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  1. I live in Sweden and for me I would prefer May because of the weather. In my experience, warm spring days are more likely than warm autumn days, and unfortunately September is autumn at least in Sweden. However, the difference would not be that much so I waoul be happy either of these months because of the low crowds. Most school breaks are from mid-June to late August so there wouldn't be many kids on either cruise. We did a baltic cruise in July 2019, and to be honest the crowds were fine. As someone mentioned the heritage is always crowded but all other ports (and the ship itself) are likely to be very calm in both May and September.
  2. Yes I think smart dress shorts should be perfectly fine unless it's formal night. It just seems obvious that allowing women to have short skirts but mens legs needs to be covered at all costs is just an outdated arbitrary rule. Baseball caps on the other hand, I don't see the need for in a dining room.
  3. We are considering taking a cruise from Genova at the end of May. I know the 5-day quarantine from Italy for Schengen citizens is rumored to be ended on 15th May, but in case it is not: is it correct that a 5-day quarantine isn't needed anyway since the boarding of cruise counts as being in transit only through Italy?
  4. I don't know if this says anything or not, but when checking for a mediterranean cruise in August from US website all August 2021 is available. However, from one European website, where I can actually proceed and make payments (not possible through the US website from Scandinavia) the earliest possible date to book is 31st August.
  5. Well, I doubt Sweden will still have closed borders by then. The plan is to go live with the EU vaccine passport at the end of June which will allow all EU residents that have had the vaccine, covid antibodies or negative pcr test. And I would think that means opening up for US tourism as well. Sweden in general has been pretty open throughout this pandemic, with schools and restaurants still open. 30 percent have been vaccinated so far (one shot at least) but due to not enough vaccine being delivered, all adults aren't expected to have had their first shot until 5th September. Norway and Finland have both had lower death numbers than Sweden, and have both closed borders for pretty much everyone. So I would think they might be more hesitant to open up...just my guess though! Fingers crossed for you.
  6. Did you get the email about cancelled cruises too this morning then? No options to book the NS cruises later this fall? I am still hoping for a Med cruise in late OCtober on HAL from Rome. But it doesn't look too good...
  7. Within EU the plan is to have a vaccination passport available for everyone from 26th June. The passport will not only be valid with vaccine but also for negative pcr test (72 hrs) and a previous covid infection, and the plan is that all EU countries HAS to open their borders for each other and let everyone enter who has the passport. Of course, that doesn't apply to US citizens but since the plan is to open up for travellers within EU I am hopeful it will get things moving with vaccinated tourists from other countries as well. I guess the main issue is how US passengers can prove they have been vaccinated.
  8. Thanks for these encouraging words! I have been wanting to book a cruise with HAL for ages but then I keep seeing some comments on this board that are really discouraging like "keep the kids away from HAL" or similar. We have been on several cruises with Disney and NCL, and while we have enjoyed them, the party feeling on NCL is really far from our style. Our kids are pretty well behaved but I feel scared that they will get bad looks and comments on board HAL just because they are kids. Anyway, reading your post and others made me feel better, so thanks!
  9. Well for me that has to bring children on board if I want to cruise myself, yes. However, the only real hurry for me are the FCCs, so as long as they can be moved forward until a time children can go then no complaints from me. Also, I am assuming 95% is likely to mean 100%, since depending on how full a cruise is, the percentage would wary even if they set a specific number per ship to be 5%.
  10. Looks like I can use the FCCs! Logged into my account and it said there I can apply the fccs when I find a cruise. Thanks all for good advice!
  11. Yay!! I guess the main issue is gettin 98% of crew vaccinated? 95% of passengers shouldn't be impossible, though I do wonder what that means for children...
  12. Seems like somewhat conflicting answers that unfortunately leans toward fcc not being allowed to use for deposit. Ah well, hopefully I can hold out on booking until it seems more certain that the cruise will actually sail! Mediterranean in Oct/Nov shouldn't be too crowded...perhaps the prices will even come down. Thanks all!
  13. I'm in Europe where it is certain we will get vaccine passports in June. I can see why some might object but here it's the reality so might as well use it to travel in Europe once it's possible.
  14. I am interested in booking N Statendam from Rome 9 days Mediterranean at the end of October 2021. I have almost enough fccs to cover the deposit, do you know if I can use it or if I have to pay actual money for the deposit? I really don't want to have even more cash tied up in FCCs if I can avoid it, but hopefully by the end of October cruises should be up and running as normal again. Especially since I am already in EU and will have the vaccine passport. By the way, shouldn't the FCC deadline be moved forward? End of 2022 is coming up fairly soon!!
  15. Strangely enough, we were only given option 2. We booked directly through Princess, but in Europe. Anyway, we would have probably used option 2 either way, I really want to go on a Princess cruise but the prices available now are much higher than the cruise that was cancelled (Sky Princess transatlantic). In general I think most cruise lines have pretty high prices right now.
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