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  1. I guess most disappointed in the $50 OBC, trying neighbourhood guarantee for the first time next year, booked these as a little cost saving measure to cruise more. The perks were just that an added perk but now like others it doesn't seem worth it
  2. Radiance class too, unless you can't live without the new tech(and some longer itineraries) than Quantum class.
  3. Have had smokers next door (according to my wife I have no smell anymore) called and security came right away and checked in/knocked next door after checking with us. There were no further issues.
  4. The "sweet suite "concept with expansive windows and 24hr desserts courtesy of WJ . This is gold Jerry pure Gold!
  5. What else is on Oasis for shows? Cats?Come fly with me? And what else?
  6. Nope ours is/was an Italsteam, after 2 years still take it even though I know it's a no no
  7. Yeah a bit if a jaunt through the boroughs of NYC. Had a driver through one of the recommended guys from the East coast forum and it was fairly smooth.
  8. Would take a neibourhood GTY over an OV window. Pricing on the difference from OV to gGTY is close going to a OV balcony is enough more that I can passé as longed if the ability for fresh air.
  9. even after more than a couple if cruises still go to activities as part of my r&r and the bad CDs disappoint. Won't search out any but do smile or get a little excited if it's one that I like.
  10. Did Divina in 2017 great price for a Balcony and loved going to Turks and Caicos but won't recommend unless it's all about price. Not crazy about entertainment options, MDR service spotty, specialty not great.
  11. Different enough menu's that I can see Giovanni's holding on. Maybe they eventually leave Jamie's for just the Quantum class
  12. I had forgotten that side of him entitled cruisers can feel his wrath and yes Dennis is a little old school but always seemed very active and enjoyed his performances too
  13. I think if you are swiping with your SeaPass it shouldn't matter. Have it locked and you swipe to get in. You'll always have your card. Could make it 24hours or 18hours to allow cleaning, etc.
  14. I get the issue with repetitive entertainment(kind of) I like most acapella groups(but not all) and still go to all the Beatle tributes(good and bad) I guess once you 've seen Cats once your good forever(unless your John)
  15. Passengers aboard Crown Princess have voted, and have picked Tony Tillman as Princess Cruises Entertainer of the Year. Four finalists performed and passengers cast their ballots onboard. Tillman is a singer and dynamic entertainer often compared to Sammy Davis, Jr. or Ben Vereen. A star of “The Rat Pack is Back” tribute show in Las Vegas, Tillman’s fast-paced and energetic style endeared him to the Crown Princess audiences. From 2013
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