line. Let me know if you need more info. We have sailed twice on both lines and have a Princess cruise to Alaska in June and 2021 on Royal to the Caribbean.
  7. So you would drive up and back in the same day? Can you skip Eagle River and just head right to Denali? Remember it stays lighter later then the 48 continental states.
  8. I am currently booking our post cruise Denali trip. Our cruise arrives back in Whitter on June 13. I am planning 2 nights in Denali but after reading many reviews I am trying to see if we can stretch it to 3 nights.
  9. We have been cruising with my son since he was 3 and he is now 8. We have always had a balcony room. The rule is he can't go on the balcony without an adult. Also, the balcony door is pretty heavy and he still can't open it with out our assistance. As others have said the railing is high also. I am 5"1" and I would not easily "fall over"
  10. If you have never done it, it is educational and fun. We did it 2 years ago and it was $17 pp. We tasted 5 wines (about 2 oz each) plus we had a plate of fruit (I think there may have been a little chocolate or cheese also). They have you sip the wine without fruit then try again after taking a nibble of fruit to show you how food.fruit changes the taste of wine. I felt it was worth the money.
  11. Still waiting to here about our Royal Up! I put in a bid last week and we sail on Sunday. Thinking we are not getting a paid upgrade/
  12. We are staying at the Sheraton Old San Juan. No 2 night minimum. However, many hotels are already booked this close to cruise departures.
  13. They are having a Memorial Day "sale" in the cruise planner. However, many things are the same price even thought it says it the sale price and I purchased months ago.
  14. My son has stayed at kids club (Princess) last year while the 6 adults went on a dune buggy excursion. He was not old enough to participate. we made sure the rest of the excursions for that cruise included him. He loved staying behind. He was 6 years old and got to hang with the big kids (10 and 11 year olds). But I teach 5th grade so he is use to hanging with kids that age when I do after school clubs/tutoring.
  15. We received one May 21st for our June 2nd Freedom of the Seas cruise. We sailed in 9 days and still waiting to hear. We did what they consider weak bids. We have a balcony and bid on Junior suite and grand suite-1 bedroom. The extra space will come in handy since there are 3 of us (Mom, Dad and 7 year old)
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