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  1. Oh, and in Ketchikan be sure to go to the Alaska Crepe Co. It was amazing! The owner's daughter has celiac and most of the menu can be made gf. The gal who waited on us told us that most of them prefer the gf batter to the regular.
  2. We just got off the Royal yesterday, and it was the best gluten free that we've had while cruising. We had gluten free bread available. It would be nice to have more selection, but there were other options. In the dining room it's possible to get gluten free pancakes and muffins, but we also discovered that they were available in The Horizon Court. Towards the back of the Horizon Court, there is a station where you can order gf toast and pancakes made to order. They did change gloves and tried to avoid cross contamination. We didm't get glutenized. GF desserts are available in the dining room and Horizon Court. Our pre-ordered meals were served with sauces. A far cry from the dry chicken breasts of the past. GF pizza is available at the pizza shop and at Alfredos. (I think that's what it's called.). At the pizza shop the pizzas are cooked in separate pans, and clean cutting tools were used. It is the same oven, in case you are concerned about possible flour flying. All of the crew seemed to have been educated about safe gf service.
  3. Yes, gluten free is available on Princess. You will be given the next night's menu in the dining room each evening to preselect the next day's dinner, and lunch if you eat in the dining room. You can as to have a chef go through the buffet with you. There are many gluten free options, including desserts and breads labeled gluten free.
  4. I agree about the bread. It would be wonderful if they could use some gluten free breads from local bakeries of the various stops. The muffins at breakfast were as dry as sawdust. We requested chocolate desserts for chef's choice. You can always get ice cream or a creme brûlée if you don't enjoy then chef's choice. The World Market had good gluten free meringues at various times.
  5. Thanks so much. There were only about half a dozen excursions offered for each, so not much choice yet.
  6. Just a follow up from my Emerald experience. It is easy to get our gluten free meals on anytime dining. We did eat in the same dining room each night, and everything ran smoothly. One other thing I did was to inform the tour desk of our need for gluten free. They emailed each tour and requested gluten free for us. I even had a gluten free croissant. Thanks again or all your replies.
  7. I have a Norwegian Fjords cruise booked for next summer. I was looking at the excursions but very few are offered. The cruise is about a year out. Will more excursions be offered as it gets closer? I tried searching, but I didn't have any luck. Thanks so much.
  8. Wonderful to know. Thanks for the info!
  9. Thanks so much. That's similar to what I've done in the past. This is the first time I'll be trying anytime dining so I'm a little concerned. The Emerald is very port intensive, so we didn't want to have to rush back for traditional dining.
  10. We're leaving next week. I'm so excited. Any gluten free that shouldn't be missed on the Emerald or Royal? Thanks so much!
  11. It sounds like Bonnine and sea bands should be enough, just in case. I was debating getting the patch. Thanks all for your replies.
  12. It's always good to be prepared just in case. Thanks!
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