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  1. While these are probably more expensive options, you asked about suites and my mom uses a scooter when traveling, and they were in the Owners Panoramic (Star class suite) and her scooter fit fine thru the doorway in that room. My sister was in the Grand Panoramic and I was in the Star Loft and the scooter also fit in both of our rooms. The Star Loft has stairs to the bedroom so that probably wouldn’t be an option for you. I don’t think the scooter fit in the bathroom in any of the suites mainly because I believe there are a couple steps into the bathroom in the Panoramic Suites w
  2. We’ve always booked 1718 but we wouldn’t hesitate to book 1720 if it was the only one available. We booked 1718 originally because it was the only one available for our date and now we just keep booking it because we liked it, so why change. As for the other suites not being available, are you just looking on Royal’s website? I have seen all the other suites available (except maybe the Royal Loft) during summer 2020 on Oasis, but I use a travel agent site. On Royal’s website some of the Star class suites don’t show available because you have to call in when there is only 1 room
  3. Just got a really awesome deal on the star loft suite on Oasis for this June. It’ll be my husband, myself and our 16 & 17 year old sons. Our 17 year old will turn 18 on the cruise and will have just graduated high school. We live in Texas so normally we cruise out of Galveston so this will be our first time on an Oasis class ship. We have cruised in suites before but this will also be our first time with the Star class on Oasis. Any tips, advice, things we should know about would be really great. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited.
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