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  1. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that finds this funny! For those who Reddit, I highly recommend a subreddit discussing the "**** Cruise Critic Says" for your daily dose of complaints from Cruise Critic members.
  2. I've only ever done a Thanksgiving cruise on RCI, so I'm not much help there. However I just got off the Spirit last Friday (Oct. 11) and had a great time, despite our sailing making the news for all the itinerary changes and disgruntled passengers rioting 😳 If you haven't already, it may help to check out your sailing's roll call to potentially connect with other passengers and find transfers, tours, etc. to look into and/or split with other groups. The Spirit was by far the smallest ship we've ever sailed on, but we really enjoyed how easy it was to navigate and the service/staff onboard. If you have any other questions regarding the ship itself, I'm happy to try and answer as best I can. Hope this helps & happy cruising!
  3. We just disembarked from the Spirit last Friday and saw several people enjoying using the pool when the weather was cooperating (some days/nights it was drained due to the intense winds we picked up from Hurricane Lorenzo). The hot tubs around Tivoli Pool were amazing (the one hot tub near the kids area wasn't as warm) and we heard the pool was heated. Hope this helps!
  4. Following along! We'll be on the Spirit for our first NCL cruise in September visiting Iceland, Ireland, and Norway as well 🙂 Great photos and review thus far; thanks so much for sharing!
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