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  1. Unfortunately, we booked non refundable fares, which of course seems like we would then get hit with the $100 which would limit the amount of savings.
  2. Did you have a non refundable bookings? Did you cancel and pay the $100 dee?
  3. Fingers crossed that I can get the group pricing, because it is rather significant. Everything that I read from RC regarding transferring a individual booking to a group booking states that pricing will remain the same. No where can I find something that states that I can transfer to the group rate. Of course, I will get official clarification when the travel agent gets back to me, but I figured CC was a great place to find info to help calm my nerves. Hate losing money
  4. I know that moving an individual booking to a group booking can be done. The big question is what are the benfits? Looks like we won't be able to take advantage of the group pricing, or at least that is what I believe. We unfortunately jumped the gun when planning a family cruise. We booked directly through RC. Another family member has a travel agent that created a group booking with better pricing, of course. We are now trying to decide if we should transfer our booking to the group.
  5. Jeepchick444 I was able to search interior rooms today!! I haven't checked a lot of sailings but fingers crossed they actually fixed this nonsense.
  6. Jeepchick444 Have you reported anything to RC. I'm sure it's not going to help, but just hoping something changes soon. I've reported it so many times! Are you able to see any prices? I'm just having problems with interiors.
  7. Glad I'm not alone! I usually just have problems getting into the cruise planner. This time I can't even check prices!! This is an all time new low for RC. Oasis of the seas sailings..you can not select interior cabins. Website just cycles, times out and returns to the home page. Nothing like asking friends to cruise with you and then trying to explain that RC website doesn't actually work. Please report your issue!!
  8. I was hoping to hear from someone that likes Carnival! Our options are Oasis or Sunrise (Triumph). Both will be in the NJ/NY area next year. So, it will be our only chance on either of them. We usually cruise on Carnival, but last year we were able to cruise in the Anthem and had a great time. Honestly, we have a great time whenever we cruise. We have been in the Pride a few times and always have a great time. We just like the idea of seeing all the ship they send our way.
  9. We are hoping to take a family cruise in 2020. Our 2 options would be the newly refurbished Oasis of the Seas or the completely remodeled Carnival Sunrise. Of course, Carnival Sunrise is just completely unknown since it is currently in dry-dock. The refurbishments scheduled later this year for Oasis seem to be pretty big, but not enough to make it a whole new ship. However, we have never been on the Oasis so it will be a new ship to us no matter what. I know comparing RCCL ship to Carnival is almost impossible. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts, maybe just to help me think about something that I hadn't already. We will be traveling with a large family from grandparents down to infants. I'm struggling with this decision for a few reasons....I am the one making the plans so I want everyone to be happy. We were extremely excited to have the Oasis coming to NJ in 2020 and really don't want to miss the chance at cruising on it. However, other family members are interested in the Carnival Sunrise...mostly because of the ports. Cruise people problems...lol.
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