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  1. No stigma, no one has frowned at our request. We have done this on the 4 ocean cruises we have been on. We had very good interactions with those staff members that we encountered.
  2. Jazymyn49, We just got off a Viking Ocean and the crew and staff did not go far over and beyond. We do not prepay and there is no way that the service we received would have been worth the suggested Viking amount. When we get onboard we go to Guest Services and request that they remove automatic gratuities and at the end of the cruise we then tell them what amount to charge us.
  3. I think you should read the current ongoing thread "Gratuities". The issue of who the gratuity goes to is far from clear.
  4. I don't think they had the engine down for overhaul, as they were able to maintain speed on the trip to Belize. It was after we were at Cozumel that we received notification about the speed and missed port. The full notification we received on board was: "We wanted to take this time to inform you that due to a technical issue, our maximum speed at which we can sail has been reduced. Unfortunately, this means we would be unable to achieve the required speed between the ports of Progreso and Miami and would face a significant delay to our planned arrival time in Miami. We are acutely aware t
  5. We have only sailed on Viking (four ocean and four river)) and have a Silversea Mediterranean cruise on the Moon planned for September. We just got off the Viking Sky on Friday and were disappointed with the decline in service and food. There were errors on the electronic menu as to what was available for meals, the upholstery on numerous chairs was stained, the quality of the food was noticeable lower than on previous cruises, and the number of staff serving in the restaurants was less. The primary entertainment since Viking's first ocean cruise continues to be the ABBA and Beatles shows.
  6. The only explanation was on a paper left in the stateroom which reads "We wanted to take this time to inform you that due to a technical issue, our maximum speed at which we can sail has been reduced." There is more relating to missing a port and arrival times in Miami, if you want all that I will type it in.
  7. The use of the word gratuities is a misnomer It is a service fee, but it also a subsidy of Viking's payroll.
  8. They went straight into another which is apparently having a similar problem. Our cruise was the 10th thru the 17th, and the next cruise left on the 17th.
  9. I agree - gratuities included would be the solution.
  10. We just got off the Viking Sky - there was a waiting list for a table for 2, but immediate seating for a sharing table.
  11. We got off the Sky on Friday, the 17th. We missed Merida, and the official notification said it was due to a "technical issue" which was reducing the maximum speed. No further explanation.
  12. I hadn't thought of that description, but service fee is a much more accurate description. It amazes me how many people do the prepaid because it is "easier". We just got off the Viking Sky where we certainly would not pay the suggested gratuity amount. Our cabin steward was terrific and he got extra.
  13. The notice we received on board when we missed Merida said it was a "technical" issue. The word technical indicates it could be just about anything.
  14. We were on the same cruise as grandma239, and the "technical issue" is a great mystery. We did stop in Key West before going back to Miami, and we were docked (not on Mallory Square) and did not have to tender. For us, the missed port of Merida was a major disappointment, and the lack of an explanation for the change of schedule leads to a lot of speculation - maybe they didn't really have enough fuel on board to make all of the ports if there were rough seas and strong winds.
  15. We will be taking our first Silversea cruise in September 2020 on the Moon. The cruise will be a back to back in the Mediterranean - Barcelona to Athens and then on to Venice. I understand the procedure for booking excursions, but was wondering what the price comparison is between a Silversea excursion and a private company. Also, are there particular places that we should make sure that we see/experience? I have seen previous topics about excursions, but I'm hoping for a bit more information.
  16. You will be able to make 1 reservation for each of the specialty restaurants when your reservation window opens at 60 days prior to departure. Other reservations can be made when you are onboard depending on the availability.
  17. Then why was the entire staff wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving?
  18. When we sailed over Thanksgiving three years ago their effort to provide a Thanksgiving dinner wasn't great. There was turkey, but most of the traditional sides were not available. The dessert offerings were no different then the other days. Many people complained and pumpkin pie was offered several days later (but no pecan).
  19. The tastings are not always included in the SS package.
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