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  1. I was at Customer relations when an older lady asked for a map, they told her to use her phone, but after she told them that she does not own a phone, they gave her a small map.
  2. Only the last week of January they had Greek Yogurt and fresh fruit on the Edge available, which was very nice.
  3. There was no menu at the Edge in January and the available food was the same every day for 4 weeks 😣
  4. no affogatto😣 , that was my favourite coffee at Cafe al Bacio every afternoon...I skipped the cake for that...Rose
  5. well Barb, have a wonderful time on this gorgeous ship...I will be flying into FFL on the 4th and board the Edge on the 6th of Jan and looking really forward to it...I read the report of MVP and it is real good and honest...at least take a peak...it is worth it...happy cruising, sorry I miss all of you in March...🤗 Rose
  6. You are just too funny...😄 there could be some folks on board who might like to be buck naked with open shades😂
  7. Thanks Steamboat for the nice informative pictures. I am looking forward to my Cruise...Rose I also read your German article, very good indeed..thank you.
  8. I agree, booked an SV cabin to have a real balcony..
  9. Nancy, I messaged her and ask if she could do another take when she is doing a video of the cabins she missed this time... hope she will do that... I booked a single cabin for a B2B Oct/Nov. Rose
  10. HI Luckylissette, thanks for the beautiful video... when you are doing the video of the missing cabins would it be possible to get to see the single cabins a bit better? the take was very fast and hard to see really anything. thanks for your consideration, Rose
  11. way at the end and very fast, hard to see really anything. I played it back 3 times
  12. Nancy, Luckylissette posted a video in "Closer to the ..Edge", a walk through of most cabins, but a few
  13. hope to meet you at the meet and mingle, if I ever get to book it, it seems my booking number can't be found, even so I already printed my boarding pass.. I am solo on the 6th and 13th, on the 20th I am with my friend Tish from South Carolina and on the 27th with my friend Sarah from Vancouver Island... Getting excited now, see you on board... Rose
  14. I am on the Edge in January for 2 weeks in an SV and the next 2 weeks in Aqua class, long story how that booking happened, but I will sure see the difference in the balconies. For Oct/Nov B2B I booked a single cabin.. the rendering at the time of booking did not look different than the reg. infinity balcony, but looking at the video just now, it seems there is no sofa or a decent chair in the cabin and the bathroom looks much different too. Just wondering about the storage space... Even the chairs on the infinity balconies look very uncomfortable, no more sunning on the balcony I guess... well these are my 5 cents. Rose
  15. Thank you so much for your detailed information...i now uninstalled tapa talk and just use the website, which works on my Samsung tablet, but still not on my cellphone...i can see all responses, but cannot download to read it..or even type anything, maybe my phone is just too old it is a Samsung S5 Neo. Thank you again, I really appreciate your help, Rose
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