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  1. Freedom class is nice, had planned a SJ trip on Freedom a couple of years back, never made it happen. I too would love some longer voyages on these 3 sisters but to get a factor of 7 to work maybe 12/9 instead of 8/6. Never say never, the new future of cruising could be just about anything....
  2. This is a great start, that would be another thread, each poster adds the next phrase, like an improv exercise
  3. Vote for Odyssey, longer cruise, still good dining options lots of stuff for kids including bumper cars and the 270 is a great chill place,.
  4. Hard no and I have zero sense of smell. Have reported smokers on balcony next to me and would again.
  5. Dealbreaker? Not being able to afford to go as the cruise lines respond with “normal’ pricing 50% capacity and millions of FCCs supporting the demand.
  6. No problem, I wish as a Canadian I could get there (and back) without having to isolate
  7. Yes they will cruise, all passengers vaccinated/tested. Not CDC controlled.
  8. Sure but 200,000 gt vs the 225gt? of Oasis and the 155?gt of Freedom, still curious if they will be 'standard' layout vs the Oasis neighbourhooods.
  9. I guess maybe the Icon class could fill a spot when they start coming out, without being a Mega-ship give you an option from being on the big boys
  10. If it’s San Juan vs Fl and 7vs 6 I take Explorer and the 7 night.
  11. If you mean you have unused FCC cert just get the number and apply it, processing in my experience has been almost instantaneously done
  12. I was a little perplexed when I realized this too. Freedom class have a lot to offer and i too would love to do 14 day B2B in southern Caribbean. Have done Liberty and actually don’t mind Galveston departure but still limited in ports.
  13. Also have been on Liberty multiple times and having been on Oasis class the only thing my wife missed on occasion was Central Park, but we have found that leaving from TX has had us meet many genuine people(not saying other embarkations haven't been great)
  14. seasickchris I know you haven't been back in a while so unsure if you have booked anything. I wanted to add my .02. When checking flights, check on flights to San Juan over Florida. Can do 2 weeks and see some of the iconic beaches in Aruba, Barbados, the picturesque houses in Curacao, etc. If price sensitive would look at MSC out of Martinique/Guadaloupe. MSC is agressive in the Caribbean but the product is not for everyone-check some reviews here no matter what airline you choose.
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