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  1. You will be just fine, as SherriffJoe says, everyone on board is super nice. I have only felt a sneery attitude when we tried Cunard. I'm sure you will look very stylish. Celebrity changed their dress code to be more inclusive and so that their passengers, who are on holiday after all, can feel comfortable. If anyone is uncomfortable with whatever SOMEONE ELSE is wearing, then I suggest they need to have a word with themselves! You'll have a great time. 😃
  2. Hi Lisa, Thinking of Venice in particular and the strong anti-cruise ship feeling which seems to be held by locals, I wonder if it might be an idea for Celebrity to volunteer to stop cruising in to Venice before the ban which is coming - great PR points? I say this as someone who would love to sail in or out of Venice at some point, but I do also cringe when I see the photos of the ships dwarfing the Venice skyline. From what I understand the alternative dock is only 3 miles away, so access to the city would still be very easy. Just a thought, as we say in the UK, Brownie points for Celebrity for being pro-active and environmentally friendly..... Lizzie
  3. What they said! Our friends were in a CS with the slanted balcony, we were in a RS - their balcony was probably more spacious than ours! It's a great balcony! Go for it. 😊
  4. I am a woman and I would hate to think that I secured a job just because I am female rather than because I was the best person for the job. All positions should be filled based on meritocracy. It's ridiculous. #justsaying
  5. I think it will be just fine from what you specify as important to you. Totally agree with this, Celebrity and RCCI food (especially the buffet, is much better) - I LOVE my food and the thought of a very long cruise on P&O with the distinctly average (to be kind) buffet offering would make me think twice. However, the Glass House is a good, Sindhu is ok, The Beach House is ok and the MDR is ok and as food is not up there on the OP's list of "must haves" then I think it sounds as though the trip will be just the ticket. Have a great time. 😊
  6. I've just had a look. Everyone is talking about a naming ceremony - I assume this will now happen prior to the 4 day cruise...? Or sooner if they add another one if she is even more ahead of schedule?
  7. Lucky you! Hope you have a wonderful Anniversary celebration. 😊
  8. We've just booked this along with the following cruise as a B2B! Woo hoo! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. 😊
  9. Ooooh, what date is the Princess cruise - we are looking for a short one to do with friends but the X one is rather expensive - I know it's got the perks but still.....
  10. Wowzers!! I suppose they are banking on it being popular with it being it's maiden season. I really want to sail on Edge or Apex so I'm sure thousands of others do too.....trying to persuade my husband to book one of those first cruises....😀
  11. Hmmmm, I've just looked on our TA's website and they are quoting £6,899 for a CS for an 7 night Norwegian Fjords cruise on 4th May next year...…£13,673 for an Edge Villa. Might you have been looking at the wrong category?
  12. Don't know about White Party but the silent disco is hilarious! 😂
  13. Don't worry, it won't confuse me. Instructions are very easy to follow once on board and I find it interesting to know what other lines do. I don't find it at all irrelevant. 🙂
  14. This is indeed splendid news! 🙂
  15. And, actually, one muster might be conducted differently from another. Oh well, we shall see. It's not a problem really is it? 😂
  16. Regardless of X not holding the musters outside, the advice is nonetheless excellent. We always arrive early and have to wait for ages while the stragglers are rounded up, I shall be paying eagle-eyed attention during the first one for the best location to be "released" first! Thank you. 🙂
  17. Thank you all for your responses and for clarifying the Celebrity situation. As I said, we did not have to on P&O (although there was a time limit, the length of which I cannot recall) which is owned by the same company as Princess so makes sense that Esprit had the same experience as us. I will brace myself for a double dose of "James Bond" muster! 😩
  18. We are doing a B2B cruise in September, a 7 night followed by a 14 night, will we have to attend the muster for the second cruise? We have done a B2B before but it was on P&O and was a 3 nighter followed by a 11 night. We did not have to attend for the second leg on that occasion. It was something to do with the length of the cruises, but I can't remember the details. Can anyone shed any light? 🙂
  19. They were certainly there on Silhouette in May/June last year and also in May this year. Hope you find them. 🙂
  20. Thank you very much. That has helped a lot. 😊
  21. We are thinking of booking an aft Sky Suite on Celebrity Apex. I would like to be on deck 12, however, I know there is a public deck above and I wondered if anyone who has been in one of these aft suites or cabins can tell me if they are noisy as a result of the deck above? Similarly with the deck 7 cabins which I think are above Eden, are these noisy? Any info gratefully received.....
  22. Perfect! Thank you both. It really is a great way to see new places. Especially as I go first, come back, shower, eat and then I have an idea of where we should stroll later. 😊
  23. Hello everyone, my husband and I are sailing to Bergen, Alesund, Flam and Stavanger in September with Celebrity. When we go on cruises I like to get off the ship early in the morning and go for a run. I am particularly looking forward to doing this in Norway as I am hoping the scenery will be great. My question to anyone who may have been before is, is this going to be possible in all the ports I mentioned? I am not a great distance runner, 2 to 4 miles will be plenty for me...… Thank you in advance for any help. 😊
  24. Thank you. Great info. If it were me looking for the early morning coffee I would definitely ask the butler, however, my husband doesn't like to put the butler out, he thinks he will be busy looking after other people and doesn't want to add to his burden. Overly considerate in my opinion, but what can you do. He is happy to seek out his own coffee, I just wanted to be able to direct him where he can get it while I continue to snooze away! 😁
  25. Great. Is the coffee (is it called Secondo al Bacio?) bar in the buffet staffed all night too or would it be the instant stuff from the drinks station? 😊
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