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  1. Thank you! Was in Haven on Escape out of Miami last year and it was awesome- just perfect, so enjoy.
  2. Did you happen to notice if the Encore Haven has a sauna? I don't see it on the deck plan.. While the thermal suite has a lot to offer, I’d only use the sauna on my upcoming trip so it’s a big price to pay for a few trips to the sauna. I’ve found Haven to be very peaceful and have never had an issue with kids- even on a post Thanksgiving sailing. I did however have a very disappointing trip in October (non haven) on a sailing that I believe was filled at the last minute with a very large percentage of non english speaking guests out of NYC. Really large percentage (seemed like over half, bu
  3. I received an email yesterday (dec 20) for feb 2 encore sailing
  4. Curious, what is the native language? Sailed this itinerary oct 27 with a huge percentage of overseas non english speaking travelers too, which was a surprise, so wondering about change in NCL marketing.
  5. I read on line that Encore Haven has a fitness center and maybe sauna or steam. can anyone confirm?
  6. I called ncl yesterday and asked about whether one could purchase a vibe pass in advance , on line or otherwise and was told no. When I pressed and mentioned I’ve been reading about this on cruise critic and facebook, and was sailing on Encore in 2020, I was told there may have been discussion, but there is no decision yet. Now, I can’t read anything into what this nice gentleman told me, or the exact words he used, given I was pushing for any information at all and he wanted me gone...The only thing I do believe is it is not available now (or at least as of yesterday afternoon).
  7. Shidah, that was certainly not at all like my experiences there- sounds like chose the wrong sailings, lol!
  8. It appears the “ship within a ship” concept has been successful for NCL; hence the Vibe expansion, another step in that direction. Good idea, although for those who enjoyed the 70 guests experience it will be interesting to see how 300 affects that. When I was in Vibe, all those who subscribed used it, according to the staff we chatted with and what we observed. According to the staff at that time, there was exactly one lounge per person, and exactly 70 fit! Pretty sure that was on Breakaway.
  9. I see that now(#22). But frankly , in my experience in Vibe twice, it was not a “fun vibe”. A fine vibe for sure; it’s small and quiet and comfortable and lovely. But every sailing is different I suppose. My experience was of a very quiet peaceful space. Wouldn't have minded fun, (more energy) and certainly not judging, (wish I was on that sailing!) but it was a very quiet place, both times. Some music once, I recall, but really low key. Same vibe as Haven ( no pun intended) only Haven had a few more people and impeccable service. And we never waited for a drink in Haven. Sometimes the Vib
  10. Have sailed Haven and non Haven and used Vibe when sailed non-Haven. I can’t imagine why any Haven guest would want or need Vibe. Haven already has all Vibe offers and more. I think the only way a Haven guest would buy Vibe would be by accident due to their having no idea what to expect in Haven.
  11. It is risky to assume you can add the kids after you win the bid, because while they told me a year ago (when I was in a similar situation) that they have no rule prohibiting adding guests, it would depend upon how many total guests are already booked on the ship and the lifeboat situation when you ask to add them.
  12. Yes, funny I tested it too! Did the same thing, changed the bid and they confirmed but nothing on the site. Sounds like its ok.
  13. Interesting, I received the email invite to bid yesterday and bid and got a confirming email that they received the bids. But when I log on to my NCL page it doesn't come up- no record of it there and no offer there except the old offer to upgrade beverage package. This has not happened on my other cruises. I replied to the confirmation email and let them know- and hope for the best. Anyone else have this issue? I also called but NCL says (as we know) an outside company handles it.
  14. Seems you did the right thing. Success! You got it vs bidding a bit less and not having gotten it. I think its best to bid the number you are willing to walk away from, not less.
  15. Oh Boy zamgwar- the key is finding the bartender who adds the right amount of ice and shakes, long and vigorously— then into the chilled glass. My husband loves his martinis but is very “high maintenance” about the temperature. Not sure if it was the bliss or breakaway that had an awesome martini bar. You should be in good hands and it should be a quick quest to find that special bartender.
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