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  1. The mobile app says it has a network connection problem. I'm using an Andriod running version 7.0.
  2. Actually they do NOT forget some passengers. On that same cruise a previous stateroom attendent saw my DH and then came looking for us because she recognized him from a previous cruise. She also remembered our names. So maybe your not memorable, but those of us who take the time to get to know our fellow humans are remembered fondly. Sent from my SM-T713 using Forums mobile app
  3. In addition to prepaying our gratuities, my DH and Itypically give an additional $50 per week to our stateroom attendant plus varyingamounts for other individuals who have made an impression upon us. We havealways received a heartfelt thank-you. Ourmost memorable was last fall when our stateroom attendant sought us each out tooffer a huge hug. He went on to say that his children’s only wish for Christmaswere simple wristwatches. He was on the verge of tears when he said that hedidn’t know how he was going to afford it, but we had now made this possible. I hope all our fellow cruisers realize that despite whatyour cruise fare might set you back, most crew members make less than nothing. Iimplore you to get to know them, listen to their stories, ask about theirfamilies, and open your heart and then your wallet.
  4. When all else fails to ditectly to the Canadian government site. In short the answer is NO. You do not need an ETA when arriving by ship. Sent from my SM-T713 using Forums mobile app
  5. We just disembarked the Reflection on June 29th. We did the express walk off and left the ship at 6:40am. We were one of the very first to leave the ship as disembarkation was delayed. Our driver was waiting for us and we got to the airport by 7:30am. That was on a Friday and he said that traffic was usually pretty light to the airport that time of the day. We had also been warned about heavy traffic but there wasn't any. All the American airlines have the same collection point for checking in and that became very backed up upon arrival of the Celebrity buses. But when we arrived it was clear sailing through that as well. I don't know anything about those queues because we were flying Air Canada. Once you check in your bags etc, security was fast. What slowed down the whole process was passport control. That took us a while. From the time we checked our bags to the time we got to our gate was approximately 1 hour. I did my research before making our flight and chose the later flight at 1:30pm but we could have made the 11:45am flight handily. To make a 10:40am flight you must be ready to walk off with the very first group with your luggage in hand and have prearranged private transportation to the airport. But it will be stressful if anything happens. Sent from my SM-T713 using Forums mobile app
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