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  1. We used to like the cabins on deck 7 forward. The cabins are no bigger than verandas, the balcony is not really that much bigger. The only good thing that we like is that you get a good view. They can be noisy when tendering and you do get a lot more movement. This is just another money grab by Azamara, they’re really not giving you anything much.
  2. DRJVH


    I agree. We too have been loyal to Azamara but are now looking at Viking and Oceania.
  3. DRJVH


    We had one of our AZ b2b cruises cancelled next year due to the ship being chartered. We were very disappointed and it threw our whole holiday into chaos. This all seems to be happening way too often with AZ by the sounds of it. We have done 8 cruises with AZ and one with O. Much prefer AZ but there is so much uncertainty now, we are now looking at Viking.
  4. Couldn’t type in ‘Others’ it immediately went to next question. iPad 6th gen. 13.1.3 software version.
  5. Obviously there’s still a glitch, I could do the survey 3 times. 🤔🤔🙄🙄 and more if I wanted to. Still find the whole thing offensive. This survey is a nonsense. Azamara think nothing of the loyalty of the people who choose to book an inside, oceanview or a balcony because they’re happy with Azamara’s “family” vibe, not it’s stuck up suite guests who think they’re better than those travelling in the “lower class”. It’s not about how many “free” amenities you can get to us, it’s about the journey. Azamara’s losing the plot.
  6. Absolutely spot on Werangles. One of our KEY reasons for booking Azamara.
  7. Yes, well as soon as they do that we will be looking elsewhere. Maybe they really need to look at the dress code of some people in the dining rooms including Prime C and Aqualina Also in MDR, the dress code is getting way too “casual”. So how on such a small ship do they do reserved seating. Only people in suites can use the pool seating area, can only use prime c or aquilina?? They block off an area of the MDR for suite passengers only. While everyone else, who enjoy Azamara because of their “family” feel have to become second class passengers on not so luxury ships!!!! Azamara are certainly losing the plot if this is really their plan😡
  8. As soon as it got to what cabin type did we stayed in, it finished the survey! I suppose it’s really geared to people who have stayed in a suite rather than an ordinary verandah cabin.
  9. We got it. Familiar with hotel groups and always book our own.
  10. No cruises come up for Pursuit from 23 February to 26 June 2021. Can’t believe it’s all booked out!
  11. Probably chartering the ship !!!!!
  12. Have not long come off Quest and have never seen pagers in the MDR. If you want a table for 2 and one is not available they will ask you to wait in the Discoveries bar until one becomes available. Have never had any problems getting a table for 2 at any time.
  13. I agree. Loyalty doesn’t really mean anything to Azamara anymore. You think you’re getting a good deal when you book onboard, and then a few months out from the cruise they drop the prices. We won’t book any further cruises onboard, if we book with them again.
  14. To me this is just revenue raising. Apart from a mini bar set up you get no more value from these cabins. The cabins are no bigger, the showers are just the same, the verandah is the same. We used to pick one of these cabins but to pay roughly $1000US more is just ridiculous. 6000, 6001, 7000, and 7001 can be very noisy when docking at port or when they anchor.
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