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  1. Thanks for the pic! Did not realize the difference in size.... We are on the Sky in March and the Pacific in November. Looking forward to both, especially the one on the Pacific as it is going to be in French Polynesia!
  2. Could someone comment on how well the ocean medallion is working? Has anyone ordered drinks using the app? Also, how is the internet speed?
  3. Here is a different video introducing Sky Princess. Some may not like it, but I thought it was quite unique....
  4. On the Fincantieri website, it refers to an event on October 15 at 11:00am local time. Does anyone know what that is? I assume it is when it leaves the shipyard? https://www.fincantieri.com/en/
  5. Nice video. Also, if you go into youtube, and go into his channel ( Rubel Fitness & Tour Tv ), there are a few other videos taken from outside. I would expect that Princess will start to ramp up the marketing shortly!!!
  6. Thanks for the feedback. The Edge(including the infinite veranda that they offer have received mixed reviews) I enjoy the other Celebrity Solstice ships, as well, and have been on the Regal Princess twice. The Piazza is one of my favorite areas with its openess, including going to the International Cafe for a cappucino. It sounds like there are going to be some minor differences with the Sky Princess. There are a couple of things that is new such as the al fresco dining and the wake view pool in the back. Also, I have not be on a medallion cruise and looking forward to trying it out(I am a bit of a techie so am interested in seeing how it works). Probably will go with the Sky unless the feedback is very negative.....
  7. Hope it goes well. We are trying to decide between the Celebrity Edge and the Sky Princess. Looking forward to hearing any feedback that you might have!
  8. Sounds like ownership has been transferred to Princess from the shipyard. I would expect an announcement from Princess reflecting this shortly.
  9. Looks like Sky Princess is leaving the drydock now. Sea Trials begin soon! https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:13.544/centery:45.796/zoom:15
  10. I usually start with the Sip'n'Sail and then switch to the 3 for free when it comes out in the fall. Only one time did I stick with the Sip'n'Sail. The only thing about the Sip'n'Sail is I tend to drink more on those promotions. 🤪🍾
  11. It is also showing on cruisemapper as well now.
  12. I wonder if part of the reason why Carnival and others are struggling is because of supply and demand. There are many new ships coming online, comprising 38,000 new rooms in 2019. If you take an average of 1 week per cruise, with two people per room , that translates into almost 4 million(38000*52*2) new travelers to fill just the new ships. Also, I beleve people are looking for other vacation experiences. In my case, when I was working, a cruise was a simple answer to a vacation as it was easy. You pick the location and the cruiseline takes care of everything, including the flight! I have always enjoyed cruises(done mainly Celebrity and Princess). Now that I have retired, I am finding other options which will also give me a better experience at the destination. For example, I was looking at a greek island cruise and with a little research could easily take ferries between islands and then spend more time in each island, so I can experience it more. Sure, I would have to do things like find hotels and restaurants, but there are so many resources on-line, there are lots of options to explore. Also, if you enjoy doing that, it gives you a bit of a hobby in your free time! I understand that not everyone will want to do this. The good thing about cruising is that you can just drop your luggage and not have to pack again until you leave! The downside is that you do not get to experience the destination the same way as if you are staying there. The baby boomers are getting to retirement age(or are already there). Traditionally, over the past few years, this has been a large cohort that have taken advantage of cruising. Maybe with their new found freetime, they will look at other options outside of cruising. I know in my case, I will still cruise, but will look at other vacation options. As my interest in researching destinations go down, I may cruise more in the future.
  13. tert333

    Azamara Website

    It seems to be better at certain. Have not figureed out the best times, but would assume it would be later in the evening or first thing in the morning. Right at this minute(5PM EDT), I am getting this error message. ☹️ The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #6.5c2bf648.1560459184.e3cc411
  14. tert333

    Azamara Website

    I have started to look at cruises with Azamara and have found their website very very slow. Furthermore, I am using firefox browser and getting an error message access denied. When I switched to Internet Explorer, I could get access, but it is very slow. Are others having the same problems/slowness and is this a relatively new issue?
  15. Does anyone know if the free grats is oniy on the free drinks, or is it truly free gratuities. The sip'n'sail promotion that is coming up shortly is typically only free drinks(including gratuities on the drinks). NCL breaks out free drinks and you have to pay for the gratuities on the free drinks.
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