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  1. could you use the $250 new coupons, I could give you referral. please email me at santiandaji@gmail.com. I would need your booking no. and other particulars needed to submit the referral. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have used up my $400 coupon. Thanks and appreciate your interest. However, since your sailing date is still a long way in 2022, perhaps it would be better to check closer to your sailing date. (may be 4 months prior? As I understand most cruisers that offer to sponsor new cruisers, will need to get the OBC for their sailing soon after you or within the validity of the coupon). Hopefully, others in this forum could explain better than me.
  3. just to update regarding $400 referral coupon, it is no more available, however, will be able to provide the $250 coupon if anyone still need it. Thanks
  4. Just received confirmation from Seabourn....as posted by some members, my $400 referral coupon will still be honored. It is certainly helpful for Seabourn to extend the goodwill. .
  5. Hi, If there is some one who needs a referral coupon on their first cruise ....sailing before mid March 2020 with Seabourn, I can help to make your cruise $400 (as some posting suggested this one is still being honoured)...... or $250 better for both of us. Please email me at Santiandaji@gmail.com. with your booking, and I will take it from there. Thanks.
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