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  1. If they do change I will most definitely ! I most certainly will be following and just might pipe in now and then ! Any new pic's of Freddy ?
  2. Love Stowaway Freddy !!! Wish I could go but have plans to go to a friends wedding in Europe. I would love to follow you with all your plans and travels if you don't mind, sure to be a scream !!!
  3. Man, all this time I thought Pickle was a male !!! Hope things work out for you !
  4. Thanks for taking the time to do the review, lovin it !!! So sorry for your loss but I'm sure your son is looking down on you smilling !!! You can see in your face how your living life to the fullest! There can be no better tribute to your son than that, I'm sure he is so proud of you !!! Thanks again for taking the time, can't wait for the rest !!!
  5. Not even a member of any S&S Cruise but I think most know of someone who might do such a thing ! I'm betting some time soon such pic will be posted ! Might I say the person in suggested pic looks very handsome !!!
  6. Fred, have always loved all your posts from your cruises ! I can't not thank you enough for posting this time !!!
  7. I'm sure he is going to love how so many people have put his pic in their aviator :p:p:p !!!
  8. Sure everyone on board is having a great time :p!!! Question for anyone who wants to answer, looking at the pics that have been posted it looks like there are no balcony rooms on this ship ! Is this the case with this class ship ?
  9. Thank you again for taking the time to post, loving your live thread :)!!!
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