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  1. Do the cabins with obstructed views have lower fares than those with normal views?
  2. No matter what Oceania would decide to spend this "kind of money" on- whether it is a sports package, Beluga caviar, or "World Class artists", someone would not be happy. Not everyone likes caviar, your idea of a great entertainer might not be my cup of tea, and as has been discussed, there are a lot of sports and some like one, some like none. I would like better entertainment, as magicians are akin to clowns in my book, and a lot of comedians are just not funny. And I am super picky about vocal entertainment also! I am not expecting either Broadway or Las Vegas entertainment on our next cruise, believe me! But Oceania has not asked my opinion on this topic, so if there are people eating caviar, or watching sports or enjoying the shows, that is fine with me!
  3. I have a friend on a Princess cruise with a similar itinerary to our upcoming Riviera cruise starting 10/30. They are "stuck" in Boston and will miss at least their stop in Bar Harbor due to the Nor'easter hitting New England and Canada. She is unsure about their stop in Saint John. My sister lives in Maine, and many are without power. Weird weather!
  4. If you would re-read my post, I never stated that the weather was Norwegian's fault! But there are way's to placate very unhappy customers, and the way this was handled did not work!
  5. Canceling stops due to weather is understandable. But you can't blame customers who book a cruise during a time period that may have bad weather when the cruise line offered the cruise during that period! If it is an Iceland cruise, then perhaps the cruise line shouldn't offer it during that time period. Stopping at ports where there is absolutely nothing to see or do is not an adequate substitute. And offering a discount on a future cruise is almost insulting. Why would the customer try again when the original cruise was so poor? A better solution would be a credit of a decent amount for the original cruise. Maybe Regent and Oceania were better run under Apollo or whatever venture capitalist group owned them before Norwegian took over. We are scheduled for only our second Oceania cruise in a couple of weeks, and after reading a lot of chit chat on these boards, I am a little worried it won't be as nice as our first from before the takeover. We were on a Regent cruise last year, and saw little difference from our last Regent cruise except in the bars. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. Get off your computer and enjoy the view!!!
  7. I am pretty sure I have read that you are not supposed to reuse the plastic bottles that bottled water come in. I am not familiar with the reusable water bottles Oceania uses for Vero water. Hopefully they can be sanitized like flatware and dishes through the dishwashing cycle. If not-ewww.
  8. We had a butler for a TA on Insignia a 5 years ago, and will have one on our upcoming cruise this fall. We enjoyed ours, but probably did not use his skills as much as we could. But he was the nicest and most thoughtful guy, I remember he had a rose filled bath filled for me after a very chilly shore excursion and it was still very warm, so he was well aware of the timing of the event! He knew our drink and snack preference, and suggested other duties. I think we could have lived without him, but it was nice to be pampered!
  9. We had originally taken Oceania's air without deviation, but after a disastrous trip this summer that literally took me 5 days (a very long story) to get from Houston to Bangor, Maine, I asked our TA to change our arrival a day earlier. I did not want out cruise to start out with any stress!
  10. The entertainment on our last Regent cruise was not all that great, but it was well attended. What was the alternative rather than sitting in a bar looking at the water, which is fine, don't get me wrong! We attended a few, but other than Lovena Fox and a performance by one of the bar's jazz pianist playing classical music, we were not mesmerized! I don't think our low expectations of cruise entertainment have been exceeded all that often, but that is not the reason we cruise. If we leave a performance raving about a performance, it is a bonus.
  11. You know how some people absolutely hate clowns? Well that is how I feel about magicians!
  12. Verne Lundquist. I am not a big college sports enthusiast, but my son is very familiar with him. I think he should be entertaining.
  13. They have been touting our guest lecturer for months, and our cruise doesn't leave until October 30th!
  14. We saw Lovena Fox too! She was good. I wasn't impressed with the lecturer on the only other Oceania cruise we were on, which might explain why I don't recall his name. We also enjoyed the crew's production at the end of the cruise. Some of them were better than the paid entertainers!
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