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  1. Wonder if this will also get rid of the issue of having received covishield. Hopefully, if so, Ontario will change the official documentation.
  2. You may have to go to another province such as Alberta, maritimes or fly to the US, to get your third dose. It is unfortunate, but may be necessary... My doctor said there is no problem with getting a third dose.
  3. You have a chance to tell them what you think on Sept 20. Instead of having an unnecessary election, they should be focussed on issues such as this.
  4. There is no logical reason why you should not be able to board, but I have not seen anyone that has tried. I would suggest that you ask multiple times as the responses seems to change regularly. Also, not sure whether NCL has a chat function but if they do, use it, print it off and take it with you. That will help prove to them that you are just following their protocols(which should be clearly documented on the website, but aren't).
  5. Good to see it finally updated. I cancelled the September 30 cruise as I was concerned about stopping in France/Spain and then needing to quarantine when I got back to the UK. You may want to check the quarantine rules. I believe it is especially important for Canadians as they do not recognize our vaccinations yet as being fully vaccinated.
  6. Fauci is saying that once you get to the eight months mark, you will need to boost your immunity as it has been dropping off over time. So if you have two vaccines within eight months of travelling you should be fine. Once you get past a certain period, then you will need a booster or you will be deemed to be no longer fully vaccinated by the CDC and most likely by the cruiseline as well. So for us mix vaxxers who have received a third vaccine(AZ + 2mRNA), we will need to take a booster eight months after the last mRNA. I would not be surprised if this becomes an annual event. Going forward, I will be watching what the CDC recommends versus what NACI says.... So eventually, I would guess that people will need to show their last 2 or maybe 3 doses, and ensure one is within 8 months of the cruise date, to prove their immunity.
  7. Yea, I wonder if it is best to show the original AZ shot as the first shot if I have to
  8. Great work on getting through the gauntlet. I applaud your initiative. Which province did you get the second PFizer? Did you have to bring your first vaccination record? My thoughts were that I would get the vaccination sheet that I have for my first PFizer and then have the second the sheet from the second PFizer out of province that I am hoping to get this month. With the two sheets show my vaccination to any agency that requires the person to have two PFizer shots. I am in the same boat as tomchick1970, where it says that I have received 2 valid doses on my PFizer vaccine document. Would prefer not to show that sheet as it opens up a can of worms...
  9. Thanks for the response. I was thinking of using the approach you stated. I will report back how it went!
  10. I am going to NB next week. Part of my trip is to get a vaccination. Can you let me know what I will get in regards to paperwork? Will I get a pdf with the details of the vaccination, via email, or just a hard copy that I will bring home?
  11. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up which led me to cancel my cruise out of southampton on September 30. Canadians returning to Southampton from cruises stopping in Europe have to book extra test or may even have to quarantine until they leave. When I read the UK rules of entry, it was a bit unclear and so I sent a note to Princess. The bottom line is that you should do some research, unless you are leaving the same day that you are arriving in Southampton. Here is their response: "I hope this email finds you well. Since you will be in England for more than 24 hours, this would not be classed as transiting. You will need to book the appropriate tests and quarantine appropriately (if required). Please let me know if you have any queries. Kind Regards, Specialist Trace Team" Here was my question: We are looking to go on a Princess cruise on September 30. Our cruise leaves Southampton and goes to France and Spain and returns to Southampton on October 7. We are then traveling to Heathrow and spending the night at the airport, leaving on October 8 for Canada. After we arrive in Southampton, will we need to take any further tests to fulfill UK requirements or can we be treated as in-transit as we will be leaving approximately 36 hours after arriving in Southampton? I understand we will be getting a PCR test onboard the ship.
  12. I sent a note to the CDC regarding 1AZ and 2 Pfizer, but got a generic answer back which did not answer my question. Princess cruises in their presentations (go on facebook and look for a presentation last month, under John Chernesky at princess) have publicly stated that they would accept 1AZ and 2 PFizer or 2 Moderna vaccines. Celebrity has given me two answers. The first was they would not accept 1AZ and 2 mRNA vaccines. However, someone else send in a request through chat after I asked and was told that they would accept 1AZ and 2mRNA vaccines. I also received a similar answer I believe that the boosters they are giving in Ontario for the immune compromised is the same dose as the other vaccines given. However, agree there is discussion that the true "booster" may be different than the original vaccine.
  13. I believe that is the case only if you mix vaccines. If you have two pfizer or two moderna, that is not the case...
  14. Some people who went against the recommendation of NACI and waited for the same dose are very smug now and have no empathy for the people who followed the recommendations. Some provinces have rectified their mistake(ie. Quecbec, Saskatchewan and Alberta). I think that Ontario will follow at some point, but who knows when.
  15. You are right. I just saw that it was postponed...
  16. Now that our premier's idol has done it, maybe he will do it now. He is flip flopping on vaccine passports today. lets hope he does the same on vaccines for mixed dosers!
  17. One thing to consider as others identified, this is only a part of the picture. If the cruise is solely going to the UK, it is less of an issue, but if it is going to other countries such as France or Spain, there will be issues in regards to clearing customs when you arrive back in the UK. I just received an education on this and found out that if I arrive in Southampton from those countries, I have to register a pay for a day 2 and day 8 test, even if I am leaving the same day. The only exception would be if you are leaving the same day you arrive.
  18. That is great news. It is different than what I was told by celebrity last week. I was told I would not be considered as vaccinated if I had first dose AZ and then two doses of Pfizer.
  19. Do you know if the cruise was leaving from the US, or elsewhere?
  20. I hope you are right, but that was the response I received after I escalated the question to the executive office.
  21. You can count on the cruiselines enforcing this as some studies as seen the efficacy going down below 50% stretching out past 8 months. All they need to check is the person has at least 2 vaccines and the last is within the last 8 months. (need to take into account those people who decided to get vaccines later in the year) That is based on the assumption they will require people to be fully vaccinated prior to cruising.
  22. I was the one that had a call with Celebrity who told me they would only look at the first two vaccines taken. To me this makes no sense. I thought that I would wait a month and call again and try to get something in writing. Since then, I have sent a note to the CDC asking if I am considered to be fully vaccinated if I have an AZ and two Pfizer vaccines. Waiting to hear back.
  23. You will probably be fine, as by that time, everyone will be getting 3rd doses. It is already happening in Europe and supposed to start in the US on September 20 for those who have received their vaccination eight months earlier.
  24. Has anyone checked with Princess in regards to Southampton cruises starting on September 30, whether they accept mixed vaccines? I received an email from princess in late July saying they would, but since then the UK has stated they are not accepting them without quarantine.
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