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  1. Hello, This will be our first cruise ever so I am a newbie to all of the ins and outs of choosing a room. We are doing the Very Merry Eastern Caribbean with 2 adults and a 3 and 5 year old on the Disney Fantasy. I am debating between a regular Deluxe Oceanview with Verandah and a Family Deluxe Oceanview with Verandah. Right now we are in 9568 (standard deluxe) but it is right in front of the elevators which I do not like. I understand a starboard side is better for views on port days so am looking at those rooms. Other options are 9542 (standard deluxe) which is further from the elevators (but still close) and also 8604 which is a family deluxe and further from the elevators, but the 8th floor (is it that big of a difference?). Price difference is $600. Is 9 that much better than 8? (We have younger kids, so will the extra walking matter? I’ve never been on a cruise ship so don’t comprehend how big they are). Is the extra space with a family deluxe worth it? I understand it has a bigger balcony which appeals to me. I don’t understand the whole clear vs. white walls on the balconies and the pros/cons - I believe 8604 is clear. Is being closer to the elevators all that bad? Thanks in advance to all who reply. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Candace
  2. Thanks Nic6318! Such a thoughtful response. You are right, I think my husband has made up his mind about cruises in general, but I'm a fan of trying anything once. Incidentally we looked at virtual tours of the Harmony of the Seas and his view was that it was too big with too many people. So no pleasing him on this one! I think he anticipates the experience to bee too commercial and Disneyland-esque. Which is funny because we're going a week early to do Disney World. I like the itinerary on Carnival, the kids club, and the price overall is better, so while I personally like the look, vibe and activities on the Harmony better, we'll probably end up on Carnival to give it a try.
  3. Thanks again all. I appreciate the insight. Essiesmom, there is nothing wrong with seeking perfection when planning a trip or doing anything else in life for that matter.
  4. Thank you all! Grandma Dazzles, can you tell me what makes an Oasis class ship better?
  5. Hello, I am seeking thoughts and advice on choosing a cruise line for a first cruise. Yes, I have read many threads, reviews, and opinions online already, but wanted to ask given my specific limitations for this cruise which are: - departing from Port Canaveral - so leaves us with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Disney - we are bringing and paying for grandma, so this affects cost - I prefer a kids club for this age group, or some babysitting I can pay for during excursions and otherwise (Note: this is why I originally chose Carnival as they have the Ocean Club and an age group of 2-5, so my kids (ages 2 and 4) would be together when they are there) The Exotic Eastern Carnival on the Breeze seems to fit the bill. It has the kids program, and we can get a suite for us and a room for grandma for a very reasonable price. However, I showed my husband videos of the Breeze on You Tube and we have an impression that it is a little less elegant that what we prefer for travel, and we are not looking for a "party" ship (I know the crowd varies with the length of the cruise, time of year, etc.). He is against this cruise after seeing the videos of the ship. Norwegian has a similar cruise (on the Norwegian Breakaway) on the same date where we can book a Haven Suite, with many more perks (exclusive access to Haven Private restaurant, sundeck/lounge, dining and sitting areas). However, with this option grandma is not in a suite, so she would not have access to this, nor is there a kids club for the youngest, and the guppies nursery (where you can drop younger children off vs. having to stay) is not on this ship. With grandma in tow, Disney is too expensive and given the age of our children they will not appreciate it. Royal Caribbean did not seem to have anything better than what Carnival offers in terms of rooms/perks for a similar cruise on the Harmony of the Seas. It does have kids Adventure Ocean club, but the age group is 3-5, so the 2 year old would have to go into the Royal Baby and Tots program. This is not a deal-breaker - we don't plan to use the services all the time. I am not trying to spark a debate, or offend anyone who loves Carnival. Please remember that this is our first time cruising, and perhaps the lines are all quite similar and I should not be so fussed. So my question for all of you experts out there is, should we go with Carnival that fits most of our parameters and accept it might not be what we are used to, or Norwegian or Royal Caribbean to enjoy more amenities? Are these cruise lines more similar than not? It is really my husband I need to convince who is not thrilled at trying a cruise to begin with. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful responses! I'm leaning towards Carnival out of Orlando. Mother-in-law is coming for some babysitting. :-) (though I believe you can leave the kids at Camp Ocean for excursions booked through the ship - digging into that one).
  7. Hello, We are thinking about a cruise with Carnival (our first cruise ever) because it has the Camp Ocean and we have 2 kids who will be ages 2 and 4 at the time of travel. I am wondering if anyone has used the camp and whether the kids liked? Are you able to do shore excursions and leave them at the camp? Thank you!
  8. Hello, We are planning our first cruise with our children who will be ages 2 and 4 at the time of travel. Can anyone recommend a cruise based on the below criteria (other than as noted, we are very flexible, and budget isn't too much of an issue - we do prefer higher end, with options to upgrade to VIP service. However, we're just not ready for a Disney cruise): - a kids club so that we can have some adult time - a Caribbean destination so that my husband and I can do some scuba diving (we've been to Mexico a lot, and prefer a cruise that does not include it, or just one stop) - we live in Calgary, so leaving from a port with a direct flight (because of the kids - I see Galveston and Port Canaveral as options) - travelling in January/February I did find a couple of Carnival Cruises (7-day Exotic Eastern Caribbean cruise departing January 4 and 7-day Exotic Western Caribbean cruise departing January 25). I liked these options simply because they have suite available and their kids club has an age bracket of 2-5, so that my two children can be together at kids club. Any thoughts on the above or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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