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  1. Still no official refund for me. Citi still has my refund applied to my account as a conditional credit so no impact to me. But I did get an update on my dispute and it looks like they are giving Carnival until 6/11 to respond which coincidentally(?) is 90 days from March 13 - when my cruise was cancelled. I assume Citi is giving them time to refund me outside of the dispute process but I’m not sure. Either way, looks like I’m fine because I think I’ll have the conditional credit from Citi until Carnival officially refunds. Figured I’d give me update since I said I would!
  2. Came here looking to find out whether people were getting refunds yet. I had two staterooms and was supposed to cruise Mar 16 but got cancelled two days before. I filled out a form requesting a refund for both rooms and wrote to the official Carnival Customer Relations email. Also tried calling without success and I didn’t hear back for a couple weeks with no refund. So I submitted a dispute on my CC and got a conditional credit from them (Citi). I still have no refund as of today but Carnival did respond to Citi (big surprise, huh)! All I got from Citi was that they heard b
  3. The worse part is that this was not officially announced via an actual posting from them. It was a reply to a question!
  4. I posted this elsewhere. But carnival twitter said people that cancelled after 3/1 but before new FCC/refund offer can get new offer:
  5. Heads up for those that made changes after 3/1 but before the new refund or FCC offer:
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