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  1. The FB group for our sailing - March 14th Panorama - has had several reports of refunds. The refunds began yesterday (Friday). A couple posts were that full refunds were received, a couple more were for partial - so add-ons like massages/excursions. I have also been checking my CC accounts regularly, and I also had a $108.00 credit from Carnival. I have no idea what that is for... taxes or port perhaps, as the only add-ons I purchased were some water and gatorade. But, it is nice to hear that some are actually seeing their full refunds.
  2. Wanna-Cruize: One of our roll-call moderators posted a link to all the Panorama menus from recent post-holiday cruise. It does match the menus I've seen in other various review postings. Hope it helps! https://eatsleepcruise.com/2020/02/carnival-panorama-dining-guide-and-restaurant-menus/?fbclid=IwAR29H4sOlC-aOYlaUO8iVO2dWUkRzhYMGv8UpX6iUB_NlAy_fm3ZnFNfgRY
  3. Thanks for that... could have thrown a wrench in planning. I better not plan an excursion for 12 (local time), if the ship arrival time of 10am means 11am local time. I don't want to chance not making it within the first hour of water taxi/tendering.
  4. Thanks so much, GLCM! I'll be sure to get in the ticket/number line early to get an earlier tender number.
  5. Could someone who has cruised on Panorama give me some feedback on the tendering at Cabo? Specifically looking for details on approx. what timeframe we could expect to be able to get to shore for a non-Carnival excursion, non-suite, non-FTTF, etc. departure. Also, is there a queue somewhere/sometime to get tender tickets, and if so, when/where? I believe the expected arrival for Cabo is 10am, so kind wondering if planning that getting to shore by 12 is realistic or not?
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