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  1. Any place in Australia, New Zealand, England and of course NYC if it is ever allowed to reopen.
  2. With a small amount of internet research one can find much better hotel arrangements and self guided tours for considerably less that Cunard offerings. Their hotel packages have always seemed to be way out of sync with reality.
  3. One is either a Cunarder or one is not. Those that are know each other by their appearance, manners and ability to converse with other than their own family members.
  4. My impression was that the ship sailed out of port spent the night at sea to give the locals time to change the signs and the ship sailed back into the same port where everyone pretended it was a different island.
  5. Anything Vietnam - They may be trying to woo the tourist but the peasants are still offering bang bang and boom boom at all the port stops plus the pick pockets are rampant.
  6. This is the case with theQM2 2022 world cruise. A difference of around $7,000 between the non-refundable and refundable deposit fare which works out to be the amount Cunard loses if one cancels out with the refundable fare. Not overly clever on their part but if one is willing to gamble that the 2022world cruise will not be 100 plus days in the county jail type of cruising it is a bargain price.
  7. Fully agree. Looked at the full world cruise offering the other day and it is a sweetheart of a voyage NYC - NYC for 118 days. The fare is very reasonable. HOWEVER the deposit is non-refundable and should any of the restrictions as to the virus still be in place I would find 118 days to be jail rather than a relaxing sail. So I have decided that even though my age is getting up there I will wait until 2023.
  8. Looks like there may be a few ships available for when the virus panic goes away. Hopefully someone will start up a formal line. Maybe all first class with strict formal standards or attire and general decorum. Plus top of the line food and service etc.
  9. I had the pleasure of sailing with them on the QE2's last world cruise in '08. They of course in Queens Grill, I in Britannia. However, they were always gracious. Rumor had it that he was one of the largest stock holders in Disney and there were always Disney characters on tables when they arrived in a lounge. Now at that time on the QE2 one could not reserve a table in the chart room for drinks. So in order to circumvent this rule they always called down every evening and ordered drinks before arriving and they would be placed on their favorite table along with a Disney decoration. Many times
  10. All this assumes that the NYC mayor will allow such commerce in Jan. 2022. So far he has no plans to reopen restaurants in 2021 at all except allowing the resumption of some outdoor seating beginning in June 2021.
  11. Would love it if one could extend the refusal of service to embarkation days. If one shows up looking like they had just helped loading on the luggage on the pier then maybe Cunard is not the right place to be sailing as a passenger.
  12. Based on local US news reports on NYC, even though your cruise is over a year away, NYC may look more like London right after WWII than the NYC you remember. It may take the city up to ten years to return to anything resembling normalcy. And as to personal safety with a smaller police force, I would not opt to anything self guided.
  13. Can't help you with the weather in June on a TA but as to booking and gult. I had booked a ten day resort vacation in NH before the 9/11 towers came down and wondered if such a trip was acceptable just a week after the event. After discussing it with a few people I decided to go. The resort was quite empty (made it great for using all of the facilities and the dining room service was top notch). We all have to do what is right for us. There may still be those that wish to continue the lock downs well into the 2020's and the media is certainly encouraging that but pay those folks no attention.
  14. Can only speak to the US but Real Estate deposits. Lawyer fees and auction house monies due to consignors (depending on the state) are put into escrow . I am not aware of any other place where business segregates income streams into definitive uses. Everything is fair game and in bankruptcy it is not only the shareholders that take a haircut.
  15. No doubt and were I in your position (Thankfully not cruising until my present locked down business can reopen and begin to toss off a profit again) I would be a bit put out also. However, facts are facts and you got caught in the switches. Always remember Life is not fair and Never ever see yourself as a victim.
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