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  1. Thanks all for advice! Will bring along my euros which is what I was hoping for!
  2. As the title suggests, we'll be on the Getaway Baltic cruise next week and I'm wondering if I can tip staff on cruise in euros? I have already prepaid service charges, but from reading CC I understand it's good to give something extra to those who go above and beyond. And another question, how much should you tip in that case? We're not American, so not used to tipping except in restaurants really.
  3. I actually do the same thing, even though we travel with children I try my best to avoid itineraries, ships and months when I fear many other children will be on board. We cruise with our 3 young children since that is one of the most relaxing ways to vacation, but we are not doing it for just us parents, we are doing it for the whole family. That means we don't drink, we eat early and spend most of the evening in the stateroom. It's still a fantastic holiday when we get to spend time together, watch the beautiful seas, enjoy good food and all the household chores are left at home. Our kids aren't always well behaved but if I suspect they start disturbing others I have no problem to remove them from wherever, including the dining area. As our children get older and start school it will get more difficult to sail outside peak periods but right now we have late October planned for 12 days Panama canal and April 2020 will be a 7 day western Caribbean on HAL. Next week we are doing a 9 day Baltic cruise, but I fear there will be a lot of children... Anyway, I am just saying all this to explain that some of us with juds do enjoy calmer cruises too, and please give us a chance before judging! We and our kids love interacting with seniors but there have been a few times where people have just given us one look and then decided they'd prefer to be anywhere except near us!
  4. We also have a 6 year old, who magically loses his energy whenever there's a boring walk ahead of him but if we motivate him by offering a treat or making it a competition he usually starts walking or even running! There is a LOT of energy in that little body, but you know your own child so if that would not work for you, have you considered a buggy board or similar for your umbrella stroller? Then he can stand on that and rest? Of course, the are not ideal for umbrella strollers but should at least be simpler than having two strollers.
  5. I need help! First time cruising from Miami and this time we won't be able to rent a car since we are 6 people including 3 children that would all need child car seats. We are flying into Miami airport 2 nights before the cruise at end of October and would like to stay at a hotel with pool that works without having a car. That means shuttle available from airport and to cruise port. But since we will have 1 full day before the cruise it would be nice if there was something to do around the hotel area that we could safely walk to, with kids, or even better, a shuttle to a shopping mall?
  6. Our 3 kids are still quite young so we prefer just one cabin right now. We have managed to book the following directly online without calling: Family oceanview cabin on Norwegian Getaway, Concierge inside family 2 bedroom on Norwegian Joy and Family Oceanview stateroom on HAL Nieuw Statendam. Disney also let's you book a cabin for 5 without calling. RCL doesn't, although they have ultra spacious staterooms and unfortunately on Princess it seems you have to do two cabins.
  7. On a related note, are they obligated to do anything before the final payment date? Our Panama canal cruise cabin is now about 500 usd less than it was at the time of booking, but because I am in the EU, we will lose the deposit (about 750 usd if I remember correctly) if we cancel before final payment.
  8. We did Alaska in 2015 on Celebrity with a 1-year old and if I remember correctly we did not pay for him on any of the excursions we did. We did whale watching at Icy strait point, and at other ports we did dog sledding and also had a helicopter ride booked that was cancelled due to bad weather. Enjoy your cruise!!
  9. Thanks, this is so great!! Looking forward to your review. Did you notice if there was a lot of young children onboard? And also, did you ever stay onboard during the port days, did most people get off? We are doing this cruise next month and hoping the ship will be somewhat empty and relaxing during port days as we have already been to most ports. Even lived in one of them!
  10. Thanks, I am feeling better and better about Princess kids club, seems great! And just being together watching the beautiful Atlantic ocean between play times sounds pretty nice too!
  11. We have previously been on the Disney transatlantic when we had 1 baby and we loved it but next year the Sky princess is going to Copenhagen which works better for us, as well as the date in April rather than the Disney Magic TA to Barcelona in May. My only worry is that our kids will get bored on the many sea days on Sky Princess, has anyone done a transatlantic with young kids and can advise? We have 3 kids aged 6, 3 and 1. They don't really speak English so the amount of other kids on board is probably better less than many. The only real upside I see to Disney is that they have free Disney movies showing and the splash area, but going over the Atlantic in May is probably too cold to use the pools much anyway? And I have heard good things about the Princess kids club, anyone with experience? I guess what I'm really asking is do I dare book the Sky Princess or will I regret in April and wish we were on board Disney? I guess they have the characters too, which is nice...
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