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  1. I sent my renewal in Feb 24th. About March 15th was when all the Passport Employees went home. They started processing Passports again about he beginning of June. I got my replacement June 24th. At the time the employees went back to work, there were over a million passport renewal and original applications backed up. They were processed (by hand) first in, first out. So they might still be taking a little more time than they usually do.

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  2. It is usually the one who does the booking. just thought it interesting that you assumed the husband even though it was the wife who posted.

    Our Norwegian cruise - if we ever get to take one will be our 4th cruise. 2 different travel agents, they always put my husband first, even though he has never even talked to the travel agents.

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  3. Hey all! 
    I haven’t posted in awhile and honestly coming to the boards made me so sad. I had wanted to cruise 3 times this year instead of the just once a year that we normally do. 

    Anyways, my husband works for a company that won’t allow him to cruise (for the foreseeable future) and if we fly anywhere or are in Contact with anyone that has recently flown, he has to quarantine for 2 weeks. I understand where they are coming from, and they are all essential employees. I was wondering if anyone is dealing with something like this? 
    We live right outside of Seattle and are still sheltering in place so I know it’s going to be different for everyone. 

    My som lives in Southern CA. He had reservation to fly to see us the end of April and was told he would need to quarantine for 2 weeks before he could come back to work

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  4. Can someone explain the desperate need for a passport renewal outside of a family death? Latest travel advisory is still this:


    The Department of State currently has in place a ‘Level 4: Global Health Advisory,” which advises that U.S. citizens avoid all international travel because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    This means most travel insurances won't even cover you if you did travel.


    I see talk of people wanting to go to the Caribbean or Dominican Republic? Did they have a death in the family there? You can still get passports for those events.



    People who applied for a passport renewal in February had no idea that the pandemic was going to shut the whole country down and most travel would be suspended for the rest of the year.The last time I renewed my passport, 10 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised that it took less than a month to get it back. I don’t see that anybody applied for their renewal because they suddenly had a “desperate need” to get it in the middle of a pandemic, but rather due to travel plans in the future the they thought would actually happen, sent their information in to get the renewal processed. There might be concern because the US government has cashed the checks and not provided the service, and that our valid passports are floating around out there, somewhere.



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  5. i tweeted the cdc and they said during phase 1 of reopening states they have been working on apps already submitted and the poster above said she got hers junes 10th. 

    I just saw that! Maybe soon! I got my information about emergency renewals from a Fed workforce website. There was an article a few weeks ago about the Passport agency. They can’t do work at home passports because of the security concerns

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  6. oh wow , for a simplle renewal?  smh  i know covid is going on but they werent efficient to begin with.   if they think im paying more money out of pocket to expedite an emergncy one they are out of their minds.  how long do they need? 6 months? and then tell us we have to have 6 months of validity? so we lose a year? 

    They are only doing emergency renewals for life or death emergency’s. Passport Dept sent everybody home mid March

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    Thought Jewel underwent repairs in Honolulu after she limped there with passengers in March/April from Australia/South Pacific. She had to offload the passengers onto chartered flights directly, and had to go thru mandatory repairs before she could sail back to the USA.
    NCL cancelled the cruises in the Australia/NZ/South Pacific region for 2020/2021. But maybe they are looking for itineraries to replace. JMO.

    I had seen several posts saying the Jewel cruises are cancelled until Feb, 2021. We were/are booked on a NZ cruise in January, 2021 and have not heard anything this week about cancellation and either has our travel agent. She is checking with NCL, but as of today, no response.

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  8. For those of us who received FCC for canceled cruises, they are running a "deal" for 20% off on sailings July 2020 through December 2022 "when you use your future cruise credit." Does anyone know if you actually have to APPLY your future cruise credit towards payment at the time of booking or if you can just book with a normal deposit or CruiseNext and can hold off on actually applying the FCC until final payment?

    Our cruise for May got cancelled yesterday. Today I contacted our TA and booked a cruise for Jan 2021. We HAVE to pay the $1500 deposit because the credit from the May cruise won’t be deposited into our account till probably Friday and it has to be paid to hold the cabin. In our case, the credit will pay for the cruise, so we will get the $1500 refunded

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  9. Sorry to spoil the fun, but when the passport of a traveler who does that is presented at the US border it will show that the person had entered Canada from a country that the US will not permit to enter and they will not be admitted to the US. Even though passports aren't always stamped these days there's an electronic record of the person's travel history and it will show they entered Canada from a restricted country.

    When I went to a France from GB on the train a few years ago, they did not stamp my passport (or for that matter, fro US to Great Britian). Unless that changed not sure how they will know where in Europe you went.

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  10. RE: Wished we had purchased extra FCD. Would be interested to hear from anyone who booked onboard to see if they did or did not get a "Thank you for Sailing with Us".


    We did after our Westerdam Cruise last month

  11. I am from the Seattle area. I retired last summer and DH & I were planning to cruise the Panama Canal last fall from Seattle to Port Everglades. I was talking to my boss who has been on many cruises and she offered some advise that you might consider because it would apply in your situation. You ALWAYS buy stuff when you are on a trip like that. If you fly to Seattle & purchase along the way, you won't have to worry about dealing with overweight or extra baggage charges to get home. Getting from the airport to the port is easy, but you might prefer arriving a day early for sight seeing (and less stress). In our case we flew to Florida and just returned home a couple weeks ago, it was great!

  12. Kazu RE: That's too bad that you didn't get the info on your tour. what a shame. Were you on a HAL tour? I think everyone that was on our tour with Carlos' team were quite pleased. We certainly were :)


    We were on a HAL cruise. The tour started with a tour of a coffee plantation, and that was great, so it was mostly a really good day. My bad because I didn't do research on Antigua before we went, we didn't understand what we were seeing. The other HAL tours we went on had very knowledgeable guides who were really interested in their country, the history /culture /natural beauty. We had our tours organized before I found cruise critic. Next time if we sail with any sail away gang, we will join their tours[emoji6].

  13. Thank you for sharing these pictures of Antigua. You really focused on the beauty of the city. We saw the big church and now have a better understanding of why it has not been more fully restored. We saw the pond in the square and just found out from you that the purpose of it as the town clothes washing area. Our guide may have been new, because he didn't have the great explanation about the places we saw, so we both are appreciating your pictures and the narrative you are providing!

  14. Scrapnana saved me & DH as well as another lady this afternoon at the cruise terminal from an even longer wait at the terminal because we were directed to an incorrect line! Thank you again for your help! DH was hungry and he gets cranky when he's hungry!


    Also a lady we have been eating dinner with just wanted to get clear d & come right back on the ship. First they didn't know what to do with those people. They had to wait till all 3000 people from the 3 ships had cleared customs, then they still had to go through the same lines we did before being allowed to get back on the ship.

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