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  1. So many threads on the app problems to choose from to post this. For me, since this past weekend, the app seems less glitchy (but not perfect yet) and more responsive. What exactly is the purpose of the "My Profile" section? For example are the Login-ID and password items intended to enable me to change what I use to login to the Personaliser and App or something else. ...and the other line items???
  2. I posted a few hours ago about dificulty scanning our passports. After intially positioning the passport as per the example, I though the scan had taken place at that time but was puzzled as to why it was not accepted. That second screen is when it is actually scanned! There is a notation on the screen "Tap to Take Photo" which I though was my phone simply trying to take a picture. From what I acheived that was the actuall scan. Perhaps the notation would be better phrased "Tap Screen to Scan".
  3. Despite the notation in the personalizer that access to Google Play was 'coming soon' I was able to use the link to download the app to both my phone and tablet - both Android. Although focussed right now on our November sailing, other bookings for next year all showed up. While the app is glitchy and freezes periodically, have entered most info required except the passport scans. Instructions are clear enough, the focus being on the two lines at the bottom of the detail page. But try as I may while both devices scan the document, (a green bar appears briefly) the app has yet
  4. I do hope you are referring to his account. Sorry ...couldn't resist!!
  5. I am getting the "Missing Info' message too, but at least my sign in is now working with my original password. Can access any booking directly thru the alternate sign in method and all my info seems to be there for my 4 bookings. Reluctant to fill in missing info since there have been some reports of that resulting in a new Circle number being assigned, which would not be helpful. On a related note I am one of those who puts their cell phone/tablet away when on a cruise other than to check emails once a day. As such I have no use for the medallion app but just happy to have the medalli
  6. Since some have had luck resetting their passwords thought I would try. No luck! Received the email with the link "reset pasword' but no action of any kind when clicking on the link.
  7. The form I use use, which includes the email address, does not require a cruise number.
  8. You are correct. Specifially refering to a Regal Princess cruise around the UK.
  9. EZAir does not change the flight times. The airlines do!!
  10. Not all cruises qualify for the casino rate. You have to sign in thru the email and then you will see the cruises which qualify for this promo.
  11. Your TA is correct. The FCC you used should be moved back to your CC account, but it does not benefit from the 25% 'bonus'. The 125% is only earned on any cash payment made for the cruise fare.
  12. Believe it or not it is a Canadian production, which may account why we get first showing!!
  13. caribill - Fantastic explanation, thank you. We have Singapore to Brisbane booked for next October (fingers crossed) and I was about to ask the exact question you answered, since onboard currency is AUD$
  14. If a booking starts with a guarantee cabin and shareholder credit is requested it will be applied to your account. However when you are subsequently assigned a cabin, your account 'loses' the benefit. I mention this from personal experience a few weeks ago when booking excursions, only to find the amount of OBC to be appled had reduced by $250 which was the amount of my benefit. Resubmitting the forms resolved the issue and the benefit was restored
  15. Unlikely since Regal is scheduled for two 14 day "Land of the Midnight Sun" cruises. One mid-June the other late August. 9 Norwegian ports of call, of which 3 are above the Arctic Circle.
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