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  1. Thanks to everyone for your helpful answers. We will just wait and take care of it once we get on the ship.
  2. We booked directly through NCL and we had one agent say he could fix it but needed to wait until Monday. Didn't get fixed so we called on Tuesday and the agent we talked to then said it couldn't be done.
  3. We booked a regular aft-facing balcony room for my mother-in-law (who is handicapped) because the handicapped aft-facing balcony on the floor we are on was not available and we need her to be near us. Later, my sister-in-law and her husband decided to go on the cruise with us. At the time they booked, the handicapped aft-facing balcony on our floor had become available so we booked it. Sister-in-law is also handicapped but doesn't need the wheel-in shower that MIL could really benefit from. So, here's my question, does anyone know if those 2 rooms can just be swapped? We do not want to release the rooms and then try to rebook them as there is a good chance someone else would pick one or both of them up when they get released. Anyone else ever need to do this type of thing? Any suggestions? So far, I have not been able to get ahold of a rep that can help us. Thanks!
  4. Hope they have that holiday buffet for our sailing next week! Looks like so much fun!
  5. I’m loving your review so far! Excellent information and the pictures are fantastic! I do have a question though. Where did you have a chance to sign up for a time with eurofins? Did I miss this? We’re signed up but didn’t have an opportunity to choose a time. Thanks!
  6. Neither my husband nor I have received this email and we sail on 8/14. I went back and checked in spam as well and nothing. Hmmm
  7. I didn't get that email either. But I also saw a post that someone got an email (they posted a screenshot) saying masks would be required on excursions and in ports where it is crowded and you are indoors. I have no problem with that, just find it strange that not everyone is getting the emails.
  8. SSFun

    White Pass RR

    The NCL price will be even better since you get the $50 shore excursion credit taken off. Then if you are latitudes you get an additional percentage off (for us it was 10%). So, for 2 of us it was $169.20). I'm just glad that they reduced the price! 😀
  9. Not always necessarily the case that you will get better service/your name remembered. We have had bartenders that we tipped that didn't remember us. We have also had bartenders and wait staff that remembered us with no tip. Our best service ever was on the Spirit in the front lounge. The waitress there remembered us from day 1 and also knew what we liked to drink. She would bring us our drinks and then take our cards to go back and pay for them. At the end of the cruise we gave her a very generous tip and also left a comment card praising her. She was one that truly went above and beyond!
  10. SSFun

    White Pass RR

    Several people on that "other" site have posted that the price for this excursion has been dropped from $155 to $119 through NCL. They have said that NCL is refunding the difference to the credit card you used to pay for it. I haven't seen a credit on my card yet but plan to call NCL soon to ask about it.
  11. Yay! So now we are all ready to sail! 🛳
  12. Go back in to your check in. Click to edit the Health and Safety portion. There will be a place right above the video for you to select a check in time. For some reason, NCL sis not send an email that you could now get a check in time by editing. Hopefully that will work for you - it did for us.
  13. SSFun

    White Pass RR

    We booked the White Pass Scenic Railroad tour. I have recently seen that the trip will be shortened as they are doing bridge work. My question is for those of you that have been on this excursion. Would you go on it if it does not go through the tunnel and to the summit? Is the rest of the train ride worth it? The entire trip will now be 2 hours long rather than the original 3 hours. Thanks!
  14. @Sthrngary I am so sorry to hear that your wife got Covid and of your subsequent cruise cancellation. I am sure that she feels awful (even though it is NOT her fault!) and that you are both very sad to be missing your cruise. Covid is a very real part of our every day lives these days and unfortunately, there is no way of getting around it or even really avoiding it entirely. I am glad to hear that your wife is doing well and on her way to recovery. In the grand scheme of things, her health is far more important than any cruise. Our daughter is a nurse and she says that in the area she lives (which is one of the areas in the US being hit hard by the Delta variant) those that have gotten the vaccine are not getting nearly as sick as the unvaccinated. Definitely makes a case for getting vaccinated imho. I know that you are disappointed right now but I am also sure that you will cruise before too long. Fingers crossed for your November cruise!
  15. I am not sure if the rules are different in the UK, but if you cancel a cruise in the US, you get the cruise fare back as FCC but the excursions/addons, etc. that we have to charge to a credit card goes back to the credit card we used.
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