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  1. Did anyone hear back from Celebrity on this? I sent a note the morning that it showed full and never heard anything.....
  2. Was expecting this. Pleased to see that they cancelled the two months now, instead of February cruise being cancelled next month. Waiting for the official letter from Regent....
  3. I sent a note to the email address identified in the response that it was full. Will let you know once(if) I hear back from them... CaptainsClubWebinars@Celebrity.com
  4. Just tried to register and it is full! Not sure if they are opening up another....
  5. Looking forward to the boxing day sales... 🙂
  6. I guess that will be the sales of the future, until they feel that they have to promote again. They have so many FCC's with 25% bonus to use up before the end of 2022, I can't see them putting much on sale for the next few months. Furthermore, they will need to reduce capacity for the foreseeable future, so any spare rooms can be sold at retail rates.
  7. It seems like there is no Black Friday Sale, but when you go online, there is a Black Friday Sale, with a timer going down to 0 at midnight tonight. I don't see any special pricing and their tag line is "EVERY DAY IS BLACK FRIDAY". Am I missing anything?
  8. I am thinking about purchasing a card. I am booked on an September California Coastal cruise and only concern if that gets cancelled, then I will lose the bonus card if I do not use it by December 31, 2021. With all of the things happening now, who knows when cruising will start....
  9. We cruised on the Infinity in January 2020(seams like such a long time ago....) and we enjoyed it. While the ship is aging, I would have no issue taking another Infinity cruise.
  10. It is good that they are providing more notice than many other cruiselines. I guess, where they can, they will convert some of the 10 day cruises to 7 day cruises. This could affect existing 7 day cruises on ships that have 10 day cruises.... I guess we will hear more.
  11. Has anyone had any luck with Celebrity in moving their January/February Infinity sailing to Summit to a different date, as Summit does not seem to be sailing either month? My TA was on hold with Celebrity for over an hour and we agreed to try back later.....
  12. That is good news! Hopefully, that shows that they still want to be reasonable. Hopefully, they will deal with others as fairly as they dealt with you.
  13. In the past, if a cruise is cancelled, they have allowed the move the cruise to another cruise maintaining the same price as the previous cruise. Traditionally, they have given options which you can select from, and if you choose not to select the options provided, then you would get an OBC with the new booking at the prevailing rates. I am booked on a March 19 Infinity cruise and it does not look like there is a corresponding Summit Cruise. I am onhold with my TA, who is trying to get in touch with Celebrity and is onhold with them.
  14. If you wanted to move your reservations to March/April on Summit, you should be able to do that preserving your existing price that you have paid for your cruise.
  15. There are many celebrity cruises longer than 7 days before November 1 that are still showing bookable. They may be waiting to see if the duration can be extended if we have a vaccine and things improve. Alternatively, they may not have got around to it yet... We have a 10 day cruise booked on Princess. The way they have approached it is they did not cancel the cruise yet, but are not taking any booking. It does not look like your cruise is included in these changes.
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