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  1. We didn't rent a cart but there were golf cart "taxis" when we got off the boat. We rented one for $5 per person to take us to the Lazy Lizard and arranged for them to pick us up at a certain time. They were there waiting and threw in a tour of the island in the way back. It was great to hear all about the island and not have to worry about anything. They were very accommodating and flexible but it was off season. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  2. Snorkeling was okay - didn't see a lot but enjoyed the experience. We only snorkeled at the lazy lizard. The "reef" is actually an ocean wall that collapsed during a hurricane a few years ago. There was a strong current when we were there on August but overall the place was amazing. It was a very quick stop and wish we had more time. I would check the local time on the internet to be sure since I don't know what your ship time is. If memory serves, the ship arrived at 7, we were on the first tender off, walked to the water taxi, and got on the 8am boat (with not a whole lot of time to spare). We arrived to Caye Caulker by 9, hitched a golf cart taxi to the Lazy Lizard which we found out, opened at 10. No problem though. Asked if we could bother them for a bucket of beer (while they were opening) and they were happy to comply. Favorite port of the trip! Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  3. So happy to help. Here is the only picture of the water taxi I have. This is when we arrived in Caye Caulker. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  4. Just returned from the Carnival Liberty and took the water taxi to Caye Caulker. Here are my thoughts... - an amazing place to visit and I cannot wait to return! Sooo worth it. - there are 2 main water taxis. We took the Caye Caulker Water Taxi (the one farther from the ship). - yes, it was "easy" to get to (about 5-10 min walk) but it was a bit "sketchy." One of the Belize Tours guys asked where we were going and offered to walk us there. I was glad he did as we were approached several times by people on the street. He ran pretty good interference and we gave him a $10 tip once we were delivered there. (5 of us) - we arrived at 9am ship time which was 7am local time. We had FTTF (A Carnival thing) and was on the first tender off the ship. We arrived at the taxi at 7:55 (tender+walk) for the 8am taxi. - The taxi was enclosed. Water was beautiful. - we hired a "taxi" once we arrived (which was a golf cart). They brought us to the Lazy Lizard at the split and it was incredible. I'm just sad we couldn't stay longer. - we took the second to last taxi back to Belize City. Once there, we hired a taxi driver to drive us around the city and bring us to another restaurant right on the water. It was fabulous. I hope this helps. Please ask questions if you have any... Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  5. Woo hoo! 13 days until we sail on the Liberty. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. :) Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  6. Love it! Those are directions that even I can't screw up! Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  7. We will be at Chankanaab too (although we are doing a la carte option) with a dolphin something-or-other thrown in there. Will keep an eye out for your colorful shirts. Are you sure I can't entice you over to roll calls? We're fun. We're funny. And, most importantly, we will all be a bit sunburned 3 weeks from today. Woo hoo! Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  8. You sound like fun folks! What else are you planning for the trip? I might just follow you at every port... :) Sorry, everyone else, for hijacking this post. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  9. Wait for me!!!! :) Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  10. Yup, that's what I read. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  11. Which water taxi? I'm a little confused (and a little stressed) as it looks like 2 of the water taxis have merged. I read that since there is less competition, there is less urgency to stick to timetables. I can't remember which website I saw it on but it wasn't CC. I've heard nothing but good things on CC. Have you seen anything posted like this? Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  12. Hi Pirate and Delmar! We will be joining you aboard the Liberty on the 24th and look forward to making our way to Caye Caulker via water taxi. We may try and do a snorkeling excursion or just head out on our own at the split. We are leaving it kind of loose as we may never make it past the bar... If either of you are going to venture out on the water taxi, let me know if we can tag along or tag behind. Just want to make sure that I am doing it correctly. We'd love to learn more about you both on our roll call thread... Hope to meet you in a couple of weeks!
  13. My thoughts exactly... Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  14. Hi Mijordao! We will be on same cruise. Check out our roll call. Lots of kids coming on this sailing. We're going to have a blast! Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  15. What costs in Camp Carnival are you referring to? Sailing on her one month from tomorrow. Woo hoo! Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
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