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  1. Strangely enough, we were only given option 2. We booked directly through Princess, but in Europe. Anyway, we would have probably used option 2 either way, I really want to go on a Princess cruise but the prices available now are much higher than the cruise that was cancelled (Sky Princess transatlantic). In general I think most cruise lines have pretty high prices right now.
  2. Good luck sorting it out, do report back what the outcome is! I keep logging into my account to see if anything different but so far no news...
  3. That's just crazy, has to be some mistake right? They surely can't just add fees after final payment?
  4. Yeah I am assuming most people already have flights booked so if they were to change it to a Caribbean cruise instead that would mean a huge cost increase for us.
  5. So if the TA is cancelled, that should mean refund instead of FCC, right? But if they just change the itinerary to Caribbean, then they don't have to give refunds?
  6. Would this new policy also apply to those have already cancelled their upcoming April/May cruises in the last few days?
  7. Thanks very much for the advise. I am on hold now waiting to see if they will allow me to change to a later date this year - fingers crossed. If not, I'll cancel and pay the cancellation fee.
  8. I booked a HAL cruise about a year ago for this coming April and it turns out we won't be going. The fare was pretty great but non-refundable, booked through the EU website. I figured the deposit was pretty low so it would be almost the same amount to lose that compared to a cancel for any reason policy, so I didn't get any insurance. So far so good, I am completely aware that I will lost the deposit fee but now when I received the final payment notice it seems that they will charge a cancellation fee on top of the deposit? So my question is, what happens if I don't make final payment, will they just cancel my booking and I lose the deposit? Compared to me actually calling to cancel and then they will charge me the much higher cancellation fee?
  9. I think I read somewhere about a grandparent who sat with their grandchild while they participated in kids activities. I don't think play-doh is much of a liability issue, and not really the same as if a 7-year old wanted to participate in the older group activities and so on. Since the parent will still be there, they will be responsible and then I assume the child can play as long as he/she is old enough to understand what to do. On the other hand, this is just guesswork since we haven't been on a Princess cruise yet!
  10. We did shuttle service with 3 kids (aged 1, 3 and 6) from MIA to hotel and cruise port back in November last year. We stayed at an airport hotel, I think it was called EVEN, so they provided free shuttles from the airport like many do. Then they had a shuttle service from the hotel to the port as well, I think it was 15 $ each, but the kids were free, so great value. Since we had an extra day at the hotel before cruising we booked the shuttle for a drive to the shopping mall as well.
  11. This is very true, we've never had the same cruise experience twice. But so far we've always loved our cruises so O guess that's a good thing and we'll probably love this one too. Thanks to all the positive replies I think we'll book it!
  12. Very true that while a few people give those looks, more give compliments! So glad to hear you prefer Princess, I hope we will like it too.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Princess doesn't offer 5 people cabins, so we'd be in two connecting deluxe Balcony rooms. Having said that, we did a 5 person oceanview cabin on NCL and that was OK, we're used to living on top of eachother I guess! And, being from northern Europe, I'm hoping at least the first few days out of Florida will be nice enough weather but you are right that April is a tricky time of year to go. Last transatlantic we did was about a week later in April and that was pretty warm weather for the whole trip but from reading this forum it seems to differ wildly from year to year!
  14. Hoping expereinced Princess cruisers can give me some advice if the upcoming transatlantic from Ft Lauderdale to Copenhagen in April 2020 could be a good idea or not for my family. We love cruising, but have been having trouble finding the right cruise line for us. We're in our mid-thirties, and we now have 3 young kids aged 1, 3 and 6. What we want from a cruise - Excellent food. Last cruise we did was on NCL where the food was OK but not much more. - Relaxed athmosphere. We are not party people or big drinkers, so no need for late night entertainment. - Kid friendly. And by that I don't mean the ship has to have water slides or climbing walls or even a splash zone but we have to feel that (well-behaved) kids are tolerated. - Not too crowded/loud. We purposely try to travel on longer itineraries because our chi We have never tried Princess before, but from what I've read about their food and their kids club they could be perfect for us? We have done NCL twice, Disney transatalantic once, Celebrity once and RCCL once. Disney would probably be our best fit but their transatlantics are on the wrong dates and just insanely pricey. What sounds nice about the Princess kids club is that they have fairly good opening hours, the parents can join in and they have an outside area. But on the other hand there are a LOT of sea days on this 14-day cruise, so my main worry is that we won't feel welcome in public areas other than the kids club? Don't get me wrong, screaming, running and out of order behaviour should of course not be tolerated, but what about mostly happy, chatty and laughing kids?
  15. Yes, there is a dedicated Guppies room or at least there was during our cruise. It wasn't originally built as a Guppies space I would think, just as another part of the splash academy, so I can't be sure if they use it as Guppies room for every cruise or just because there wasnät that many children on board during our cruise in total. It was down on deck 5, and open every day between 9am-7pm with one or two activities daily at 9am and/or 5pm. We spent a lot of time there and both our 1 year old and 3 year old did enjoy it. Other than the Guppies room our kids enjoyed the splash pad up on the pool deck.
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